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WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS Review

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As I explored the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS, I discovered its impressive features. It offers RAID 1 data protection, allowing for data redundancy. Its dual USB 3.0 ports provide fast connectivity, while remote data access guarantees data accessibility from anywhere. The NAS supports enhanced data backup options for secure file storage. Additionally, the cloud-based storage allows for efficient sharing and retrieval. If you seek a reliable storage solution with robust performance and tailored data security, this NAS could be the answer to your needs. Explore further to uncover its full potential.

Key Takeaways

  • RAID 1 data protection ensures redundancy and security.
  • Dual USB 3.0 ports for high-speed connectivity.
  • Remote data access for convenient file management.
  • Enhanced backup options for data security.
  • DLNA/UPnP certification for seamless media streaming.

The Western Digital My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS, equipped with Mirror Mode (RAID 1) for data redundancy, offers users a reliable storage solution for safeguarding important files and documents. When it comes to performance comparison, the My Cloud Mirror excels in providing consistent data transfer speeds, especially when compared to single-drive NAS systems. When assessing the user interface, the setup process is straightforward, allowing users to easily configure their NAS device. The web-based dashboard offers a clean layout for managing files, users, and apps efficiently. Additionally, the mobile app provides convenient access to files remotely. Overall, the My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS delivers a balance of performance and user-friendly interface, making it a solid choice for individuals and small businesses seeking reliable network-attached storage.

Features and Benefits

The WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS offers RAID 1 data protection, ensuring redundancy for added security of your files. With dual USB 3.0 ports, you can easily expand storage or create backups with high-speed connectivity. Its remote data access capabilities enable you to access your data from anywhere, while the enhanced data backup options provide flexibility in managing your files.

RAID 1 Data Protection

Utilizing RAID 1 data protection enhances the security and redundancy of stored information on the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS by Western Digital. With RAID 1, data redundancy is achieved by mirroring the contents of one drive onto the other, ensuring that if one drive fails, the data remains accessible from the other drive. This feature provides an added layer of protection against data loss, important for safeguarding important files. Additionally, RAID 1 can improve storage performance by allowing read operations to be split between the two drives, potentially enhancing access speeds. Overall, the RAID 1 data protection on the WD My Cloud Mirror NAS contributes significantly to data security and reliability.

Dual USB 3.0 Ports

To enhance connectivity and expand functionality, the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS by Western Digital features dual USB 3.0 ports. These ports allow for seamless USB connectivity to external storage devices, printers, or other peripherals, enhancing the versatility of the NAS system. With USB 3.0 technology, users can experience faster data transfer speeds compared to previous USB versions, enabling efficient backup processes and data sharing. The inclusion of dual USB 3.0 ports not only provides convenience for connecting various devices directly to the NAS but also contributes to improved network performance by facilitating quick data exchange between the NAS and external storage solutions. This feature enhances the overall usability and flexibility of the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS.

Remote Data Access Capabilities

With remote data access capabilities, users can securely access and manage their files stored on the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS from anywhere with an internet connection. This NAS device leverages cloud storage, ensuring seamless access to important data without physical limitations. Data security is a top priority, with encrypted connections safeguarding sensitive information during remote access. Users can benefit from the convenience of cloud-based storage, enabling efficient sharing and retrieval of files. The system's remote access features enhance productivity by allowing users to work on their files from diverse locations securely. By utilizing cloud storage, the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS offers a reliable solution for accessing and managing data remotely while prioritizing data security.

Enhanced Data Backup Options

Moving from the discussion on remote data access capabilities, the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS offers enhanced data backup options that provide users with robust features and benefits for secure file storage and retrieval. The NAS supports various backup solutions to guarantee data security, including automatic backup of files from multiple devices, scheduled backups to external USB drives, and remote backups to another My Cloud device or cloud storage service. Additionally, users can set up RAID mirroring for data redundancy, further enhancing data protection. These backup features not only offer peace of mind by safeguarding important files but also enable quick and efficient recovery in case of data loss, making the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS a reliable storage solution for users seeking extensive data backup options.

Product Quality

When evaluating the product quality of the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS, one cannot overlook its robust build and reliable performance. The product reliability of this NAS is evident through its sturdy construction and consistent operation over time. Users have reported a positive user experience with minimal downtime and reliable network access for file sharing. The NAS excels in providing a seamless user experience, offering easy setup and management processes. Its performance as a media server is satisfactory, catering to small businesses' needs effectively. While some users have experienced software performance issues, the overall consensus leans towards a dependable and durable storage solution that enhances data backup options.

What It's Used For

I will now highlight the various ways in which the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS can be utilized. From providing a thorough overview of usage scenarios to showcasing its relevance in business applications, this NAS excels in remote file access. These points underscore the versatility and practicality of this storage solution across different settings.

Usage Scenarios Overview

A versatile network-attached storage device like the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS is commonly utilized for secure data storage, remote file access, media streaming, and small business applications. Regarding usage scenarios, the WD My Cloud Mirror excels at providing a reliable and secure platform for storing and accessing data over a network. Its Mirror Mode (RAID 1) guarantees data redundancy and protection against drive failure. The DLNA/UPnP certification allows for seamless media streaming to various devices within the network. When compared to single-drive NAS systems, the benefits of the WD My Cloud Mirror's dual-drive setup are evident, offering improved performance and data protection. For those seeking a robust network storage solution, recommendations lean towards the WD My Cloud Mirror for its versatile usage scenarios and benefits.

Business Applications Highlighted

In business environments, network-attached storage devices like the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS serve as integral tools for secure data storage and efficient file management. These devices are commonly used for various business applications such as centralized data storage, backup solutions, and collaborative file sharing. The WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS is specifically designed to offer reliable network access, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for critical business operations. Its mirror mode feature provides an added layer of data protection through RAID 1 technology, enhancing data redundancy and minimizing the risk of data loss. With its emphasis on network reliability and secure data storage, this NAS device is well-suited for small businesses looking to streamline their file management processes and safeguard their valuable data assets.

Remote File Access

Highlighting the versatility of the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS in business environments, remote file access functionality plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless data retrieval and collaboration processes. With mobile connectivity, users can access files stored on the NAS from anywhere, enhancing productivity and flexibility. Additionally, the NAS allows for cloud storage integration, enabling seamless syncing of files between the NAS and various cloud platforms. This feature guarantees that important data is always up to date and accessible across different devices. Whether working remotely or collaborating with team members in different locations, the remote file access capabilities of the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS provide a secure and efficient solution for managing and sharing files in a business setting.

Product Specifications

Offering an in-depth look at the Western Digital My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS, the product specifications outline its capacity, distinctive features, technical components, and compatibility with PC and Mac platforms. The table below details essential information about the device:

Product DetailsTechnical Information
Brand: Western DigitalRAM: 512GB
Model: WDBZVM0060JWT-NESNHardware Platform: PC, Mac
Capacity: 6TB (2x3TB)Hard Drive Interface: USB 1.1
Features: Mirror Mode (RAID 1), DLNA/UPnP certified, dual USB 3.0 expansion portsProcessor: 1.2 GHz
Compatibility: PC, MacMemory: 512MB
Dimensions: 6.1 x 3.9 x 6.75 inchesWarranty: Available
Color: WhiteBest Sellers Rank: #736 in Computer Network Attached Storage

These specifications provide a detailed overview of the Western Digital My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS, facilitating performance comparison and offering setup tips for potential users.

Who Needs This

To determine the ideal user for the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS, an assessment of storage needs and network accessibility requirements is essential. The target audience analysis for this NAS includes individuals or small businesses seeking a reliable storage solution with the added benefit of RAID mirroring for data redundancy. Compared to competitors, the WD My Cloud Mirror stands out with its user-friendly setup process and robust remote data access features. It caters well to users who prioritize ease of management and value data security through RAID 1 functionality. For those looking for a NAS that offers satisfactory performance for media server use and reliable network access for file sharing, the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS is a competitive choice in the market.


One notable advantage of the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS is its robust remote data access features, which enhance user accessibility and convenience.

  1. Data Security: The device offers robust encryption protocols and user authentication mechanisms, ensuring data privacy and protection.
  2. Network Performance: With Gigabit Ethernet ports, the NAS delivers high-speed data transfer rates, optimizing network performance for seamless file sharing.
  3. Remote Access: The NAS allows users to access their data from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling flexible working arrangements.
  4. Automatic Backup: Scheduled backups and RAID mirroring functionality provide data redundancy, safeguarding against hardware failures and data loss.


Moving from the positive aspects highlighted earlier, the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS does present some limitations that users should consider before making a purchase decision.

  1. Software Performance: The included software may not offer the most seamless user experience, with occasional glitches reported.
  2. Temperature Management: Some users have noted that the device can run hot during prolonged use, potentially affecting its longevity.
  3. Limited Customization: The NAS may not provide advanced customization options for power users seeking more control over their storage environment.
  4. Noise Levels: While not excessively loud, the device's fan noise can be noticeable in quiet environments, which may be a concern for noise-sensitive users.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers across various online platforms have expressed their feedback on the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS, shedding light on their experiences with the product's performance and features. Overall, customer satisfaction appears high, with many users praising the device's reliable network access for file sharing and satisfactory performance as a media server. There are mentions of the ease of setup and management, contributing to positive user experiences. Some customers have highlighted the applicability of this NAS in small businesses. However, mixed reviews regarding software performance have been noted, with some users facing initial backup software issues that were resolved with technical support. To enhance temperature management, a few users recommend adding an additional cooling fan.

Overall Value

Considering the user feedback and technical specifications, the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS offers a compelling overall value proposition for consumers seeking reliable network storage solutions with added features like RAID mirroring and USB backup integration. The value assessment of this NAS includes its robust performance evaluation, particularly with regards to data redundancy and backup capabilities. The inclusion of Mirror Mode (RAID 1) guarantees data integrity, while the DLNA/UPnP certification enhances media streaming experiences. The dual USB 3.0 ports further expand connectivity options. Despite some software performance concerns noted in user reviews, the overall value provided by the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS lies in its reliable storage solution, ease of setup, and additional features tailored for enhanced data security and accessibility.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To optimize performance and maximize utility of the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS, consider implementing these efficient strategies and techniques. When troubleshooting, make sure all cables are securely connected, update firmware regularly, and verify network settings. Performance optimization can be achieved by organizing files effectively, enabling automatic backup schedules, and monitoring storage usage periodically. To enhance data transfer speeds, consider using a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi. For improved cooling, place the NAS in a well-ventilated area or invest in additional cooling fans. Regularly check for software updates and security patches to maintain system integrity. By following these tips, you can guarantee the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS operates at its best capacity.


Concluding the evaluation of the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS, its robust storage capabilities and user-friendly features position it as a reliable solution for both personal and small business data management needs. The device's Mirror Mode (RAID 1) guarantees data redundancy for added protection, while the DLNA/UPnP certification facilitates seamless media streaming. Despite some software performance concerns highlighted in user feedback, the device offers easy setup and management, with positive remarks on remote data access. The inclusion of dual USB 3.0 expansion ports enhances connectivity options, and its compatibility with both PC and Mac systems broadens its appeal. Overall, the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS presents a compelling option for users seeking a dependable network-attached storage solution with essential features for efficient data handling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS Be Used as a Standalone Media Server?

As a standalone media server, the WD My Cloud Mirror 6TB NAS functions like a conductor orchestrating flawless media streaming performances. Its robust network performance guarantees seamless connectivity, making it a reliable hub for sharing digital content.

Is It Possible to Expand the Storage Capacity Beyond the Included 6tb?

Yes, it is possible to expand the storage capacity beyond the included 6TB by utilizing the dual USB 3.0 expansion ports to connect compatible external drives. This offers flexibility and scalability for increasing storage needs.

Does the NAS Support Remote Access From Mobile Devices?

Yes, the NAS allows remote access from mobile devices. It offers convenient connectivity for managing files and data on the go. This feature enhances accessibility and flexibility in utilizing the storage system efficiently.

Are There Any Security Features Included to Protect Data on the Nas?

Yes, data encryption and user access controls are essential for protecting data on a NAS. By implementing strong encryption algorithms and granular user permissions, sensitive information stored on the NAS can be safeguarded effectively.

Can the WD My Cloud Mirror NAS Be Integrated With Third-Party Backup Software?

Yes, the WD My Cloud Mirror NAS supports third-party backup software integration, enhancing backup compatibility. This feature allows for flexible cloud storage solutions and improved accessibility, ensuring seamless data protection and management in diverse environments.

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