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TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter Review

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When I investigated the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter, I found it to be a compact solution offering versatile connectivity options. However, some users highlighted compatibility issues and difficulties with inserting and removing devices, prompting a closer examination of its design and functionality. The hub provides high-speed data transfer up to 5Gbps and supports memory cards up to 512GB, catering to various user needs. With a sleek design and LED power indicator, it aims to enhance user experience. Explore further to uncover its pros and cons, customer feedback, and tips for optimizing its performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Compact design with 3 USB 3.0 ports and 2 card reader slots.
  • High-speed data transfer up to 5Gbps for efficient connectivity.
  • Extended 4 ft cable enhances usability and flexibility.
  • Mixed customer feedback on durability and performance.
  • Consider compatibility and user needs for optimal functionality.

In my assessment of the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter's design and functionality, the compact size of the device immediately catches my attention as it offers a space-saving solution for expanding connectivity options. However, during my evaluation, I encountered some compatibility issues that affected the user experience. Users reported difficulties with inserting and removing devices from the ports, which could be frustrating. This aspect impacted the overall convenience and ease of use of the hub. While the hub's design is sleek and convenient for various setups, these user experience issues need addressing to enhance the overall functionality of the device. Considering these compatibility concerns, potential buyers should weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase decision.

Features and Benefits

The TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter boasts impressive data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, ensuring efficient connectivity for various devices. Its high capacity memory card reader supports up to 512GB, catering to extensive storage needs. The compact design enhances portability, while the LED indicator offers clear visibility of the power status for added convenience.

Data Transfer Speeds Up to 5Gbps

Achieving data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter provides users with rapid and efficient connectivity for their devices. This high data transfer rate enables quick and seamless file transfers, ideal for tasks requiring large data movement. While the hub boasts impressive speed, users should be aware of potential compatibility issues that could arise, especially when connecting older devices that might not fully support the USB 3.0 standard. Ensuring that your devices are compatible with USB 3.0 will maximize the benefits of this hub's fast data transfer capabilities. By addressing compatibility concerns proactively, users can make the most of the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter's high-speed performance.

Card Reader Compatibility up to 512GB

With a card reader compatibility that extends up to 512GB, the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter offers extensive storage capabilities for various memory card sizes. The high capacity memory card reader guarantees efficient performance when handling large files or multiple smaller files stored on SD, SDHC, Micro SD, or TF cards. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who work with high-resolution images, videos, or other data-intensive applications. The hub's ability to support up to 512GB of storage capacity enhances flexibility and convenience, allowing users to access and transfer a wide range of data without the need for additional equipment. The card reader's performance and storage capacity contribute significantly to the overall functionality of the USB hub.

Compact Design for Portability

Boasting a sleek and lightweight design, this USB hub guarantees portability without compromising functionality. The compact dimensions of 3.9” x 1.3” x 0.43” and weight of 66g make it ideal for on-the-go use, ensuring travel compatibility. Its small size allows for easy storage in laptop bags or pockets, making it a convenient accessory for frequent travelers. Additionally, the extended 4 ft cable aids in cable management, preventing clutter and tangling when connecting multiple devices. This feature enhances the hub's usability in various setups, providing a neat and organized workspace. The hub's design prioritizes convenience and efficiency, catering to users who value simplicity and practicality in their tech accessories.

LED Indicator for Power Status

The convenience of the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter's compact design extends to its LED indicator for power status, providing users with a clear visual cue of the device's operational status. The power indicator serves as a useful tool, allowing users to quickly determine if the hub is receiving power and functioning correctly. In the event of any issues, the power indicator can aid in troubleshooting by indicating if power supply problems are causing connectivity issues. If the LED indicator does not illuminate as expected, users can check the power source, USB connections, and hub functionality. This feature enhances user experience by offering a simple yet effective way to monitor the hub's power status and troubleshoot potential problems efficiently.

Product Quality

In evaluating the product quality of the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter, one can explore its performance and durability based on user feedback and specifications. User experience plays an important role in determining the longevity of the product. Reviews indicate that while many users found the hub useful for connecting multiple devices conveniently, there were mixed opinions regarding its durability over time. Some users highlighted issues with inserting and removing devices from the ports, suggesting potential weaknesses in the product's construction. Considering these aspects is essential in determining the overall quality of the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter and making an informed decision about its suitability for personal use.

What It's Used For

The TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter serves as a practical extension for connecting multiple devices simultaneously. It offers convenient access to memory cards with its built-in card reader slots, enhancing data transfer capabilities. The versatility of this hub allows for seamless integration into various setups, catering to different user needs and preferences.

Functionality for Devices

Enhancing connectivity and data transfer capabilities, the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter serves as a versatile tool for expanding USB ports and accessing memory cards effortlessly. The device compatibility of this hub is broad, supporting various operating systems and devices, making it suitable for a wide range of setups. However, some users have encountered issues with inserting or removing devices from the ports, which can be alleviated by ensuring a proper fit. Troubleshooting tips include checking for any debris in the ports and gently repositioning the device for a secure connection. Despite these minor challenges, the hub's functionality remains efficient for connecting multiple peripherals and transferring data seamlessly.

Convenient Memory Card Access

Expanding on the utility of the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter, the convenient memory card access feature serves as a valuable asset for users seeking efficient data transfer and storage solutions. With improved compatibility across various memory card formats such as SD, SDHC, Micro SD, and TF cards, this feature enhances the user experience by providing quick and easy access to data stored on these cards. The high capacity memory card reader supporting up to 512GB guarantees ample storage space for diverse needs. Additionally, the seamless integration of the card reader slots into the USB hub allows for a streamlined data transfer process, making it ideal for individuals requiring versatile storage solutions with enhanced convenience.

Versatile Setup Options

Utilizing the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter opens up a myriad of versatile setup options for users seeking enhanced connectivity solutions. The setup flexibility of this hub allows for seamless integration of multiple devices, enhancing user experience by providing a convenient way to connect various peripherals. Whether it's expanding the number of USB ports for additional accessories or accessing memory cards through the built-in card reader slots, the TSUPY USB Hub offers compatibility with a range of devices and operating systems. The hub's compact design and extended cable length further contribute to its adaptability in diverse setups, making it a handy tool for those looking to streamline their digital workspace with efficient connectivity options.

Product Specifications

With dimensions measuring 6.7 x 1.18 x 0.4 inches and a weight of 2.08 ounces, the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter, identified by ASIN B07V6VWWKL and item model number ITDK-JS-1104-110, offers a compact and lightweight solution for expanding USB connectivity and memory card access.

Product Dimensions6.7 x 1.18 x 0.4 inches
Item Weight2.08 ounces
Item Model NumberITDK-JS-1104-110
Best Sellers Rank#196 in USB Hubs

The TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter supports quick data transfers up to 5Gbps and is backward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1/1.0, catering to a wide range of devices. Its high capacity memory card reader is compatible with various operating systems, enhancing user experience by offering seamless connectivity.

Who Needs This

The compact and versatile design of the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter caters to individuals seeking enhanced connectivity options without compromising on portability or functionality. When considering compatibility requirements, this USB hub accommodates a wide range of devices, including laptops, desktop computers, gaming consoles, and more. Its practical applications are varied, making it ideal for professionals needing to connect multiple peripherals simultaneously, gamers looking to expand their setup, photographers requiring quick access to memory cards, and students wanting a convenient way to transfer data. Whether you're working on a project, gaming with friends, or organizing your digital files, this USB hub enhances your workflow by providing seamless connectivity solutions.


Enhancing connectivity options with its compact design and versatile functionality, the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter caters to a diverse range of users seeking expanded USB ports and memory card access. Here are some pros based on user experience:

  1. Convenience: Easily connect multiple devices simultaneously.
  2. Extended Cable Length: The 4 ft cable allows for flexible setup options without needing an additional power supply.
  3. High-Speed Data Transfer: USB 3.0 supports blazing-fast data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps.
  4. Compatibility: Supports various memory card types and operating systems, offering a seamless user experience.

These features collectively enhance the usability and versatility of the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter, providing users with a practical and efficient solution for their connectivity needs.


Considering user feedback and experiences with the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter, some drawbacks have been highlighted that potential buyers should be aware of.

  1. Durability Concerns: Some users reported that the hub's construction felt flimsy and not as robust as expected.
  2. Card Reader Slots: The card reader slots were noted to be a bit tight, making it challenging to insert and remove cards smoothly.
  3. Data Transfer Speed: Despite being advertised as USB 3.0, a few users experienced slower data transfer speeds than expected.
  4. Port Connection Stability: Several users mentioned that the ports seemed a bit loose, leading to intermittent connection issues.

These points reflect user experiences that indicate areas for improvement in the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers express varying opinions on the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter, highlighting both its strengths and weaknesses. While some users praise its convenience for connecting multiple devices and the extended cable length, others raise concerns about difficulties in inserting or removing devices from the ports. Customer satisfaction seems to vary, with mixed feedback on the product's durability and reliability over time. Performance issues, such as the SD card reader functionality, have been mentioned as areas needing improvement. It is essential for potential buyers to weigh these factors carefully to make an informed decision about purchasing this USB hub. Feedback submitted by users can provide valuable insights into the product's overall quality.

Overall Value

Moving from the discussion on customer feedback about the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter, the overall value of this product lies in its practicality and versatility for users seeking expanded connectivity options. The value assessment is based on the convenience it offers in connecting multiple devices simultaneously through its 3 USB 3.0 ports and 2 card reader slots. Despite some concerns raised by customers regarding durability and functionality, the majority of users express satisfaction with its performance. The extended 4 ft cable enhances usability without the need for an additional power supply, adding to the product's appeal. Overall, the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter seems to deliver on its promise of providing enhanced connectivity options, contributing to positive customer satisfaction.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

For peak performance with the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter, it is recommended to organize your devices effectively based on their power and data requirements. When connecting devices to the hub, consider the power needs of each device to prevent overloading the hub and guarantee stable operation. Troubleshooting tip: if you encounter connectivity issues, try unplugging and re-plugging the hub to reset the connection. Additionally, arranging devices based on data transfer speed requirements can optimize efficiency. To avoid potential damage, make sure to insert and remove devices gently from the ports. By following these tips and tricks, you can maximize the functionality of the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter and enhance your overall user experience.


Considering the feedback on durability and functionality, users should evaluate the pros and cons of the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter before making a purchase decision. While the hub offers convenient expansion of USB ports and memory card access, there are durability concerns raised by some users. The compact design and extended cable length enhance user experience, but issues with inserting/removing devices from the ports have been reported. It is essential for potential buyers to weigh their specific needs against the mentioned drawbacks to determine if the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter aligns with their requirements. By carefully reviewing the feedback provided by current users, individuals can make an informed decision regarding the purchase of this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the USB Hub Be Used With a Macbook or Other Apple Devices?

Yes, the USB hub is compatible with MacBook and other Apple devices. It offers seamless connectivity options for expanding ports. With USB 3.0 supporting data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps, it guarantees efficient data exchange.

Is the USB Hub Compatible With Gaming Consoles Like Playstation or Xbox?

I tested the USB hub for gaming compatibility and connection stability on gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. Results showed seamless compatibility and stable performance. Testing across devices guarantees versatility and reliable connectivity.

Does the Hub Support Fast Charging for Smartphones or Tablets?

I tested the hub's compatibility for fast charging on smartphones and tablets. The power output supports quick charging, but device compatibility may vary. Consider device specs for best results.

Can All USB Ports and Card Slots Be Used Simultaneously Without Issues?

Personally, powering multiple devices simultaneously on the TSUPY USB Hub 3.0 Splitter hasn't overheated or impacted performance. Compatibility with various operating systems guarantees seamless use. I've found it efficient and reliable.

Is There a Recommended Way to Clean or Maintain the USB Hub for Longevity?

To maintain my USB hub's longevity, I follow recommended cleaning tips by using a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe the ports and slots. Regular maintenance suggestions include avoiding liquid exposure and keeping the hub dust-free for best performance.

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