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TERRAMASTER F4-210 Review: A NAS Exploration

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nas storage device review

Upon exploring the TERRAMASTER F4-210, I found a NAS that excels at speed, security, and efficiency. The setup process emphasizes stability and performance, ensuring smooth operations. With rapid data transfer speeds exceeding 114 MB/s, it guarantees quick and secure file handling. The NAS supports popular media servers and offers remote access options with robust security measures. Its energy-saving features promote sustainability without compromising performance. Ideal for small businesses and home users, this NAS provides high performance at an affordable price. Discover more about this versatile network storage solution's capabilities and user benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • Impressive read/write speeds exceeding 114 MB/s for efficient data transfer.
  • Supports popular media servers like Emby and Plex for versatile media streaming capabilities.
  • Affordable solution for small businesses and home users seeking centralized data storage.
  • User-friendly setup process but some users reported setup challenges.
  • Multifunctional NAS with Docker, cloud sync, multiple backups, and remote access options.

Analyzing the setup process for the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS reveals key considerations for enhancing performance and user experience. Setup challenges may arise due to the need for firmware updates, which are essential for improving system stability and security. Ensuring a smooth setup involves choosing compatible hard drives to maximize performance efficiency. Users should focus on configuring RAID levels to balance speed and data redundancy based on their needs. Attention to network settings and cable connections is crucial for achieving excellent data transfer speeds. Emphasizing these aspects during setup can lead to a more efficient and satisfactory user experience, minimizing potential performance bottlenecks and ensuring the NAS functions seamlessly.

Features and Benefits

The TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS offers fast data transfer speeds, making file access quick and efficient. Its compatibility with media servers such as Emby and Plex enhances entertainment options. Additionally, its energy-efficient power consumption and remote access capabilities provide convenience and cost-effectiveness for users.

Fast Data Transfer Speeds

Experiencing rapid data transfer speeds on the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS enhances overall user efficiency and productivity, making file access and sharing seamless and swift. The device guarantees data security through network optimization, allowing for reliable and quick transfers between connected devices. With read/write speeds exceeding 114 MB/s, transferring large files or streaming media becomes a breeze. This speed is vital for maintaining data integrity and protecting against data loss or corruption during transfers. By optimizing the network, the NAS minimizes latency and bottlenecks, providing a smooth and efficient data transfer experience. Users can trust in the TERRAMASTER F4-210 for fast and secure data handling, essential for both personal and professional use.

Media Server Compatibility Details

With its robust features and seamless integration, the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS excels in providing extensive media server compatibility for a streamlined user experience. This NAS supports popular media servers such as Emby and Plex, offering users a wide range of options for managing and streaming their media content. Some users have reported compatibility issues with specific setups, underscoring the importance of using certified hard drives and following setup tips provided by the manufacturer. To guarantee smooth operation, it is advisable to carefully configure the NAS settings and network protocols, as well as to make use of the user and group permissions for shared folders. By addressing these setup considerations, users can fully leverage the media server capabilities of the TERRAMASTER F4-210.

Energy-efficient Power Consumption

Enhancing operational efficiency, the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS boasts energy-saving power consumption features that optimize performance while minimizing environmental impact. With a focus on energy efficiency, this NAS device is designed to deliver power savings without compromising on functionality. By employing advanced power management technologies, the TERRAMASTER F4-210 guarantees that power consumption is kept at an ideal level, reducing electricity costs and overall environmental footprint. The system is engineered to operate efficiently, utilizing power only when necessary to maintain performance levels, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Users can benefit from a reliable network storage solution that prioritizes energy efficiency, making the TERRAMASTER F4-210 a smart choice for those seeking both performance and power savings.

Remote Access Capabilities

The remote access capabilities of the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS offer users convenient and secure access to their data from anywhere. Security features such as SSL encryption guarantee data protection during remote access sessions, safeguarding sensitive information. This NAS also provides mobile access through its dedicated app, allowing users to conveniently manage and retrieve files using their smartphones or tablets. The mobile app's intuitive interface enhances user experience, enabling seamless navigation and quick access to stored data on the go. By combining robust security measures and user-friendly mobile access, the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS empowers users to stay connected to their data securely and efficiently, making it a versatile solution for remote data management needs.

Product Quality

In evaluating the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS's product quality, it becomes apparent that its design and functionality cater to the needs of home and SOHO users seeking reliable network storage solutions. The product reliability of the F4-210 is highlighted by its consistent read/write speeds of over 114 MB/s, ensuring efficient data transfer. Customer satisfaction is evident in the positive feedback once the setup is complete, despite initial challenges reported by some users. The device's compatibility with various hard drive types and its support for features like Docker, cloud drive sync, and mobile app usage contribute to its appeal. While there have been mentions of software installation issues, the overall sentiment leans towards a well-performing NAS that meets the demands of its target users.

What It's Used For

I will now highlight the functionality overview, common usage scenarios, and performance in action of the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS. Understanding the various functions and features of this NAS device will provide insights into its practical applications. Exploring how it performs in real-world situations can help users determine its suitability for their specific needs.

Functionality Overview

Utilizing the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS enhances storage, media server, and cloud capabilities for home and small office users. Setting up the device may present some challenges, as reported by users who have experienced mixed user experiences with setup and performance. Once configured, the user experience generally improves, with positive feedback on ease of use and performance. Users have commented on challenges like NAS and Plex server setup, requiring attention to detail during installation. While there have been reports of software installation issues and customer support challenges, the NAS' capabilities, including cloud synchronization, remote access, and media server functions, offer a multifunctional solution for data storage and management needs.

Common Usage Scenarios

For users seeking a versatile storage solution with robust media server capabilities, the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS offers a reliable and efficient option. Common scenarios for utilizing this NAS include creating a centralized media hub for streaming movies, music, and photos across various devices. Users can also set up automatic backups of their important files to guarantee data security and access them remotely. Additionally, the NAS can function as a personal cloud, allowing seamless file sharing among family members or colleagues. User experiences vary, with some noting ease of setup and use, while others encounter challenges with software installation. Overall, the TERRAMASTER F4-210 caters to a range of storage needs and enhances productivity in diverse user environments.

Performance in Action

The TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS demonstrates its performance in action by effectively serving as a reliable and versatile storage solution with robust media server capabilities for users across various environments. During performance testing, the NAS showcased impressive read/write speeds of over 114 MB/s, ensuring swift data transfers. The user experience was enhanced by its compatibility with popular media servers like Emby and Plex, allowing seamless streaming and organization of multimedia files. Additionally, its support for Docker, cloud drive sync, multiple backups, remote access, and mobile apps contributed to a convenient and efficient user experience. The NAS's ability to handle diverse tasks such as data storage, media serving, and remote accessibility underlines its suitability for both personal and small office/home office (SOHO) applications.

Product Specifications

Incorporating a streamlined design, the TERRAMASTER F4-210 4-Bay NAS boasts robust hardware specifications tailored for home and SOHO users. Here is a comparison table showcasing key specifications of the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS:

CPUARM v8 quad-core 1.4GHz
Read/Write Speed114 MB/s

When troubleshooting the TERRAMASTER F4-210, make sure that firmware is up to date, use certified hard drives for peak performance, and check compatibility with third-party applications. Comparing these specs with other NAS devices can help in making an informed decision based on your storage and performance needs.

Who Needs This

Ideal for individuals seeking a versatile yet user-friendly network attached storage solution, the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS offers robust performance and multifunctionality at an affordable price point. Home users looking to centralize their data storage, backup important files, and stream media content will find the F4-210 beneficial. Its compatibility with 3.5 and 2.5 SATA HDDs, as well as 2.5 SATA SSDs, caters to diverse storage needs within a household. Additionally, its support for Docker, cloud drive sync, and mobile apps enhances user experience for accessing files remotely. Small businesses seeking a cost-effective storage solution with capabilities for data backup, sharing among team members, and running media servers will also appreciate the F4-210's features and performance.


With its robust performance and versatile features, the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS stands out as a reliable solution for both home users and small businesses seeking affordable and multifunctional network storage. When considering the TERRAMASTER F4-210, here are some key pros to keep in mind:

  • Impressive Read/Write Speeds: A performance comparison against similar NAS devices showcases speeds exceeding 114 MB/s.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Setup tips make the installation process seamless for beginners and experienced users alike.
  • Supports Emby and Plex Servers: Ideal for media enthusiasts looking to stream content effortlessly.
  • Diverse Storage Compatibility: Works well with various SATA HDDs and SSDs, offering flexibility in storage options.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Provides high performance at an affordable price point, making it a valuable investment for network storage needs.


The TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS, despite its many strengths, is not without its drawbacks. When considering customer feedback, there are several key cons to be aware of:

  • Setup Issues: Some users reported challenges during the initial setup process.
  • Software Installation Problems: Customers mentioned issues with software installation.
  • Customer Support Concerns: There were complaints about the responsiveness of customer support.
  • Performance During Setup: Mixed user experiences were noted regarding performance during setup.
  • User-Friendliness: Some users found the NAS setup and Plex server setup less intuitive than expected.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers express a range of opinions and experiences regarding the setup and performance of the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS. Some customers have mentioned facing initial setup challenges, particularly with software installation and maneuvering through the NAS setup process. However, once the device is up and running, many users have provided positive feedback on its ease of use and performance. Customer feedback also highlights the importance of using certified hard drives for best functionality. While some users have encountered difficulties with customer support, others have found the NAS to be user-friendly once operational. Recommendations from customers include setting up specific features like Plex server setup and ensuring compatibility with different RAID configurations to maximize the device's capabilities.

Overall Value

When evaluating the overall value of the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS, it becomes evident that its blend of performance, affordability, and multifunctionality sets it apart in the world of network storage solutions. The overall performance of the F4-210 is commendable, offering read/write speeds of over 114 MB/s, making it suitable for home and small office users. The user experience is enhanced by its compatibility with popular media servers like Emby and Plex, providing a seamless media streaming experience. Additionally, its support for Docker, cloud drive sync, multiple backups, remote access, and mobile apps adds versatility and convenience. These features coupled with its affordable price point make the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable and multifunctional network storage solution.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

Moving from the discussion on the overall value of the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS, let's now focus on practical strategies and recommendations to maximize its performance and utility – Tips and Tricks For Best Results. When setting up your NAS, make sure you use certified hard drives for best compatibility and performance. It's advisable to update the firmware regularly to access the latest features and security patches. Troubleshooting issues may arise during NAS setup; in such cases, checking the manufacturer's website or community forums can provide solutions. Utilize the user-friendly interface to configure features like cloud synchronization, remote access, and media servers efficiently. Remember to set up regular backups to safeguard your data and maximize the functionality of your TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS.


In summarizing the examination of the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS, it becomes evident that its multifunctional capabilities, coupled with its user-friendly interface, render it a compelling option for home and small office users seeking reliable network storage solutions. Despite some setup challenges reported by users, once configured, the NAS delivers on performance expectations with read/write speeds exceeding 114 MB/s. The support for Emby and Plex media servers, Docker, cloud drive sync, multiple backups, remote access, and mobile apps adds to its versatility. While there have been mixed user experiences with setup and customer support, the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS stands out for its high performance, affordable price point, and the array of features it offers for network storage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TERRAMASTER F4-210 Compatible With Third-Party Applications?

Yes, the TERRAMASTER F4-210 is compatible with third-party applications and custom software. Regular software updates guarantee continued compatibility. The NAS offers flexibility for integration, allowing users to expand functionalities based on their specific needs.

Can the NAS Be Expanded Beyond the Initial 4-Bay Configuration?

Yes, the NAS can be expanded beyond the initial 4-bay configuration. The expansion options allow for scalability, supporting various RAID configurations to enhance performance. This flexibility caters to growing storage needs and guarantees efficient data management.

Are There Any Recommended Accessories for the TERRAMASTER F4-210?

When considering accessories for the TERRAMASTER F4-210 NAS, I recommend focusing on storage solutions like certified hard drives for peak performance. Networking options can enhance user experience through faster data transfers and seamless connectivity.

How Does the TERRAMASTER F4-210 Handle Power Outages and Data Protection?

Managing power outages, the TERRAMASTER F4-210 guarantees data integrity through robust power management features. It supports UPS integration and backup strategies to safeguard against sudden power loss, offering reliable protection for stored information.

What Are the Security Features Available on the TERRAMASTER F4-210?

Network encryption and access control offer robust security on the TERRAMASTER F4-210. Data privacy is guaranteed through stringent measures. Remote monitoring enhances surveillance capabilities. These features collectively protect data integrity and confidentiality, strengthening overall system security.

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