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Synology DS923+ NAS Review: Compact Power and Versatility

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versatile compact nas powerhouse

The Synology DS923+ NAS impresses with a blend of compact power and versatility. Its 10GbE networking guarantees high-speed data transfers, ideal for data-intensive tasks. The dual NVMe drive support enhances storage performance greatly, facilitating faster data access and transfer. While users praise its robust build and versatile software features, concerns linger regarding long-term reliability and installation complexities. With support for up to 50TB of storage capacity, this NAS caters to various storage needs for small businesses and home offices. Positive feedback highlights ease of installation and efficient task handling. Maximize its full potential with optimization tips for peak performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Compact design with 10GbE networking for high-speed data transfer.
  • Dual NVMe drive support for faster speeds and enhanced performance.
  • NVMe drive expansion capability for high-speed storage solutions.
  • Mixed user reviews on build quality, performance, and ease of use.
  • Ideal for diverse storage needs with up to 50TB capacity and robust data protection.

Critically evaluating the Synology DS923+ NAS, its compact design coupled with robust specifications positions it as a promising contender in the network-attached storage market. For setup tips, users should make sure they have the latest DSM software version before beginning the installation process to avoid compatibility issues. Troubleshooting tips include checking network configurations and making certain that all cables are securely connected to prevent connectivity issues. Users should also refer to the user manual for detailed instructions on resolving common setup and operational issues. By following these setup and troubleshooting tips, users can maximize the performance and functionality of the Synology DS923+ NAS, enhancing their overall experience with this powerful storage solution.

Features and Benefits

The Synology DS923+ NAS boasts a compact design that accommodates high-speed networking capabilities, including 10GbE support and the option for dual NVMe drives. This feature set provides users with the potential for enhanced performance and storage expansion, catering to diverse storage needs efficiently. By offering NVMe drive expansion capabilities, the NAS presents a future-proof solution for users requiring scalable and high-performance storage solutions.

Compact Design With 10GBE

Featuring a compact design with the capability to accommodate 10GbE networking, the Synology DS923+ NAS offers enhanced connectivity options for high-speed data transfer and storage expansion. The 10GbE compatibility allows users to optimize network speeds, ensuring efficient data transmission and access to stored information. This feature is particularly beneficial for users dealing with large files or engaging in bandwidth-intensive tasks, where faster network speeds are essential. By incorporating 10GbE support, Synology has equipped the DS923+ with the capability to meet the demands of modern data-intensive workflows, providing a seamless and responsive user experience. The network speed optimization achieved through 10GbE compatibility enhances the overall performance and usability of the NAS, catering to users requiring quick and reliable access to their data.

Dual NVMe Drive Support

When considering the essential capabilities of the Synology DS923+ NAS, the incorporation of support for dual NVMe drives stands out as a pivotal feature enhancing storage performance and efficiency. NVMe drives offer notably faster speeds compared to traditional HDDs or even SATA SSDs, allowing for quicker data access and transfer within the NAS system. This speed boost is vital for tasks requiring rapid data processing, such as large file transfers or running applications directly from the NAS. Additionally, the inclusion of dual NVMe drive support not only enhances performance but also opens up storage expansion opportunities, providing users with the flexibility to scale their storage capacity efficiently as their needs grow without compromising on speed or reliability.

NVMe Drive Expansion Capability

Expanding on the storage capabilities of the Synology DS923+ NAS, the integration of NVMe drive expansion functionality introduces a significant enhancement to the system's performance and scalability. With NVMe drive compatibility, users can leverage high-speed storage solutions to optimize data access and transfer speeds. This feature opens up advanced storage expansion strategies, allowing for increased capacity while maintaining efficient data management. By incorporating NVMe drives into the NAS setup, users can enhance their workflow efficiency and handle demanding tasks with ease. The ability to integrate NVMe drives not only boosts the overall performance of the NAS but also provides a flexible and future-proof storage solution for evolving storage needs.

NVMe Drive Expansion Option

The integration of NVMe drive expansion capability in the Synology DS923+ NAS greatly enhances its performance and scalability, offering users high-speed storage solutions to optimize data access and transfer speeds. By incorporating NVMe drives, users can experience improved read and write speeds, enhancing overall system responsiveness and efficiency. However, compatibility issues may arise with certain NVMe models, requiring users to confirm that the drives are supported by the NAS for seamless integration. Despite the potential compatibility challenges, the NVMe performance benefits outweigh these concerns, providing users with a versatile storage expansion option that greatly boosts the NAS's capabilities in handling demanding workloads and data-intensive tasks.

Product Quality

Considering the user experiences and feedback, how does the Synology DS923+ NAS measure up when it comes to its overall product quality and performance? The product reliability of the Synology DS923+ NAS has garnered mixed reviews among users. While some customers praise its robust build and consistent performance, others have expressed concerns about its reliability over time. User satisfaction levels vary, with many appreciating its ease of use and data protection features once properly set up. However, some have reported issues with network performance and installation processes, impacting overall satisfaction. Despite these challenges, the NAS generally delivers on its promise of versatility and functionality, making it a suitable choice for various personal and professional storage needs.

What It's Used For

The Synology DS923+ NAS serves as a versatile solution for a range of storage needs, offering extensive functionality for both personal and professional use. With its robust data storage options, users can effectively manage and secure their digital assets. The emphasis on performance and efficiency underscores the NAS's capability to handle various tasks with ease and reliability.

NAS Functionality Overview

Given its robust capabilities, the Synology DS923+ NAS serves as a versatile storage solution catering to both personal and professional needs. It excels in providing robust data protection features, ensuring the safety and integrity of stored information. However, users have reported installation challenges, particularly with the manual disk installation process and automatic DSM setup. Despite these hurdles, the NAS offers a range of functionalities suitable for tasks like photo backups and video editing. While network performance concerns have been raised, the overall feedback highlights the NAS's ease of use and software optimization once properly configured. The DS923+ is recommended for those seeking a reliable and efficient storage solution that can be tailored to various personal and professional applications.

Data Storage Options

With its robust data protection features and versatile functionality, the Synology DS923+ NAS accommodates a wide array of data storage options tailored to both personal and professional requirements. The NAS excels in data storage management, allowing users to efficiently organize and secure their information. Speed optimization is a key aspect of the DS923+, enabling quick access to stored data and seamless transfer speeds for enhanced productivity. Whether it's for backing up important files, hosting media libraries, or running virtual machines, the DS923+ offers flexible storage solutions to meet diverse needs. By leveraging its high-performance capabilities and scalability, users can effectively manage their data storage requirements with ease and reliability.

Performance and Efficiency

Utilizing its advanced hardware capabilities and optimized software design, the Synology DS923+ NAS excels in delivering exceptional performance and operational efficiency across a spectrum of demanding tasks. The performance optimization of the AMD Ryzen™ 4 Threads R1600 Dual-Core processor combined with 4GB of RAM guarantees smooth and responsive operation, catering to various storage needs efficiently. Users benefit from the storage efficiency provided by the option to add faster networking and NVMe drives, enhancing data access speeds and overall system responsiveness. While some users have reported network performance concerns, the overall feedback highlights the NAS's ability to handle tasks like photo backups and video editing effectively. The Synology DS923+ stands out as a reliable and powerful solution for those seeking secure and efficient data storage.

Product Specifications

The Synology DS923+ 4-Bay Diskstation NAS boasts a compact design coupled with robust hardware, offering users a versatile and powerful storage solution. This NAS supports up to 50TB of data storage, providing ample space for various storage needs. Additionally, the hardware and software are engineered for robust data protection, ensuring the security of stored information. The option to include 10GbE and dual NVMe drives enhances the device's performance capabilities. Users can expand storage capacity gradually by replacing disks with larger ones, accommodating future growth requirements effectively. The Synology DS923+ prioritizes both storage capacity and data protection, making it an ideal choice for users seeking a reliable and secure storage solution.

Storage CapacitySupports up to 50TB of data storage
Data ProtectionHardware and software engineered for data protection
Expansion OptionsRoom for 10GbE and dual NVMe drives

Who Needs This

Ideal for users seeking a robust and secure storage solution with ample capacity for diverse storage needs, the Synology DS923+ NAS offers a versatile and powerful option for both personal and professional applications. Small businesses and home offices looking for reliable data storage, backup, and sharing capabilities will find this NAS particularly beneficial. Its hardware and software features cater to the demands of small-scale operations, providing a secure platform for storing sensitive business data and facilitating collaboration among team members. The compact design and high performance make it suitable for environments where space and efficiency are paramount. With the ability to scale storage capacity and enhance networking options, the Synology DS923+ is a valuable asset for those requiring a dependable storage solution in their workspaces.


Highlighted for its robust hardware specifications and versatile software capabilities, the Synology DS923+ NAS offers a compelling array of advantages for users seeking a high-performance storage solution.

  • Impressive Performance: The DS923+ outshines competitors in performance comparison tests, showcasing its ability to handle demanding tasks efficiently.
  • Versatile Software Features: With a wide range of software capabilities, this NAS caters to diverse user needs, from data protection to multimedia streaming.
  • Scalability and Expansion Options: Users can easily expand storage capacity and enhance networking speed, making it a future-proof investment for growing storage demands.

These pros solidify the DS923+ as a top choice for users prioritizing performance, versatility, and scalability in their storage solution.


Although the Synology DS923+ NAS is lauded for its robust hardware and software features, there are notable drawbacks that warrant consideration by potential users.

  • Installation challenges, such as issues with automatic DSM installation, have been reported by users.
  • Network speed concerns, particularly related to SMB speeds, have been highlighted as areas for improvement.
  • Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the need to install disks separately, impacting the initial setup process.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers' feedback on the Synology DS923+ NAS provides valuable insights into their experiences and perceptions of the product's performance and usability. While some users suggested improvements like adding a USB C connection and expressed disappointment with the need to install disks separately, others praised the ease of installation and software performance. User experiences varied, with reports on challenges setting up the NAS, configuring RAID, and network performance concerns, particularly related to SMB speeds. However, positive comments highlighted the NAS's efficiency in tasks such as photo backups and video editing. Overall, customer satisfaction appears mixed, with users recommending the NAS for its features and ease of use, but also noting areas for improvement in performance and installation processes.

Overall Value

The evaluation of the Synology DS923+ NAS in terms of its overall value reveals a well-rounded mix of performance capabilities, user-friendly features, and potential areas for improvement based on customer feedback and technical specifications. Despite some installation challenges and network performance concerns highlighted in user experiences, the overall satisfaction with the NAS leans towards positive. Users appreciate the ease of use once the system is set up, as well as the data protection features it offers. While there are suggestions for enhancements like adding a USB C connection and addressing issues with running Plex streams, the NAS is still recommended for its functionality and versatility in both personal and professional settings. The Synology DS923+ proves to be a valuable investment for those seeking a secure and efficient storage solution.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

For peak performance and efficiency when utilizing the Synology DS923+ NAS, strategic implementation of specific tips and tricks is essential. Addressing setup challenges is vital to guarantee a seamless experience. Users may encounter difficulties during the initial setup, such as issues with automatic DSM installation or RAID configuration. To optimize network speed, consider factors that may impact performance, particularly regarding SMB speeds. Fine-tuning network settings and ensuring proper network configuration can greatly enhance data transfer rates. Leveraging features like link aggregation or upgrading to 10GbE networking options can further boost network speeds. By overcoming setup challenges and optimizing network speed, users can maximize the capabilities of the Synology DS923+ NAS for efficient data management and storage operations.


Representing a synthesis of user feedback and technical evaluation, the Synology DS923+ NAS emerges as a formidable contender in the domain of secure and efficient storage solutions. With a focus on data protection, this NAS offers users peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding their important information. While some concerns regarding network speed have been raised by users, the overall consensus leans towards the positive aspects of the device. The DS923+ presents itself as a versatile and reliable option for both personal and professional use cases, showcasing its ability to adapt to varying storage needs. Despite minor installation and performance issues reported by some users, the NAS's software optimization and functionality receive commendation, making it a valuable investment for those seeking a secure and efficient storage solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Synology Ds923+ NAS Be Used as a Media Server for Streaming Content?

Exploring the Synology DS923+ NAS as a media server for streaming content reveals its capability for media playback and transcoding. Evaluating streaming quality and compatibility is essential for optimizing user experience and content accessibility.

Is It Possible to Expand the Storage Capacity Beyond the Initial 24TB Bundle?

The Synology DS923+ offers expansion options beyond the initial 24TB bundle, supporting storage scalability through upgrades. While limitations exist, such as the need to replace existing drives for higher capacities, the NAS provides flexibility for users seeking increased storage capabilities.

Does the NAS Support Remote Access and File Sharing Capabilities?

The NAS provides seamless remote access for users to securely retrieve files from any location. File sharing capabilities are robust, facilitating efficient collaboration. This feature boosts productivity and guarantees data accessibility, making it a valuable asset for personal and professional users.

What Backup Options Are Available for Data Stored on the Nas?

Data stored on the NAS can be safeguarded through various backup options. Employ data encryption for security and utilize cloud backup services for offsite redundancy. External drives offer additional backup solutions, while data recovery tools can help retrieve lost information.

Are There Any Specific Software Features That Enhance the User Experience on This Nas?

Custom applications and user interface enhancements on the Synology DS923+ NAS enrich the user experience. Tailored software features offer advanced functionality, streamlining tasks and improving usability. These additions elevate productivity and convenience, catering to diverse user needs effectively.

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