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Synology DS220+ Bundle Review: Efficient Multimedia Management

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efficient multimedia management solution

The Synology DS220+ Bundle offers a streamlined approach to managing multimedia content with its advanced features. This system excels in efficient storage, seamless remote access, and reliable data protection mechanisms. With robust multimedia streaming capabilities, users can experience smooth video playback and enhanced data security. The product specifications boast a storage capacity of 8TB, powered by a dual-core Intel processor. The pros include efficient performance and versatile data protection, while cons highlight potential pricing concerns and limited expansion. Customer feedback emphasizes ease of setup and product performance. Discover more insights by exploring the detailed review.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficient multimedia storage and remote access capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with mobile devices for on-the-go management.
  • Robust multimedia streaming performance for high-quality content.
  • Enhanced data protection options including snapshot replication.
  • Cost-efficient bundle with ample storage and versatile features.

When evaluating the network attached storage (NAS) device Synology DS220+ bundle with 2X 4TB IronWolf HDD by Easy-Tecs, it is essential to explore its storage capacity and data management features. The remote access capabilities of the Synology DS220+ allow users to access their data from anywhere, enhancing flexibility and productivity. Additionally, considering pricing comparison, while some users have expressed concerns about pricing in bundles, the overall value provided by the product's features and performance outweighs these considerations. By offering seamless remote access and competitive pricing, the Synology DS220+ proves to be a versatile and efficient multimedia management solution for users seeking reliable data storage and accessibility.

Features and Benefits

The Synology DS220+ Bundle offers an efficient multimedia management solution that caters to the needs of modern users. With seamless compatibility across various mobile devices, users can easily access and manage their data on the go. Additionally, the NAS provides multimedia streaming capabilities and enhanced data protection options, ensuring a complete and versatile storage solution.

Efficient Multimedia Management Solution

How does the Synology DS220+ Bundle offer a seamless and high-performance multimedia management solution for users? The Synology DS220+ Bundle provides efficient storage and remote access capabilities, ensuring that users can easily store and access their multimedia files from anywhere. With its compact design and high-performance features, this NAS solution is tailored for data and multimedia management. Users can enjoy smooth data sharing, video streaming, and photo indexing, all while benefiting from well-rounded data protection and recovery options. The Synology DS220+ Bundle not only simplifies the backup process for Mac, PC, and mobile devices but also seamlessly integrates with mobile devices, enhancing the overall multimedia management experience for users.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Enhancing user experience, the Synology DS220+ Bundle offers seamless mobile device compatibility, providing advanced features and benefits for efficient multimedia management. With its mobile device compatibility, users can easily access and manage their multimedia files from anywhere using remote access options. This capability allows for convenient on-the-go file management, making it simple to upload, download, and stream multimedia content directly from mobile devices. The Synology DS220+ Bundle guarantees a smooth and intuitive user experience by enabling seamless integration with various mobile devices, enhancing productivity and accessibility for users seeking to manage their multimedia files efficiently. Additionally, the remote access options further enhance the flexibility and convenience of managing multimedia content on the go.

Multimedia Streaming Capabilities

With its advanced multimedia streaming capabilities, the Synology DS220+ Bundle offers a complete solution for efficient data and multimedia management. The device excels in streaming performance, ensuring smooth playback of high-quality videos and audio files. Whether you are streaming content to your smart TV, computer, or mobile device, the DS220+ delivers a seamless experience with minimal buffering or lag. Additionally, its network compatibility allows for easy integration into your existing home or office network setup, enabling fast and reliable data transfers for uninterrupted streaming. By leveraging its robust streaming capabilities and network compatibility, the Synology DS220+ Bundle enhances the overall multimedia experience while providing a user-friendly platform for managing and accessing your digital content.

Enhanced Data Protection Options

Building upon its robust multimedia streaming capabilities, the Synology DS220+ Bundle offers a wide range of enhanced data protection options to safeguard important digital assets effectively. When it comes to data security, the DS220+ provides advanced features such as snapshot replication, which allows users to take point-in-time snapshots of their data for easy recovery in case of accidental deletion or modification. Additionally, users can leverage various backup options including cloud backup services, external drive backups, and RAID configurations to guarantee data redundancy and protection against hardware failures. These backup options not only bolster data security but also provide peace of mind to users knowing that their valuable data is safe and easily recoverable in any unforeseen circumstances.

Product Quality

The Synology DS220+ Bundle stands out for its exceptional product quality, setting a high standard in the field of network attached storage devices. Users consistently report high levels of satisfaction with the product performance, emphasizing its smooth data sharing capabilities, efficient video streaming, and seamless photo indexing. The NAS solution's well-rounded data protection features contribute to its reputation for reliability, ensuring users feel confident in their data management. Positive feedback on the product's quality and packaging further highlights the attention to detail Synology has put into crafting this device. Overall, the Synology DS220+ Bundle excels in delivering a high-quality, high-performance solution that meets the demands of users seeking efficient multimedia management.

What It's Used For

The Synology DS220+ Bundle excels in multimedia storage management, serving as a central hub for organizing and accessing various media files. Additionally, it functions as a reliable data backup solution, ensuring the safety and security of important files across different devices. With seamless integration with mobile devices, users can easily access and share their data anytime, anywhere.

Multimedia Storage Management

Efficiently managing multimedia storage is crucial for individuals and businesses seeking seamless data organization and accessibility. Storage optimization guarantees effective use of space and quick access to multimedia files, allowing for better utilization of resources. With remote accessibility, users can securely access and manage their multimedia files from anywhere, facilitating collaboration and productivity. The Synology DS220+ Bundle offers a complete multimedia storage management solution, enabling smooth data sharing, video streaming, and photo indexing. Its compact design and high-performance capabilities make it an ideal choice for those looking to centralize and manage their multimedia content effectively. By leveraging features like storage optimization and remote accessibility, users can streamline their multimedia storage workflows and enhance overall productivity.

Data Backup Solution

Utilizing a reliable data backup solution is essential for safeguarding critical information and ensuring business continuity in today's digital landscape. The Synology DS220+ Bundle offers a simplified backup solution for Mac, PC, and mobile devices, ensuring data security through features like Btrfs for next-generation storage efficiency. This NAS system provides seamless integration with mobile devices, enabling remote access to data for enhanced flexibility and accessibility. With a focus on well-rounded data protection and recovery options, users can trust in the Synology DS220+ to keep their important information secure. By prioritizing features like remote access and data security, this bundle caters to the modern need for efficient and reliable data backup solutions.

Mobile Device Integration

Mobile device integration plays a pivotal role in enhancing accessibility and flexibility in managing data through the Synology DS220+ Bundle. This feature allows users to seamlessly connect and synchronize their mobile devices with the NAS system, enabling convenient access to files and multimedia content stored on the network. With remote access capabilities, users can securely retrieve, upload, or share data from anywhere, providing a convenient solution for individuals or businesses needing access on the go. By enabling mobile device integration, Synology enhances the user experience by offering a versatile platform that adapts to modern work environments where flexibility and remote connectivity are paramount. This integration empowers users to manage their data efficiently and effectively, contributing to improved productivity and data accessibility.

Product Specifications

The Synology DS220+ 2-Bay 8TB Bundle with 2X 4TB IronWolf HDD by Easy-Tecs boasts compact dimensions of 9.13 x 4.25 x 6.5 inches and a weight of 2.86 pounds, making it a versatile and lightweight network attached storage (NAS) solution manufactured by Synology. This NAS solution offers high product performance and storage capacity for efficient multimedia management.

Storage Capacity8TB (2 x 4TB)
ProcessorIntel Celeron J4025 Dual-Core 2.0 GHz (burst up to 2.9 GHz)
RAM2GB DDR4 (expandable up to 6GB)

The Synology DS220+ is equipped with an Intel Celeron processor, ensuring smooth data operations and the ability to handle multimedia tasks effectively. Its 8TB storage capacity, powered by 2 x 4TB IronWolf HDDs, provides ample space for storing and managing multimedia files with ease.

Who Needs This

This NAS solution caters to professionals seeking a compact and high-performance storage system for efficient multimedia management. The target audience for the Synology DS220+ Bundle includes creative professionals, small businesses, and home users looking for a reliable and robust solution to store, manage, and stream multimedia content seamlessly. With its simplified installation process, users can quickly set up the NAS system without the need for extensive technical knowledge. The intuitive setup wizard and user-friendly interface make it easy for individuals with varying levels of expertise to get the system up and running efficiently. Overall, the Synology DS220+ Bundle is designed to meet the multimedia management needs of a diverse user base, offering a balance of performance, reliability, and ease of use.


Catering to the needs of professionals, small businesses, and home users seeking a reliable and efficient multimedia management solution, the Synology DS220+ Bundle boasts a range of impressive advantages.


  1. Efficient Performance:
  • The DS220+ Bundle delivers exceptional performance, ensuring smooth data sharing, video streaming, and photo indexing.
  1. Remote Access Capabilities:
  • With robust remote access features, users can easily access and manage their data from anywhere, enhancing convenience and productivity.
  1. Versatile Data Protection:
  • This bundle offers well-rounded data protection and recovery options, providing users with peace of mind regarding the safety and security of their multimedia files.


Despite the impressive features and performance of the Synology DS220+ Bundle, are there any notable drawbacks that users should be aware of? While the Synology DS220+ offers a robust multimedia management solution, users should keep in mind the following aspects:

  1. Pricing Concerns: Some users have expressed concerns about the pricing of the bundles, suggesting that they may be on the higher side compared to individual purchases.
  2. Setup Process: The setup process, although generally straightforward, may require some technical knowledge, which could be a hurdle for users who are less experienced with network attached storage devices.
  3. Limited Expansion: The DS220+ is a 2-bay NAS, which means it may have limited storage expansion capabilities for users with extensive multimedia libraries.

What Customers Are Saying

Users' feedback and reviews provide valuable insights into their experiences with the Synology DS220+ Bundle, shedding light on the product's performance and functionality. Customer satisfaction is a common theme among reviews, with many expressing appreciation for the ease of setup, remote access capabilities, and the product's overall features and performance. However, some users have raised concerns about pricing in bundles, indicating a need for potential adjustments to enhance pricing competitiveness. The pricing comparison feedback feature allows users to share details of lower-priced offers, contributing to a more transparent market for consumers. Overall, while customers praise the product's quality, packaging, and versatility, pricing comparisons remain a point of interest for potential buyers seeking the best value proposition.

Overall Value

Analyzing the cost-benefit ratio of the Synology DS220+ Bundle reveals its overall value proposition in the network attached storage (NAS) market. The cost efficiency of this bundle, which includes the DS220+ 2-Bay NAS and two 4TB IronWolf HDDs, offers users a well-rounded solution for efficient multimedia management. Users can benefit from the seamless integration with mobile devices, simplified backup solutions, and all-encompassing data protection features, enhancing their overall user experience. Despite some feedback on pricing in bundles, the positive reviews highlight the product's quality, performance, and ease of setup. With a focus on providing a compact and high-performance NAS solution, the Synology DS220+ Bundle delivers significant value to users seeking reliable data storage and management options.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

Emphasizing successful strategies to optimize the performance and functionalities of the Synology DS220+ Bundle can greatly enhance user experience and maximize the value proposition of this network attached storage solution. For remote access, establish proper configuration of a secure VPN connection to access your files from anywhere securely. Utilize Synology's DiskStation Manager software to set up remote access easily. When considering pricing comparison, research different retailers or online platforms to find the best deal on the DS220+ Bundle. Keep an eye out for promotions or discounts that may help you save on your purchase. By following these tips and tricks, users can make the most of their Synology DS220+ Bundle while ensuring a seamless experience with remote access and cost savings.


In wrapping up the review of the Synology DS220+ Bundle, it is evident that this NAS solution offers a robust combination of features and performance tailored for efficient data management and multimedia handling. The user experience with the DS220+ Bundle has been largely positive, with users praising its ease of setup, remote access capabilities, and overall performance. While some users have expressed concerns about pricing in bundles, the product's quality, features, and performance have garnered appreciation. The option for pricing comparison feedback allows users to provide insights on competitive pricing strategies, emphasizing the importance of customer feedback for maintaining competitive prices and services. Overall, the Synology DS220+ Bundle stands out as a compact, high-performance solution for multimedia management with a strong emphasis on user experience and data efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Synology Ds220+ Bundle Be Customized With Different Hard Drive Capacities?

The Synology DS220+ bundle offers customization options for different hard drive capacities, enhancing storage expansion and flexibility. Users can optimize their NAS setup by selecting compatible drives that meet their specific storage requirements and preferences.

Are There Any Additional Accessories or Add-Ons Recommended for This NAS Setup?

When exploring accessory compatibility to enhance Synology DS220+ NAS setup, consider options like extra RAM for improved multitasking and SSD caching for speed boosts. These performance enhancements can elevate data handling efficiency and multimedia management capabilities.

How Does the Synology Ds220+ Handle Software Updates and Firmware Upgrades?

The Synology DS220+ guarantees software updates and firmware upgrades efficiently through its user-friendly interface. It undergoes rigorous performance testing to guarantee seamless operation. Its hardware compatibility allows smooth integration, while data encryption safeguards sensitive information.

Is There a Mobile App Specifically Designed for Managing the Ds220+ Remotely?

Yes, there is a mobile app designed for managing the DS220+ remotely. The app boasts various mobile features that enable seamless remote access capabilities, enhancing user convenience and flexibility in managing the NAS system efficiently.

What Kind of Network Security Features Are Included With the Synology Ds220+ Nas?

In the domain of network security, the Synology DS220+ NAS showcases robust encryption protocols ensuring data integrity and confidentiality. Access control mechanisms and a built-in firewall fortify the system against unauthorized access, enhancing overall data protection.

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