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Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS Review

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synology ds1522 nas review

The Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS offers in-depth data protection options, featuring data encryption and remote access capabilities. Its AMD Ryzen R1600 processor and 8GB of RAM provide strong performance, accommodating various drive types and sizes with hybrid RAID configuration. The NAS prioritizes efficient power consumption, with 4xRJ-45 1GbE LAN-Ports for high-speed connectivity. Users praise its ease of setup, but express concerns over customer service responsiveness. Overall, it offers a cost-effective solution catering to small to medium-sized businesses, home offices, and tech enthusiasts seeking reliable data security and scalability. Explore further for detailed insights into its features and user experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Advanced data protection options including data encryption and remote access features.
  • High-performance AMD Ryzen R1600 processor with 8GB RAM for efficient operations.
  • Hybrid RAID configuration for versatile data management and scalability.
  • Efficient power consumption for cost savings and energy efficiency.
  • Connectivity options with 4x 1GbE LAN-Ports for high-speed data transfer and failover support.

The Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS, featuring an AMD Ryzen R1600 processor and 8GB of RAM, stands out as a versatile and powerful network-attached storage solution available in the market. When considering data transfer speeds, this NAS device excels with its Gigabit Ethernet ports, offering fast and efficient data transmission within the network. Additionally, its RAID configuration capabilities contribute to enhanced data protection and redundancy. Regarding remote access capabilities, the DS1522+ supports various protocols, allowing users to securely access their data from anywhere. Whether for personal or business use, the Synology DS1522+ offers reliable performance and robust features for seamless data management and accessibility.

Features and Benefits

The Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS offers a range of features and benefits that cater to data protection, performance enhancements, hybrid RAID configuration, and efficient power consumption technology. These aspects contribute to a complete storage solution that prioritizes security, speed, flexibility, and energy efficiency. By examining these points in detail, users can gain a better understanding of the practical advantages that this NAS system brings to the table.

Data Protection Options

Within the extensive suite of features offered by the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS, users can benefit from advanced data protection options that guarantee the security and integrity of their stored information. The NAS device provides data encryption capabilities, ensuring that sensitive data remains secure against unauthorized access. Additionally, users can leverage remote access features to conveniently manage and access their data from anywhere with an internet connection, enhancing flexibility and productivity. By enabling data encryption, users can protect their information from potential breaches, while remote access functionality allows for seamless data management even when away from the physical storage location. These features combine to offer a thorough data protection solution for users seeking a secure and efficient storage experience.

Performance Enhancements

Performance enhancements on the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS elevate operational efficiency and user experience through a range of advanced features and benefits. This NAS device offers improved performance with its AMD Ryzen R1600 processor and 8GB of RAM, ensuring swift data processing and seamless multitasking. Additionally, the DS1522+ provides ample storage capacity for all your data storage needs, accommodating up to five 3.5-inch SATA HDDs or 2.5-inch SATA SSDs. This increased storage capacity allows for extensive data storage and easy scalability as your storage requirements grow. These enhancements collectively contribute to a more efficient and powerful NAS system, catering to both personal and business users seeking reliable storage solutions.

Hybrid RAID Configuration

Enhancing the storage capabilities of the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS, the Hybrid RAID configuration offers a versatile and robust solution for data management and protection. The Hybrid RAID setup allows for a mix of different drive types and sizes within the NAS, providing flexibility while optimizing performance. By intelligently distributing data across drives and implementing redundancy, Hybrid RAID enhances data protection against drive failures. This configuration also enables performance optimization by leveraging the strengths of various drive types to achieve an ideal balance between speed, capacity, and resilience. Users can customize settings to suit their specific storage needs, ensuring efficient utilization of the NAS's storage capacity while maintaining data integrity.

Efficient Power Consumption Technology

Efficiency is a key feature of the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS's Power Consumption Technology, offering significant benefits for users seeking efficient energy utilization and cost savings. This NAS device is designed with energy efficiency in mind, utilizing power-saving mechanisms to reduce electricity consumption during operation. By optimizing power usage, users can enjoy lower energy bills over time, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term use. The power-saving features not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also enhance the overall performance and longevity of the device. With a focus on energy efficiency, the Synology DS1522+ ensures that users can maximize productivity while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Product Quality

With a focus on intricate design and relentless attention to detail, the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS showcases a commitment to unparalleled product quality. Synology is renowned for its emphasis on product reliability, ensuring that customers receive a device that meets high standards. The DS1522+ has garnered positive feedback from users, reflecting high levels of customer satisfaction. The combination of durable construction, advanced technology, and efficient performance contributes to the overall quality of this NAS solution. By prioritizing quality assurance in manufacturing and design, Synology has established itself as a trusted brand in the network attached storage market, resonating with consumers seeking reliable and high-quality products for their data storage needs.

What It’s Used For

The Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS is a versatile device designed for efficient data storage, cloud-based data management, and robust network connectivity options. With its AMD Ryzen R1600 processor and 8GB of RAM, this NAS is capable of handling large volumes of data and supporting multiple users simultaneously. Whether used for personal or business purposes, the DS1522+ excels in providing reliable storage solutions and secure data access across networks.

Functionality for Data Storage

What essential role does the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS serve in managing and safeguarding data within a network environment? The DS1522+ excels in data organization and storage efficiency, allowing users to efficiently store, access, and manage data across multiple devices. With its 5-bay design and support for various RAID configurations, this NAS device offers ample storage capacity and data protection. It optimizes data storage by ensuring redundancy and minimizing the risk of data loss. Additionally, its advanced data management features enable users to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and maintain data integrity. Overall, the Synology DS1522+ serves as a robust solution for businesses and individuals seeking reliable and efficient data storage within a network environment.

Cloud-Based Data Management

In the context of modern data management solutions, the utilization of cloud-based platforms has become increasingly integral, offering unparalleled scalability and accessibility for users seeking efficient data storage and collaboration capabilities. Cloud-based data management provides robust data security measures, ensuring that sensitive information is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. Additionally, remote access is a key feature of cloud-based solutions, allowing users to securely access and manage their data from anywhere with an internet connection. This enables seamless collaboration among team members regardless of their physical location, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency. The Synology DS1522+ NAS, with its private cloud solution and advanced data protection features, aligns well with the demands for secure and accessible cloud-based data management.

Network Connectivity Options

Network connectivity options play an important role in enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS. With 4xRJ-45 1GbE LAN-Ports, this NAS device offers robust network performance and the capability for speed optimization. The multiple LAN ports allow for link aggregation or failover support, ensuring uninterrupted access to data and high-speed data transfer rates. Users can leverage these network connectivity options to maximize data throughput and streamline access to stored information. Whether it's for large file transfers, media streaming, or remote access, the network connectivity features of the Synology DS1522+ contribute significantly to its overall performance and usability.

Product Specifications

The Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS, powered by an AMD Ryzen R1600 processor, features 8GB of RAM and 4xRJ-45 1GbE LAN-Port connectivity for robust data management capabilities. The installation process for this NAS is straightforward, ensuring users can quickly set it up for immediate use. When it comes to data transfer speeds, the DS1522+ excels, providing efficient and reliable performance for transferring large files or streaming media. Below is a table summarizing key specifications of the Synology DS1522+:

ProcessorAMD Ryzen R1600
LAN Ports4xRJ-45 1GbE

These specifications contribute to the overall high performance and functionality of the Synology DS1522+ NAS.

Who Needs This

For those seeking a robust and efficient data management solution with advanced processing power and reliable connectivity, the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS presents a compelling option. The target audience for this NAS includes small to medium-sized businesses, home offices, creative professionals, and tech enthusiasts who value data security, scalability, and ease of use. Use cases for the DS1522+ include centralized file storage, data backup and synchronization, hosting, virtualization support, and surveillance station capabilities. With its AMD Ryzen R1600 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 4x RJ-45 1GbE LAN ports, this NAS caters to users requiring high-performance computing, data redundancy, and seamless data access across multiple devices.


Highlighted by its robust AMD Ryzen R1600 processor and 8GB of RAM, the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS excels in delivering high-performance data management capabilities.

  • Ease of Setup: The NAS offers a user-friendly setup process, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation.
  • Customer Support: Synology provides excellent customer support, aiding users in resolving any issues promptly and efficiently.
  • Reliable Performance: With its powerful processor and ample memory, the DS1522+ guarantees smooth operations, even with heavy workloads.

These features make the Synology DS1522+ a standout choice for those seeking a reliable, high-performance NAS solution with excellent ease of setup and customer support.


Despite its impressive features, the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS has some drawbacks worth considering.

  1. Customer Service: Users have reported issues with the responsiveness and effectiveness of Synology's customer service, citing delays in responses and unhelpful support.
  2. Setup Process: Some users found the initial setup process to be complex and time-consuming, requiring technical expertise beyond the average user's capabilities.
  3. Compatibility Concerns: There have been instances where certain third-party applications or devices were not fully compatible with the DS1522+, leading to operational challenges and additional troubleshooting efforts.

What Customers Are Saying

Users' feedback on the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS sheds light on their experiences with the product, encompassing setup ease, functionality, and overall satisfaction levels. Customers have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the setup process, noting the straightforward nature of getting the NAS up and running. The ease of expanding storage capacity has also been highlighted positively. However, some users have raised concerns regarding customer support and instances of false advertising, indicating areas for improvement. Overall, the general consensus revolves around the device's robust functionality and the convenience it brings to managing data effectively. The positive feedback on setup ease and customer satisfaction underscores the product's appeal to a wide range of users seeking a reliable NAS solution.

Overall Value

When assessing the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS, the overall value can be determined through a thorough analysis of its features, performance, and cost-effectiveness. This NAS device offers a compelling user experience with its robust AMD Ryzen R1600 processor and 8GB of RAM, providing efficient data management and reliable performance. When considering value , the inclusion of 5x 4TB Seagate IronWolf drives enhances storage capacity and data protection, making it a cost-effective solution for private cloud storage needs. Users have reported positive experiences with the ease of setup and expansion capabilities, although some have highlighted issues with customer support. Overall, the Synology DS1522+ presents a well-rounded package that balances performance and features, ensuring a satisfying user experience.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To maximize the performance and functionality of the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS, implementing effective tips and tricks can greatly enhance the overall user experience and productivity. For setup recommendations, make sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines meticulously to avoid any initial hiccups. Troubleshooting can involve checking network connections, drive health, and firmware updates regularly to maintain smooth operations. Regarding maintenance, regularly updating the NAS operating system and monitoring disk usage can prevent potential issues. Optimization can be achieved by utilizing features like RAID configurations to improve data redundancy and access speed. By following these tips and tricks, users can guarantee their Synology DS1522+ NAS operates at its best capacity.


Wrapping up our evaluation of the Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay DiskStation NAS, the device showcases robust performance and features. Users have praised its ease of setup and expansion, contributing to positive user experiences. However, concerns have been raised regarding customer support quality and potential false advertising. When considering pricing options, the device offers the flexibility for users to provide feedback on pricing and report lower prices found elsewhere. The setup process is streamlined, but improvements in support quality could enhance the overall user satisfaction. To sum up, the Synology DS1522+ excels in providing a private cloud solution with data protection and flexible management, yet attention to support quality could further elevate its appeal to consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Synology Ds1522+ NAS Be Used for Multimedia Streaming?

Like a symphony conductor, the Synology DS1522+ orchestrates multimedia streaming with finesse. Its robust audio streaming capabilities and top-tier video transcoding performance guarantee a seamless entertainment experience, making it a versatile choice for media enthusiasts.

Is It Possible to Expand the Storage Capacity Beyond 20tb?

Storage expansion on the Synology DS1522+ NAS can exceed 20TB through various configurations. Alternatives include utilizing expansion units or upgrading drive capacities. Understanding capacity limitations and planning the setup effectively can guarantee seamless storage scalability for your data management needs.

Does the NAS Support Remote Access for File Retrieval?

Remote access security is paramount for NAS users. The NAS supports remote file retrieval, enabling seamless mobile file access. This feature guarantees data accessibility while maintaining robust security protocols, enhancing user convenience and data protection.

Are There Any Compatibility Issues With Third-Party Drives?

Compatibility issues with third-party drives on the NAS may arise, impacting drive performance and potentially hindering firmware updates. It is important to verify drive compatibility with the NAS system to maintain peak functionality and prevent any operational disruptions.

How Does the Device Handle Data Backup and Restoration Processes?

In managing data backup and restoration processes, the device showcases robust data protection mechanisms ensuring the safeguarding of critical information. Disaster recovery features offer reliable backup solutions, enhancing the device's resilience in safeguarding data integrity and business continuity.

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