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Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor Review: Pros and Cons

sceptre 20 led monitor

I've tested the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor and found it to have a sharp 1600 x 900 resolution, a fast 75 Hz refresh rate, and quick 5ms response time. The built-in speakers and Blue Light Shift tech are bonuses for basic tasks and casual gaming. However, be aware of its limited viewing angles, possible stand stability issues, and minimal stand adjustability. If you're considering this monitor, these are essential factors to weigh.

Key Takeaways

  • Crisp 1600 x 900 resolution for clear visuals.
  • Smooth gameplay with 75 Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time.
  • Built-in speakers enhance user experience.
  • Blue Light Shift tech reduces eye strain.
  • Affordable yet functional for basic tasks and light gaming.

In evaluating the technical aspects of the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor, one cannot overlook its impressive resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. Performance analysis reveals that users appreciate the affordability and picture quality for basic tasks. However, some user feedback highlights concerns about the power cord length and stand stability. When considering price comparison and competitor options, the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor stands out as a budget-friendly choice compared to higher-priced models. While it may not be ideal for high-end gaming due to limitations in refresh rate and response time, it excels in office work and basic gaming scenarios. Users seeking wider viewing angles may explore alternatives with IPS or VA panels for enhanced visual experiences.

Features and Benefits

The Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor boasts Blue Light Shift Technology which aids in reducing eye strain during prolonged use. Additionally, the analysis of Gaming Modes provides insights into optimizing the monitor for different game genres. Understanding the Response Time and Color Gamut allows for a thorough evaluation of the monitor's performance capabilities.

Blue Light Shift Technology

Blue Light Shift Technology in the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor offers users a beneficial feature to reduce eye strain during prolonged screen exposure. This technology works by adjusting the color temperature of the screen to reduce the amount of blue light emitted. By decreasing the blue light, it helps in providing better eye protection and reducing the chances of eye fatigue, especially during extended viewing sessions. Additionally, this feature can aid in enhancing viewing comfort by optimizing screen brightness levels to suit different lighting environments. The adjustment in screen brightness through Blue Light Shift Technology contributes to a more comfortable viewing experience, making it suitable for various tasks such as office work, school assignments, and casual gaming sessions.

Gaming Modes Analysis

Utilizing the FPS-RTS Game Modes functionality, the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor provides specific features and benefits that cater to enhancing gaming performance. These modes are designed to optimize the display customization for different gaming genres, offering a tailored experience to users. By selecting the appropriate mode, gamers can adjust settings to suit their preferences, whether focusing on first-person shooter (FPS) or real-time strategy (RTS) games. This allows for better visibility, smoother gameplay, and an overall more immersive gaming experience. The monitor's ability to fine-tune settings through these gaming modes contributes to a more personalized and optimized experience, aligning the display with the demands of various gaming scenarios.

Response Time Analysis

In analyzing the response time of the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor, we explore its critical features and benefits for user experience and performance optimization. The 5ms response time minimizes motion blur, enhancing visual clarity during fast-paced scenes in games or videos. This swift response reduces input lag, essential for gamers requiring instantaneous reactions to on-screen actions. By mitigating motion blur, the monitor guarantees smoother changes between frames, contributing to an immersive viewing experience. These response time attributes are particularly advantageous for users engaging in dynamic multimedia content or fast-action gaming scenarios. Overall, the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor's response time capabilities offer a balance between speed and visual quality, catering to users seeking a responsive display for various applications.

Color Gamut Analysis

When assessing the Color Gamut of the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor, one can observe the NTSC 72% coverage, providing users with a range of vibrant colors for a more immersive visual experience. The color accuracy of this monitor contributes to its display performance, enhancing the overall viewing quality. The NTSC 72% coverage guarantees that a wide spectrum of colors is accurately represented on the screen, which is beneficial for tasks requiring color precision, such as photo or video editing. Users can expect rich and lifelike hues thanks to this level of color gamut support. This feature enhances the monitor's visual capabilities, making it suitable for various activities that demand accurate and vivid color reproduction.

Product Quality

With a focus on technical precision and user feedback, the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor's product quality showcases a balance between affordability and performance. Customer satisfaction regarding this monitor's durability is generally positive, with many users praising its longevity and reliability for daily tasks. However, some concerns have been raised about the stability of the monitor stand. Despite this, the overall build quality and materials used contribute to a sturdy and long-lasting product. Concerning customer satisfaction, the monitor's performance aligns with its intended uses, meeting expectations for business, home, and office applications. Additionally, the balance between cost-effectiveness and quality further enhances the overall satisfaction levels among users.

What It's Used For

I will now address the applications, gaming considerations, and viewing angle importance related to the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor. Understanding the monitor's versatility for tasks like office work, schoolwork, and basic gaming is essential. Additionally, it's important to take into account its limitations for high-end gaming due to refresh rate and response time constraints. Finally, the viewing angle shortcomings stemming from TN panel technology suggest the need for alternative options with wider viewing angles, like monitors featuring IPS or VA panels.

Monitor Applications

Utilizing the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor proves advantageous for a range of applications, including business tasks, home use, office work, and basic gaming. The monitor setup is straightforward, requiring minimal effort. Its display quality, with a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels, offers decent clarity for everyday tasks. The monitor's color gamut of NTSC 72% provides reasonable color accuracy suitable for most applications. However, due to limitations in refresh rate and response time, it may not be the ideal choice for high-end gaming. For tasks such as document processing, web browsing, and video streaming, the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor delivers a satisfactory viewing experience. Considerations for alternative monitors with IPS or VA panels should be made for users requiring wider viewing angles.

Gaming Considerations

The Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor, while suitable for office work and basic tasks, may not meet the demands of high-end gaming due to its limitations in refresh rate and response time. When it comes to gaming performance, the monitor's refresh rate of up to 75 Hz and response time of 5 ms may fall short for competitive gaming where smoother motion changes are important. Gamers looking for a more immersive and responsive gaming experience might find the refresh rate limitations of this monitor hindering their gameplay, especially in fast-paced action sequences. Considering alternative monitors with higher refresh rates and lower response times could greatly enhance the gaming experience for those seeking a competitive edge.

Viewing Angle Importance

Viewing angles play an important role in determining the overall visual experience and usability of a monitor in various settings. The importance of viewing angles lies in providing consistent image quality and color accuracy when viewed from different positions. A wider viewing angle guarantees that the screen's content remains clear and vivid, even when viewed from the side. This benefit is particularly vital in collaborative work environments or when sharing content with others. Monitors with superior viewing angles, such as those utilizing IPS or VA panel technology, offer enhanced versatility and comfort, making them suitable for a broader range of applications. Investing in monitors with better viewing angles can greatly improve the overall viewing experience and user satisfaction.

Product Specifications

Regarding product specifications, the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor provides a resolution of 1600 x 900, a refresh rate of up to 75 Hz, a response time of 5 ms, integrated speakers, and blue light shift technology.

Resolution1600 x 900 pixels
Refresh RateUp to 75 Hz
Response Time5 ms
Blue Light TechIncluded

These specifications offer a mid-range resolution suitable for various tasks at an affordable price point. While the refresh rate is limited compared to higher-end monitors, the 5ms response time strikes a balance between speed and clarity for everyday use. The inclusion of integrated speakers and blue light shift technology adds value to the overall user experience.

Who Needs This

Discussing the intended user base for this monitor involves considering its specifications and features to determine its suitability for various tasks and user preferences. The target audience for the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor includes individuals looking for an affordable option for basic tasks such as office work, schoolwork, and light gaming. While it may not be ideal for high-end gaming due to its refresh rate and response time limitations, it can provide a satisfactory user experience for everyday use. Users seeking wider viewing angles and better color reproduction may find the TN panel technology limiting and might consider investing in monitors with IPS or VA panels. Overall, the monitor caters to those prioritizing cost-effectiveness and practical functionality over advanced features.


Considering the target audience's need for an affordable yet functional monitor for basic tasks and light gaming, the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor offers several notable advantages.

  • Crisp Display: The 1600 x 900 resolution provides clear visuals for everyday tasks.
  • Smooth Gameplay: With a 75 Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time, it offers decent performance for light gaming sessions.
  • Built-in Speakers: The integrated speakers eliminate the need for external audio devices, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Blue Light Shift: The Blue Light Shift technology reduces eye strain during prolonged usage, ensuring a more comfortable viewing experience.


While the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor excels in various aspects, some drawbacks merit attention for potential buyers.

  • The monitor has poor viewing angles, especially noticeable from the left and right sides.
  • Stand stability is a concern, as the monitor may wobble with slight movements.
  • Adjusting the stand for best viewing can be limited due to its design.
  • Users may need to think about additional support or alternative mounting options for better stability.

These factors should be taken into account when evaluating the suitability of the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor for specific usage scenarios.

What Customers Are Saying

The feedback from customers provides valuable insights into the real-world performance and usability of the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor. Customer satisfaction with this monitor seems to stem from its affordability and satisfactory performance. Users appreciate the good picture quality and find the setup process easy. However, some have raised concerns regarding the power cord length and the stability of the stand. This monitor is recommended for basic tasks and home use, with users generally having a positive user experience. For more demanding tasks like high-end gaming, customers suggest looking into alternative monitors with better refresh rates and response times. Overall, the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor appears to offer a decent user experience for its intended purposes.

Overall Value

With its blend of affordability and versatile performance, the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor offers a compelling value proposition for users seeking a reliable display solution for various tasks. In the domain of value comparison, this monitor stands out as a budget-friendly option without compromising on essential features. When analyzing budget-friendly options, the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor excels in providing a decent resolution of 1600 x 900, a refresh rate of up to 75 Hz, and a fast response time of 5 ms. While it may not offer the most advanced specifications, it caters well to business, home, office, and basic gaming needs. For users prioritizing functionality over cutting-edge technology, this monitor presents a solid choice in the domain of budget-friendly displays.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To optimize your experience with the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor, consider implementing the following tips and tricks for enhanced performance and usability. When setting up your monitor, start by adjusting the calibration settings to guarantee accurate colors and brightness levels. This can greatly enhance your viewing experience across different tasks. Additionally, explore the connectivity options available on the monitor, such as HDMI and VGA ports, to maximize compatibility with your devices. By utilizing the appropriate connectivity options, you can enjoy seamless connectivity and versatility in use. Remember to fine-tune the calibration settings and leverage the various connectivity options for the best results with your Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor.


In light of the overall functionality and limitations of the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor, it is evident that for users seeking an affordable option for basic tasks, this monitor presents a viable choice. The pros and cons analysis reveals that while the monitor offers a budget-friendly solution with decent picture quality and easy setup, it does have drawbacks such as poor viewing angles and limitations due to its TN panel technology. When considering performance comparison, the monitor performs adequately for office work, school tasks, and basic gaming but falls short for high-end gaming due to its refresh rate and response time constraints. Users looking for wider viewing angles or better color accuracy may need to explore alternatives with IPS or VA panels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Monitor Be Wall-Mounted?

Yes, this monitor can be wall-mounted. It offers VESA compatibility for easy installation. This option saves space and enhances aesthetics. The process is straightforward, adding versatility to suit different setups and preferences.

Does the Monitor Come With a Warranty?

Yes, the monitor comes with a limited warranty covering manufacturing defects. Customer service can assist with warranty claims. Consider extended warranty options for additional coverage. Register the warranty promptly to guarantee full benefits and support.

Is the Stand Height Adjustable?

Yes, the stand height on the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor is not adjustable, impacting stand stability. Viewing angles from the sides are limited due to TN panel technology. Consider monitors with IPS or VA panels for wider viewing angles.

Are There Any Built-In Cable Management Features?

Yes, there aren't any built-in cable management features on the Sceptre 20 LED HD+ Monitor. This leads to cable organization challenges and potential clutter accumulation. Users may need external solutions to maintain a tidy workspace.

Can the Monitor Be Connected to Multiple Devices Simultaneously?

Yes, the monitor supports daisy chaining devices, allowing for the connection of multiple devices in a series. It also offers screen sharing capabilities, enabling users to share their screen content with others seamlessly for collaborative work or presentations.

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