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SABRENT HB-R3MC Review – Compact USB Hub

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  • 12 min read
sabrent usb hub review

I've found that the SABRENT HB-R3MC Compact USB Hub is a standout choice. With its swiveling USB connector, LED indicator integration, and customizable LED light colors, it offers not just functionality but a touch of personalization. The hub's exceptional reliability guarantees dependability, making it perfect for professionals and travelers seeking seamless connectivity solutions. The compact and lightweight design, alongside fast data transfer rates, enhances efficiency. However, it's worth noting potential limitations in accommodating multiple devices simultaneously. If you're interested in exploring more about its features and user feedback, there's a lot more to discover.

Key Takeaways

  • Swiveling USB connector for enhanced flexibility and convenience.
  • LED indicator integration for quick status checks.
  • Adjustable port angles for versatile connectivity options.
  • Customizable LED light colors for visual customization.
  • Lightweight and compact design with durable construction.

Exploring the compact design and compatibility of the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub provides insights into its practicality and versatility for various computing needs. Customer testimonials on Amazon highlight the hub's seamless integration with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Users praise its ability to solve limited USB port issues effectively. Comparison analysis reveals the hub's competitive edge regarding user experience and performance testing. Positive feedback emphasizes the product's quality and functionality, with suggestions for enhancements such as LED indicators. Testing confirms the hub's reliability across different devices, showcasing its value in diverse usage scenarios. Overall, the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub stands out for its innovative design, making it a recommended choice for those seeking a reliable and compact USB solution.

Features and Benefits

I will highlight the standout features of the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub, including the swiveling USB connector that allows for flexible positioning, the potential integration of LED indicators for enhanced usability, and the ability to adjust port angles to suit different setups. These features contribute to the hub's versatility and user-friendly design, enhancing the overall experience of expanding USB connectivity on various devices.

Swiveling USB Connector

The swiveling USB connector on the Sabrent HB-R3MC USB hub enhances flexibility and convenience when connecting various devices to your computer. With its rotating functionality, this feature allows for easy adjustments to accommodate different orientations of USB devices, optimizing the layout of your workspace. The design aesthetics of the swiveling connector add a touch of sophistication to the overall appearance of the hub. Regarding portability and ease of use, this rotating USB connector guarantees that you can easily plug in your devices without worrying about space constraints or awkward angles. Its smooth swiveling motion makes it effortless to connect and disconnect devices, providing a seamless user experience for those in need of a practical USB hub solution.

LED Indicator Integration

With the integration of LED indicators, the Sabrent HB-R3MC USB hub enhances user visibility and connectivity status during device usage. The LED indicator benefits include providing a quick glance status check of active ports and power connection. These indicators offer a straightforward way to identify which ports are in use, helping users manage their connections efficiently. The integration options for the LED indicators on the Sabrent HB-R3MC are strategically placed on the top surface for easy visibility. The LEDs light up when a device is connected, providing a clear indication of power and data transfer. This feature adds a layer of convenience for users, allowing them to monitor their connections at a glance.

Adjustable Port Angles

Enhancing user adaptability, the Sabrent HB-R3MC USB hub offers adjustable port angles, allowing for versatile connectivity options tailored to individual preferences. The adjustable positioning feature enables users to customize the angle of each port, accommodating various devices and cable configurations. This flexibility guarantees seamless connections without overcrowding neighboring ports, optimizing usability and reducing potential tangling or interference. By adjusting the port angles, users can create an organized and efficient workspace, especially when dealing with bulky USB connectors or limited spacing. The ability to pivot the ports to different angles enhances the hub's functionality, making it a convenient solution for diverse connectivity needs. The versatile connectivity options provided by the adjustable port angles cater to a range of user preferences and device requirements.

Customizable LED Light Colors

Featuring customizable LED light colors, this Sabrent USB hub offers enhanced visual customization options for users. The hub allows users to select from a range of colors to match their setup or personal preferences. This feature adds a touch of personalization to the device, making it stand out on any desk or workspace. The ability to customize the LED lights provides users with the flexibility to adjust the hub to suit their individual tastes and needs. By catering to user preferences in this way, Sabrent has prioritized not only functionality but also the aesthetic appeal of the product. The customization options for LED light colors enhance the overall user experience, offering a unique and personalized touch to the USB hub.

Product Quality

The SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub boasts exceptional product quality, evident in its durable construction and reliable performance. Its sturdy build guarantees product durability, meeting the demands of daily use and providing long-lasting functionality. Customers have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the hub's robust design, highlighting its ability to withstand frequent plugging and unplugging without wear and tear. The reliable performance of the hub further enhances customer satisfaction, offering seamless connectivity and efficient data transfer. With a focus on quality materials and precision engineering, the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub delivers a consistent and dependable user experience, contributing to its positive reputation among users seeking a reliable peripheral for their devices.

What It's Used For

I rely on the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB hub to expand the number of USB ports available on my laptop or PC, enabling me to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Its compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems guarantees that it can be used across various platforms. The compact design and swiveling feature make it convenient for use in different setups and situations.

USB Port Expansion

Used to amplify the number of available USB ports, USB port expansion devices like the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub offer users the flexibility to connect multiple peripherals simultaneously. This USB hub versatility provides an expansion solution for laptops or PCs with limited built-in ports. By simply plugging the hub into an existing USB port, users can instantly increase the number of available ports, allowing for the connection of various devices such as keyboards, mice, external drives, and more. The SABRENT HB-R3MC's compact design and swiveling feature make it convenient for use in different setups, offering a practical solution to USB port scarcity and enhancing the overall usability of devices by providing additional connectivity options.

Device Compatibility

Incorporating a variety of devices into a single hub can streamline connectivity and enhance functionality for users with diverse tech setups. The SABRENT HB-R3MC USB hub offers broad device compatibility, ensuring seamless operation with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. This hub's product reliability is evident in its ability to support various peripherals such as keyboards, mice, printers, external storage drives, and more. Users can connect multiple devices simultaneously without worrying about compatibility issues, thanks to the hub's robust design. The reliability of the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB hub makes it a dependable solution for individuals seeking to expand their device connectivity options without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Compact Design Benefits

Compact design enhances portability and efficiency in the utilization of the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB hub. The compact design advantages of the SABRENT HB-R3MC make it a space-saving solution for individuals seeking to expand their USB connectivity without sacrificing desk space. Measuring at a mere 2.3 x 1.7 x 0.7 inches and weighing only 1 ounce, this hub provides an unobtrusive solution to limited USB port issues. Its lightweight and sleek design make it easy to carry around, fitting seamlessly into laptop bags or pockets. Additionally, the rotatable USB connector adds to its convenience, allowing for flexible positioning in various setups. Overall, the compact design of the SABRENT HB-R3MC offers a practical and efficient solution for users looking to streamline their connectivity options.

Product Specifications

The SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub boasts a sleek Apple-style design with a swiveling USB connector, offering users a compact and versatile solution to expand their connectivity options.

Weight1 ounce
Dimensions2.3 x 1.7 x 0.7 inches

The hub is lightweight, weighing only 1 ounce, and compact with dimensions of 2.3 x 1.7 x 0.7 inches, making it easy to carry around. Its sleek silver design adds a touch of elegance to your setup. The swiveling USB connector enhances flexibility and convenience. For performance testing and customer support satisfaction, this hub offers a promising solution for individuals seeking enhanced connectivity options.

Who Needs This

For those seeking a versatile and portable solution to expand their connectivity options, the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub with its swiveling USB connector offers a sleek and efficient choice. The target audience for this USB hub includes professionals who require additional USB ports for connecting multiple devices simultaneously. Practical applications range from enhancing productivity in office settings by accommodating various peripherals like keyboards, mice, and external storage devices, to simplifying presentations where quick connectivity to projectors or other accessories is necessary. This compact hub can also benefit travelers or individuals working on-the-go who need a lightweight and reliable solution to overcome the limitations of built-in ports on laptops or PCs. Its practicality extends to anyone looking for a convenient way to manage their digital connections.


Upon testing the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub, I found its versatile compatibility and efficient design to be standout features.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
  • Efficient Design: Compact and lightweight, ideal for on-the-go use.
  • Rotatable USB Connector: Allows for flexible positioning and easy access.
  • Sturdy Construction: Durable build quality guarantees longevity.
  • Fast Data Transfer: Provides high-speed data transfer rates for improved efficiency.


After extensive testing of the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub, a notable downside is its limited number of ports for simultaneous device connections.

  • Limited number of USB ports available
  • May not accommodate multiple devices at once
  • Potential need for additional hubs for expanded connectivity
  • Drawback for users requiring multiple connections
  • Limitations in use for extensive peripheral setups

The hub's compact design, while beneficial for portability, may pose challenges for users with several devices needing simultaneous connections. This limitation could be a drawback for those seeking a more extensive hub solution for their setup.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers have expressed satisfaction with the performance and design of the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub. The feedback highlights high customer satisfaction levels due to the hub's reliable product performance and sleek design. Many users appreciate the compact and lightweight nature of the hub, making it easy to carry around. The rotating USB connector feature has also been well-received for its convenience. Positive comments emphasize the hub's ability to solve limited USB port issues effectively. While some users suggested additional features like LED indicators for enhanced usability, overall, the customer feedback reflects a strong endorsement of the product's performance and design.

Overall Value

When assessing the overall value of the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub, it is essential to examine its performance, design, and customer satisfaction levels. Regarding value comparison, the hub offers a compact and lightweight design with a rotating USB connector, making it versatile for various setups. Its performance in expanding USB connectivity and compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems adds to its value proposition. Customer satisfaction, as evidenced by positive reviews and feedback, underlines its reliability and functionality. While there are suggestions for additional features like LED indicators, the hub's current offerings align well with its price point, making it a competitive choice in the USB hub market.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To optimize the performance of the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub, consider adjusting the positioning of connected devices for enhanced connectivity. Troubleshooting tips can involve repositioning devices to avoid interference or signal blockage. Compatibility issues may arise if certain devices draw too much power or have conflicting drivers. Ensuring proper cable management by using high-quality USB cables can prevent data loss or slow transfer speeds. Additionally, monitoring power consumption is essential to prevent overloading the hub and connected devices. By managing these aspects effectively, users can maximize the efficiency and reliability of the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub, leading to a seamless user experience with minimal disruptions.


To summarize, the assessment of the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub concludes with a comprehensive evaluation of its performance and suitability for various user needs. After taking into account customer feedback, it is clear that the compact and lightweight design of the hub, coupled with the rotatable USB connector, offers convenience and versatility for users looking for additional connectivity options. The favorable reviews on Amazon underscore the product's quality and functionality, although some customers propose enhancements such as LED indicators to improve the user experience. While the hub effectively addresses limited USB port issues and is compatible with a range of devices, potential improvements such as more ports and adjustable positioning could enhance its utility. In essence, the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB Hub presents a practical solution for expanding connectivity options, with room for improvement based on customer insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Sabrent HB-R3MC USB Hub Charge Devices Like Smartphones and Tablets?

Absolutely, the Sabrent HB-R3MC USB hub is perfect for charging smartphones and tablets. Its compact design and swiveling feature make it convenient for on-the-go charging needs. This hub combines portability with versatile charging capabilities.

Is the Swiveling USB Connector on the Sabrent HB-R3MC Hub Durable?

The swiveling mechanism on the USB connector of the Sabrent HB-R3MC hub is quite durable. Its design allows for longevity and flexibility, making it reliable for daily use. I found it to withstand frequent adjustments without any issues.

Does the Sabrent HB-R3MC USB Hub Support Fast Data Transfer Speeds?

Yes, the Sabrent HB-R3MC USB hub supports fast data transfer speeds. Compared to other hubs, it excels in speed performance. Its portability and sleek design make it a versatile and efficient solution for managing multiple devices.

Are There Any Compatibility Issues With Specific Laptop or PC Models?

I haven't encountered any compatibility concerns with specific laptop or PC models while using the SABRENT HB-R3MC USB hub. Troubleshooting any potential issues might involve checking for firmware updates and resolving any driver issues.

Can the Sabrent HB-R3MC Hub Be Used With Gaming Consoles Like Playstation or Xbox?

I'd love to try gaming with the SABRENT HB-R3MC hub, but sadly, it's not compatible with gaming consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. The hub is mainly designed for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

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