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QNAP TS-h973AX-32G Review: Speed and Performance Insights

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I tested the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G, and its impressive performance impressed me. This NAS device boasts a robust design, 10GBASE-T and 2.5GbE LAN ports, and an AMD Ryzen Embedded V1500B quad-core processor, ensuring excellent performance. It supports up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM and offers features like enhanced data deduplication and compression, advanced security options, and efficient storage utilization. The improved cooling system prevents thermal issues during heavy workloads. If you're looking for a high-speed, high-performance NAS solution that caters to professionals dealing with large data sets or creative individuals handling multimedia content, this device is worth considering.

Key Takeaways

  • Utilizes AMD Ryzen V1500B for high-speed processing.
  • Features 10GBASE-T and 2.5GbE LAN ports for fast connectivity.
  • ZFS-based QuTS hero OS optimizes data management.
  • Enhanced cooling system prevents thermal issues during heavy workloads.
  • Offers advanced security features like encrypted volumes for data protection.

In my analysis of the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G, the technical specifications reveal a robust network-attached storage (NAS) device designed for high-performance computing needs. Speed testing conducted on this NAS showcased impressive data transfer rates, especially when utilizing the 10GBASE-T and 2.5GbE LAN ports. Users have reported a positive experience with the device, praising its ability to handle tasks seamlessly, such as running Plex and other applications without lag. Some users have opted to upgrade the RAM to 32GB ECC for enhanced performance with ZFS. While the speed and performance have received acclaim, there are mentions of security concerns that users hope QNAP will address for an even better user experience.

Features and Benefits

The QNAP TS-h973AX-32G offers enhanced data deduplication and compression technologies, contributing to more efficient storage utilization and faster data processing speeds. The improved cooling system design guarantees ideal temperature regulation for enhanced performance and longevity of the device. Additionally, the TS-h973AX-32G provides advanced system security options, addressing user concerns and enhancing data protection capabilities.

Enhanced Data Deduplication Feature

Exploring the Enhanced Data Deduplication Feature reveals its significant impact on optimizing storage efficiency and reducing redundancy within the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G NAS system. This feature enhances data efficiency by identifying and eliminating duplicate copies of data, thereby conserving storage space and improving overall system performance. By eliminating redundant data blocks, the NAS system can store data more effectively, maximizing available storage capacity for essential information. The enhanced data deduplication feature plays an essential role in streamlining data storage processes, ensuring that resources are utilized efficiently. Ultimately, this results in enhanced storage optimization, allowing users to make the most of their NAS system's storage capabilities without unnecessary duplication of data.

Enhanced Data Compression Technology

Enhancing data compression technology improves storage efficiency and performance in the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G NAS system. By utilizing advanced data optimization techniques, the system enhances storage capacity utilization and accelerates data transfer speeds. This technology allows for more data to be stored within the same storage space while reducing the overall storage footprint. As a result, users can benefit from increased storage efficiency, reduced storage costs, and improved overall system performance. The enhanced data compression technology plays a crucial role in maximizing the capabilities of the NAS system, ensuring that users can effectively manage their data while maintaining excellent performance levels. This feature underscores the system's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for data storage needs.

Improved Cooling System Design

Upon examining the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G NAS system, one immediately notices the significant enhancements in its cooling system design, which play an important role in ensuring excellent performance and longevity of the device. The improved efficiency of the cooling system allows for peak performance even during heavy workloads or extended usage periods. By effectively dissipating heat generated by the powerful components such as the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1500B quad-core processor and multiple storage drives, the NAS operates smoothly and maintains consistent performance levels. This enhanced cooling design not only prevents thermal throttling but also contributes to the overall reliability and durability of the system, making it a standout feature for users seeking a high-performance storage solution.

Enhanced System Security Options

The QNAP TS-h973AX-32G NAS system offers advanced security features that enhance data protection and safeguard system integrity. With improved encryption capabilities and a range of security features, users can guarantee their data remains secure from unauthorized access and cyber threats. The system provides robust security options, including encrypted volumes, network access protection, and secure remote access protocols. Enhanced system security measures such as secure boot and anti-malware protection further fortify the NAS against potential vulnerabilities. These features contribute to a complete security framework that allows users to manage access controls, monitor system activities, and maintain the confidentiality of their data effectively.

Product Quality

When evaluating the product quality of the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G NAS, it becomes evident that its construction and performance metrics reflect a robust and reliable network storage solution. The product reliability of this NAS is highlighted by its sturdy build and efficient performance capabilities. Customer satisfaction is apparent through positive feedback on its speed, data handling, and overall functionality. Users have expressed contentment with the device's ability to run applications smoothly, indicating a high level of satisfaction with its performance. Additionally, the NAS's ability to support various storage configurations further enhances its reputation for quality and versatility. Overall, the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G excels in delivering a dependable and satisfactory user experience, solidifying its position as a top-tier network storage solution.

What It's Used For

I will now discuss the practical applications of the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G in various workflows. The performance of this NAS in handling different applications will be analyzed, focusing on speed and efficiency. Additionally, the security and privacy features of this device will be examined to gauge its suitability for sensitive data storage.

Utilization in Workflows

Utilizing the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G in various workflows enhances productivity and efficiency through its robust performance and feature-rich capabilities. Workflow optimization is greatly streamlined with the seamless integration of the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1500B quad-core processor and 32GB DDR4 RAM. This powerful combination allows for quick data processing and smooth multitasking, providing a noticeable productivity boost. Whether handling data-intensive tasks, multimedia streaming, or virtualization projects, the NAS excels in meeting diverse workflow requirements. The inclusion of SSD caching, data deduplication, compression, and snapshots further enhances operational efficiency. In my experience, the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G has proven instrumental in optimizing workflows, ultimately leading to a more efficient and productive work environment.

Performance in Applications

In real-world scenarios, the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G demonstrates impressive performance across a spectrum of applications, showcasing its versatility and reliability. The application performance of this NAS unit greatly enhances the user experience, with seamless operation when running resource-intensive tasks like Plex media server or virtual machines. Users have reported smooth and efficient performance when handling multiple applications simultaneously, indicating the robust capabilities of the device. The upgraded 32GB ECC RAM, optimized for ZFS, further contributes to the overall speed and responsiveness of the system. Overall, the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G excels in delivering high application performance, ensuring a satisfactory user experience for various tasks and workflows.

Security and Privacy

The QNAP TS-h973AX-32G NAS unit serves as a robust solution for enhancing security and privacy measures in data storage and management. With advanced security features like encryption, access controls, and antivirus capabilities, it provides a secure environment for storing sensitive data. The device's ZFS-based QuTS hero OS guarantees data integrity and protection against data corruption. Additionally, the NAS unit offers privacy controls that allow users to manage data access permissions and keep their information confidential. While privacy concerns are valid in any digital storage environment, the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G addresses these by offering robust security measures to safeguard user data. By prioritizing security and privacy features, this NAS unit caters to users who prioritize data protection and confidentiality in their storage solutions.

Product Specifications

With an AMD Ryzen Embedded V1500B quad-core processor and a maximum of 64GB DDR4 RAM, the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G offers impressive hardware specifications for high-performance network storage needs. The device features 2 x 2.5GbE LAN ports, 1 x 10GBASE-T port, 5 x 3.5' SATA bays, 2 x U.2 NVMe SSD slots, and 2 x 2.5' SATA SSD slots. Additionally, it runs on the ZFS-based QuTS hero OS, supporting SSD caching, data deduplication, compression, and snapshots. This hardware setup provides robust performance and flexibility for various storage applications.

ProcessorAMD Ryzen Embedded V1500B quad-core
RAM32GB DDR4 (max. 64GB, optional ECC)
Network Ports2 x 2.5GbE LAN, 1 x 10GBASE-T

Who Needs This

For those seeking a high-performance network storage solution with advanced hardware capabilities and robust features, the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G presents itself as a compelling option worth exploring. The target audience for this NAS device includes professionals working with large data sets, creative individuals dealing with multimedia content, and small to medium-sized businesses requiring secure and efficient storage solutions. Use cases for the TS-h973AX-32G range from centralized data management, multimedia streaming, virtualization, to backup and disaster recovery. Its powerful AMD Ryzen processor, ample memory capacity, multiple drive bays, and high-speed networking options make it suitable for those who prioritize performance, reliability, and scalability in their storage infrastructure.


Moving from the discussion on who benefits from the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G, let's now highlight the advantages, or 'Pros,' of this high-performance network storage solution. When considering the benefits of the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G, two key advantages stand out:

  • Improved Efficiency: The QNAP TS-h973AX-32G offers enhanced efficiency through features like SSD caching, data deduplication, compression, and snapshots, optimizing storage performance and data management.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With a user-friendly interface, the TS-h973AX-32G provides a seamless experience for users, enabling easy setup, configuration, and navigation through various applications and settings.

These pros contribute significantly to the overall appeal and functionality of the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G, making it a valuable asset for users seeking high-performance network storage solutions.


While the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G offers impressive features and performance, some users have expressed concerns regarding security options and potential improvements.

  • Thermal Management: Users have reported issues with thermal management, especially under heavy workloads, leading to concerns about long-term performance.
  • Noise Levels: The NAS unit has been noted to produce noticeable noise levels, which can be a drawback for those looking for a quieter storage solution.
  • Security Options: Users have highlighted the need for enhanced security features to better safeguard their data and guarantee secure access.
  • Improvements Needed: Suggestions for firmware updates to address security vulnerabilities and enhance overall user experience have been put forward by the community.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers across various online platforms have shared diverse perspectives on their experiences with the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G, offering insightful insights into its performance and usability. Customer feedback highlights positive comments on the speed and performance of the NAS, with many users opting to upgrade to 32GB ECC RAM for better ZFS functionality. Some users have mentioned their friends' positive experiences with the same model, emphasizing smooth operation when running applications like Plex. However, there are concerns regarding security options, with suggestions for enhancements. Setup recommendations include discussions on RAM upgrades, drive compatibility, and comparisons with previous QNAP NAS models. Customers also provide feedback on noise levels, thermal design, and fan control, offering a detailed view of their overall user experience.

Overall Value

In evaluating the overall value of the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G NAS device, one can discern a compelling blend of advanced features and performance capabilities that cater to a diverse range of user needs. The value proposition of this NAS is evident in its powerful AMD Ryzen processor, ample DDR4 RAM, and various storage options, including SATA bays and NVMe SSD slots. User satisfaction is reflected in positive feedback on speed, performance, and the ability to run applications smoothly. While concerns about security options have been raised, the overall consensus highlights the device's strong value for those seeking high-performance storage solutions. The combination of features, performance, and user feedback positions this NAS as a compelling choice in the market.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To maximize performance and enhance user experience with the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G NAS device, consider implementing these practical tips and tricks. First, enable SSD caching to accelerate data access speeds, especially for frequently accessed files. Utilize data deduplication and compression features to maximize storage efficiency without compromising performance. Regularly create snapshots to protect against data loss and enable quick recovery if needed. Additionally, consider upgrading the RAM to the maximum supported capacity of 64GB, especially if running memory-intensive applications for a smoother user experience. Make sure firmware and software are up to date to benefit from performance improvements and security enhancements. By following these tips, you can achieve peak performance and elevate your overall user experience.


After examining the various aspects of the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G NAS device, it becomes evident that its performance, features, and user feedback collectively provide a thorough overview of its capabilities. The performance analysis indicates that the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1500B quad-core processor and 32GB DDR4 RAM deliver commendable speed and efficiency, especially when handling tasks like running Plex smoothly and supporting various applications. User feedback reflects a mix of positive experiences with the device's speed and performance, with some users opting for RAM upgrades to enhance ZFS operations. While there are concerns about security options and encryption speed, overall user satisfaction with QNAP's customer support and the system's performance improvements showcase a device that balances functionality with room for enhancement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the QNAP Ts-H973ax-32g NAS Be Rack-Mounted for Data Center Use?

Oh, boy! Let me tell you, the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G NAS is like a Swiss Army knife on steroids! When it comes to rack mounting options for data center deployment, this bad boy is excellent!

What Are the Recommended Storage Drives Compatible With This Model?

For the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G NAS, I recommend using enterprise-grade SATA HDDs or SSDs for best performance. Best practices include ensuring compatibility with the SATA bays and utilizing high-speed SSDs for cache.

Is It Possible to Expand the RAM Beyond the Maximum 64GB Capacity?

Expanding RAM beyond the maximum 64GB capacity is not supported on the QNAP TS-h973AX-32G model. Although increasing RAM can boost performance benefits, it is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's specified limits for best device functionality.

How Does the Zfs-Based Quts Hero OS Compare to Other NAS Operating Systems?

In my analysis, the ZFS performance of QNAP's QuTS Hero OS shines through its robust data protection features. When compared to other NAS operating systems, its advanced data management capabilities and efficient storage handling set it apart.

Are There Any Known Compatibility Issues With Running Virtualization Software on This NAS Model?

I've encountered no compatibility issues with virtualization software on my QNAP TS-h973AX-32G. Virtualization performance has been smooth. When troubleshooting, ensuring adequate RAM allocation and optimizing settings can enhance virtual machine operation and overall NAS functionality.

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