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QNAP TS-673A-8G Review: High-Performance NAS Solution

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high performance nas solution review

The QNAP TS-673A-8G showcases high-speed 2.5GbE connectivity for demanding tasks, boosted by SSD caching for accelerated data access. Its PCIe card compatibility allows for extensive network expansion, catering to specific business needs. This NAS is suitable for professionals requiring robust storage solutions and businesses seeking speed and data integrity. With an AMD Ryzen™ processor, upgradable RAM, and 2.5GbE ports, it offers customizable, lightning-fast performance. Users have praised its reliability under heavy workloads and seamless operation. For those in need of a high-performance NAS solution, the TS-673A-8G is a compelling option worth considering.

Key Takeaways

  • High-speed 2.5GbE connectivity for demanding applications and fast data transfer needs.
  • SSD caching technology boosts data access speeds for enhanced performance.
  • PCIe card compatibility allows extensive network expansion and optimized system performance.
  • AMD Ryzen™ processor and upgradable RAM ensure robust performance for business applications.
  • Supports entry-level NVIDIA graphics cards and achieves up to 5 Gbps transfer speeds.

Switching from the QNAP TVS-871 to the TS-873A NAS resulted in significant enhancements in performance and expandability for my storage infrastructure. The TS-873A's SSD performance is notably improved, especially with the inclusion of two M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD slots for Qtier Technology and SSD caching. This enhancement has boosted my system's responsiveness and data access speeds, making tasks more efficient. Additionally, the network connectivity of the TS-873A, with its 2 x 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports that support various speeds including 2.5G, 1G, and 100M, has provided a seamless and reliable network experience. The increased network speed capabilities, coupled with optimized SSD performance, have truly elevated the overall functionality of my NAS setup.

Features and Benefits

The QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS offers high-speed 2.5GbE connectivity, enabling rapid data transfer rates. With support for SSD caching, this NAS enhances performance by utilizing faster storage tiers efficiently. Additionally, its compatibility with 10GbE PCIe cards provides flexibility for users seeking to expand their network capabilities.

High-speed 2.5GbE Connectivity

With 2.5GbE connectivity, the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS offers high-speed networking capabilities suitable for demanding applications and data transfer needs. This enhanced network performance allows for faster data storage and retrieval, essential for businesses dealing with large files or multiple users accessing data simultaneously. The 2.5GbE ports, which are backward compatible with lower speeds, provide flexibility in adapting to various network infrastructures. By supporting up to 5 Gbps transfer speeds with port trunking, the NAS guarantees efficient data transmission within the network. This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations requiring quick access to stored data and seamless connectivity for improved productivity and workflow management.

SSD Caching Capabilities

Enhancing the NAS performance through SSD caching technology brings substantial speed and efficiency improvements to data storage operations. SSD caching benefits include accelerated data access by storing frequently accessed information on high-speed SSDs, reducing latency compared to traditional HDD-only configurations. The QNAP TS-673A-8G's SSD caching feature leverages M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD slots to enhance read and write speeds, providing performance advantages for tasks like data retrieval, application loading, and system responsiveness. By intelligently managing data placement between SSDs and HDDs, the NAS achieves optimized performance levels, making it suitable for demanding workloads in medium to large-scale environments. The SSD caching capabilities of the QNAP TS-673A-8G contribute significantly to its overall high-performance NAS solution.

0GBE PCIE Card Compatibility

Utilizing GbE PCIe cards in the QNAP TS-673A-8G expands networking capabilities and enhances overall performance. For network expansion, these cards offer the flexibility to add features like 10GbE ports, SSD caching, USB 3.2 ports, wireless networking, or Fibre Channel. It is important to verify hardware compatibility when selecting a GbE PCIe card to guarantee seamless integration with the NAS system. The addition of such cards can greatly boost data transfer speeds and improve connectivity options, catering to diverse networking needs. By incorporating GbE PCIe cards that are compatible with the QNAP TS-673A-8G, users can optimize their NAS setup for enhanced functionality and performance.

0GbE PCIe Card Compatibility

When evaluating GbE PCIe card compatibility for the QNAP TS-673A-8G, users can greatly improve their networking capabilities and overall system performance. The network expansion possibilities with PCIe upgrade options are extensive, offering a range of functionalities to enhance the NAS system. By incorporating compatible PCIe cards, such as 10GbE ports or SSD caching solutions, users can tailor their network setup to meet specific needs. These PCIe upgrade options provide flexibility for users looking to optimize data transfer speeds, storage performance, or connectivity options. Selecting the right GbE PCIe card that aligns with the TS-673A-8G's specifications can lead to a more efficient and robust network infrastructure, ensuring seamless operations and improved data management capabilities.

Product Quality

The QNAP TS-673A-8G demonstrates exceptional reliability and robustness in its product quality, making it a standout choice for demanding network storage needs. This NAS solution excels in product reliability, ensuring data integrity and system stability essential for business operations. QNAP's attention to detail is evident in the build quality, resulting in a durable and long-lasting device that garners high customer satisfaction. The seamless integration of components, such as the AMD Ryzen™ V1000 series processor and DDR4 RAM, contributes to the overall performance and user experience. The emphasis on quality control is apparent, providing users with a dependable and efficient storage solution that meets and exceeds expectations, ultimately leading to heightened customer satisfaction levels.

What It’s Used For

I'll outline the practical applications, highlighting its versatility for both business and home users. The NAS excels in media streaming tasks, ensuring seamless playback and transcoding. Its robust performance makes it a reliable choice for various storage and networking needs.

Practical Applications Overview

Deploying the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS enhances data management capabilities and facilitates efficient network operations through its versatile features and robust performance. In practical applications, user feedback suggests that this NAS excels as a file server with snapshot capabilities and scheduled backups. It seamlessly supports Plex Media Server with hardware transcoding, catering to media enthusiasts. With the ability to run the QuTS Hero , this NAS is adept at managing medium-sized businesses due to its extensive RAID options and features. Additionally, the option to upgrade memory and add SSDs for VMs enhances its performance for serious home lab setups. Despite some minor feedback regarding tool-less disk caddies, the overall user experience highlights the QNAP TS-673A-8G as a reliable and versatile storage solution.

Business and Home Use

Integrating the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS into business and home environments offers a robust and versatile storage solution with extensive capabilities for data management and network operations. In business solutions, this NAS excels at handling medium-sized enterprises with its advanced RAID options, supporting infrastructure management, and facilitating serious home lab setups. The device is ideal for file serving, supporting Plex Media Server with hardware transcoding, and running QuTS Hero for efficient operations. With features like PCIe slots for expansion and SSD caching, it provides flexibility for various business needs. In a home network, it guarantees seamless data access, backups, and media streaming, making it a valuable asset for both professional and personal use.

Performance in Media Streaming

Migrating from the previous QNAP TVS-871 to the TS-873A-8G NAS, the performance of the QNAP TS-673A-8G in media streaming applications showcases its exceptional capabilities for high-quality content delivery and seamless multimedia experiences. The NAS excels as a media server, effortlessly handling multiple streams of high-definition content without lag or buffering. With its AMD Ryzen™ V1000 series V1500B quad-core processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM, the TS-673A-8G guarantees smooth streaming performance, even during peak usage periods. Whether it's streaming 4K movies, music, or live TV, this NAS delivers a reliable and uninterrupted media streaming experience. The addition of PCIe cards further enhances its capabilities, making it a top choice for demanding media streaming tasks.

Product Specifications

The QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS boasts cutting-edge hardware specifications that cater to high-performance storage needs and advanced networking capabilities. When comparing products, its technical specifications shine with features like 2 x 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports, support for 1GbE/100MbE speeds, and the ability to reach up to 5 Gbps transfer speeds with port trunking. Additionally, the NAS supports entry-level NVIDIA graphics cards, features two M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD slots for Qtier Technology and SSD Caching, and offers expandability with two PCIe Gen3 slots. Below is a breakdown of the technical specifications:

ProcessorAMD Ryzen™ V1000 series V1500B
RAM Capacity8GB DDR4 (Max 64GB)
Ethernet Ports2 x 2.5 Gigabit
USB Ports3 x Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps
PCIe SlotsTwo PCIe Gen3

Who Needs This

For professionals seeking robust network storage solutions with advanced performance capabilities, the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS offers a high-performance and feature-rich system tailored to demanding storage and networking requirements. In business applications, where data integrity, accessibility, and speed are essential, this NAS excels. It can serve as a reliable file server with scheduled backups and snapshots, ideal for medium-sized businesses needing extensive RAID options. Additionally, the TS-673A-8G is well-suited for managing infrastructure and serious home lab setups, providing the necessary power for tasks like running VMs or supporting Plex Media Server with hardware transcoding. Its impressive specs, such as 2 x 2.5GbE ports and PCIe slots, make it a versatile choice for both professional and home networking needs.


With its robust hardware and advanced networking features, the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS excels in providing high-performance storage solutions for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

  1. Speed: The 2.5GbE ports and PCIe slots allow for lightning-fast data transfer rates, supporting up to 5 Gbps with port trunking.
  2. Customization: The ability to add various PCIe cards enables users to enhance functionality, from 10GbE ports to SSD caching and even entry-level NVIDIA graphics cards.
  3. Versatility: Supporting QTS and QuTS hero operating systems offers a broad range of applications and compatibility for diverse user needs.
  4. Expansion: With two M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD slots and upgradable RAM, the NAS provides ample room for growth and performance optimization while delivering a seamless user experience.


Despite its impressive hardware and performance capabilities, the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS does have some limitations that users should consider.

  1. Disk caddies may be tool-less but feel somewhat flimsy.
  2. Limited user feedback available on long-term product quality and reliability.
  3. PCIe card compatibility could be more extensive for diverse expansion options.
  4. 2.5GbE connectivity might not be sufficient for demanding media streaming or business use cases.

Considering these cons alongside the NAS solution's strengths is important for evaluating its overall value and suitability for specific practical applications. Tips and tricks for optimizing the QNAP TS-673A-8G, such as maximizing SSD caching and managing data migration effectively, can help mitigate these drawbacks and enhance the user experience.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers have reported a notable improvement in performance and reliability with the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS. User testimonials highlight the enhanced user experience, praising the seamless operation and robust capabilities of this NAS solution. Customers have particularly noted the impressive speed and efficiency achieved with tasks like data transfers, VM management, and media streaming. The positive feedback regarding the reliability of the system under heavy workloads has been a recurring theme in customer reviews. Users appreciate the flexibility provided by the multiple connectivity options and expansion slots, allowing for customization to suit various needs. Overall, the consensus from customer testimonials emphasizes the high level of satisfaction and commendation for the QNAP TS-673A-8G's performance and user experience.

Overall Value

Demonstrating exceptional performance and robust features, the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS offers compelling value for users seeking a high-performance storage solution. Its value assessment is strengthened by the 2.5GbE ports, PCIe slots for expandability, and support for entry-level NVIDIA graphics cards. The user experience is enhanced with the ability to achieve up to 5 Gbps transfer speeds through port trunking and the inclusion of two M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD slots for Qtier Technology and SSD Caching. With 8GB DDR4 RAM (expandable to 64GB) and an AMD Ryzen™ V1000 series V1500B quad-core processor, this NAS is well-equipped to handle demanding tasks efficiently. Overall, the QNAP TS-673A-8G provides excellent value for its performance capabilities.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

For peak performance and efficiency with the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS, consider implementing these advanced configuration techniques. To guarantee ideal configurations, start by setting up port trunking to achieve up to 5 Gbps transfer speeds by aggregating the 2.5GbE ports. Utilize the PCIe Gen3 slots for additional functionality like 10GbE ports, SSD caching, or USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports for enhanced performance. When troubleshooting solutions, make sure that firmware is up to date to avoid compatibility issues with expansion cards or drives. Utilize the two M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD slots effectively for Qtier Technology and SSD caching to boost overall system responsiveness. Following these tips will help maximize the potential of the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS.


In wrapping up the evaluation of the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS, it becomes evident that its robust features and expandability make it a compelling choice for advanced users seeking high-performance storage solutions. When compared to other models like the TS-673A-8G, the QNAP TS-673A-8G stands out with its impressive 2.5GbE ports, PCIe slots for enhanced functionality, and support for entry-level NVIDIA graphics cards. While there are alternatives to the TS-673A-8G in the market, its combination of a powerful AMD Ryzen™ processor, ample DDR4 RAM, and M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD slots for Qtier Technology positions it as a top contender in the NAS arena. For users looking for a versatile and performance-driven NAS solution, the QNAP TS-673A-8G proves to be a worthy investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the QNAP Ts-673a-8g NAS Handle 4K Video Transcoding for Plex Media Server?

In the quest for transcoding excellence, harnessing hardware acceleration is key. The QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS can handle 4K video transcoding for Plex Media Server, thanks to its compatibility with streaming services and robust transcoding capabilities.

Is It Possible to Install Third-Party Software on the QNAP Ts-673a-8g Nas?

Yes, I can install third-party software on the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS. It is compatible with various applications, enhancing its functionality. The system allows for flexibility in customizing and expanding software capabilities, catering to diverse user needs.

Are There Any Limitations on the Number of Concurrent Users Accessing the Nas?

There are network scalability limitations on the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS, impacting the number of concurrent users accessing it. User access control features can help manage this, but proper planning for user load is essential.

Can the QNAP Ts-673a-8g NAS Be Used for Virtualization With Different Operating Systems?

In my digital domain, the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS harmonizes virtualization and various operating systems seamlessly. Its potent performance and OS integration capabilities make it a solid choice for diverse virtualization needs in a tech-savvy environment.

How Does the QNAP Ts-673a-8g NAS Handle Power Outages and Data Integrity During Failures?

During power outages, the QNAP TS-673A-8G NAS guarantees data integrity through robust power management features like UPS support and scheduled shutdowns. Data protection mechanisms, including RAID configurations and automatic backups, safeguard against failures, maintaining system reliability.

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