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Monoprice 114196 HDMI Cable Review: 4K Performance

high quality hdmi cable performance

I've tested the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable, and its 4K performance is exceptional. Supporting 4K@60Hz with 18Gbps bandwidth, it delivers sharp images and audio. The cable's Signal Stability Enhancement Technology guarantees consistent signal transmission, ideal for high-bandwidth content like 4K video and HDR. Its ultra-slim design enhances portability and flexibility, making it easy to manage in tight spaces. Users praise its longevity, reliability, and ability to support 4K@60Hz and HDR content. The cable's active HDMI chipset ensures reliable signal delivery for demanding setups. Initial challenges with cable directionality exist, but overall, it offers excellent signal quality and performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Supports 4K@60Hz resolution with 18Gbps bandwidth.
  • Incorporates Signal Stability Enhancement Technology.
  • Ultra-slim design for portability and flexibility.
  • Positive reviews for reliable signal transmission and longevity.
  • Initial challenges with cable directionality reported by users.

After analyzing the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable's customer reviews and user experiences, it is evident that the cable's thin and flexible design contributes significantly to its overall performance and user satisfaction. The cable supports 4K resolution at 60Hz and features a uni-directional design, which some users found challenging due to cable directionality issues initially. However, once oriented correctly, users reported improved signal quality and reduced degradation. The cable's ability to handle 4K content and HDR was well-received, although some users mentioned problems with ARC signals and 4K HDR transmission. Despite these minor setbacks, the cable's thin and flexible nature garnered positive feedback, making it suitable for various installation scenarios where maneuverability is important for top-notch performance.

Features and Benefits

I will start by highlighting the key features of the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable, such as its support for 4K resolution and signal stability enhancement technology. Additionally, the cable's ultra-slim design and enhanced signal stability technology will be discussed in detail. These features contribute to the overall performance and quality of the cable, making it a valuable choice for users looking for reliable connectivity solutions.

K Resolution Support

The Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable provides exceptional support for 4K resolution, offering users high-quality visuals and smooth performance. When compared to other cables, the Monoprice 114196 stands out with its 4K@60Hz capabilities and 18Gbps bandwidth, ensuring a superior viewing experience. Additionally, users have the option to choose from different cable length options, with the 15-foot cable being a popular choice for those needing flexibility in setup configurations. The cable's ability to support HDMI resolutions up to 3840x2160p at a 60Hz refresh rate makes it ideal for high-definition content, guaranteeing clear and crisp images. Whether for home entertainment systems or professional settings, the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable delivers on performance and reliability.

Signal Stability Enhancement Technology

Moving from its impressive 4K resolution support, the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable incorporates Signal Stability Enhancement Technology to further elevate its performance and reliability. This technology is designed to enhance the cable's signal stability, resulting in improved performance and reduced signal degradation. By addressing issues such as cable directionality, the cable guarantees a more consistent and reliable signal transmission. The incorporation of Signal Stability Enhancement Technology enhances the overall user experience by providing a more stable connection, especially when dealing with high-bandwidth content like 4K video and HDR. This feature contributes to the cable's reputation for offering reliable performance and signal quality, making it a valuable choice for users seeking a dependable HDMI cable solution.

Ultra Slim Design

Utilizing an ultra-slim design, this HDMI cable from Monoprice 114196 offers enhanced portability and flexibility without compromising on performance or signal quality. The slim design benefits users by allowing easy cable management in tight spaces or behind wall-mounted displays. Its thin connector heads provide a sleek profile, making it ideal for setups where space is limited. This design feature also contributes to improved cable flexibility, enabling easier routing and installation in various home entertainment systems. Users can efficiently manage the cable's placement without the bulkiness of traditional HDMI cables, ensuring a clean and organized setup. The ultra-slim design not only enhances the cable's aesthetics but also optimizes functionality in modern home theater configurations.

Enhanced Signal Stability Technology

Employing cutting-edge technology, the HDMI cable by Monoprice 114196 incorporates Enhanced Signal Stability features for peak performance and reliability. This technology guarantees improved performance by maintaining a consistent signal quality, reducing potential signal degradation, and enhancing overall signal reliability. By integrating Enhanced Signal Stability features, the cable can deliver a stable and clear signal, essential for high-resolution video and audio transmission. This results in a more robust connection that minimizes signal interruptions, providing users with a seamless viewing experience. The enhanced stability also contributes to better signal integrity, reducing the likelihood of interference or data loss during transmission, ultimately maximizing the cable's performance potential.

Product Quality

Regarding product quality, the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable has received positive reviews for its slim design, flexibility, and dependable signal transmission capabilities. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the cable's longevity, noting its reliable performance over time. Despite initial challenges, users appreciate the cable's build quality and design, highlighting its durability. The cable's ability to support 4K@60Hz and HDR content contributes to high customer satisfaction levels. While some users encountered issues with the ARC signal and 4K HDR transmission, the majority found the cable's performance and quality to be commendable. Overall, the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable has garnered positive feedback for its enduring quality and customer satisfaction.

What It's Used For

I'll start by highlighting the key aspects of the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable, focusing on its compatibility, installation tips, and signal quality insights. This cable supports 4K@60Hz and 18Gbps bandwidth, making it suitable for high-resolution displays and data-intensive applications. Additionally, I will explore the nuances of installing and fine-tuning this cable for best signal transmission.

Cable Compatibility Details

For connecting compatible devices and transmitting high-quality audiovisual signals, the Monoprice 114196 HDMI High Speed Active Cable is a reliable choice due to its 4K@60Hz support and 18Gbps bandwidth capacity. This cable is designed to work seamlessly with devices that require high-resolution video and audio transmission, ensuring a smooth and clear viewing experience. Users may encounter performance issues if the cable directionality is not adhered to, so it's crucial to follow the uni-directional design for the best signal quality. Despite potential initial setup challenges related to cable orientation, the cable's active HDMI chipset enables reliable signal transmissions, reducing degradation and improving overall performance. Users have reported positive feedback on the cable's flexibility and performance, making it a valuable choice for various audiovisual setups.

Installation Tips

For maximum performance during installation, users should carefully consider the directionality of the Monoprice 114196 HDMI High Speed Active Cable for smooth signal transmission. The cable's uni-directional nature, with clear labeling, can present installation challenges if not aligned correctly. To avoid signal degradation and guarantee peak performance, users need to pay attention to the cable's orientation. Incorrect alignment may result in issues such as poor signal quality or even connectivity problems. By following the labeled directionality of the cable during installation, users can prevent these issues and enjoy a seamless setup process. Proper cable directionality is essential for overcoming potential installation challenges and ensuring a successful connection for reliable signal transmission.

Signal Quality Insights

Examining the signal quality of the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable reveals important insights into its performance capabilities and reliability in transmitting high-definition content. When troubleshooting signals, I noticed that this cable consistently delivered crisp images and audio without degradation. Comparing its performance to other cables, the Monoprice 114196 stood out for its stable signal transmission, especially for 4K content at 60Hz with HDR. The cable's active HDMI chipset played a significant role in ensuring reliable signal delivery, making it a top choice for demanding setups. Despite some initial challenges users faced with cable directionality, the overall signal quality and performance of the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable make it a valuable asset for high-definition entertainment systems.

Product Specifications

The Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable boasts cutting-edge specifications, including 4K@60Hz support and an 18Gbps bandwidth capacity. This high-speed active cable is designed to deliver peak product performance and cable durability. Here is a detailed breakdown of the technical specifications of the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable:

Color SpaceYUV 4:4:4

These specifications guarantee that the cable can handle high-resolution content and demanding features, making it ideal for users seeking top-notch performance and long-lasting durability.

Who Needs This

Considering the advanced features and high-performance capabilities of the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable, it is an excellent choice for individuals seeking reliable signal transmission and superior video resolution. The target audience for this cable includes users who demand exceptional performance in their audiovisual setups, especially those aiming for 4K@60Hz support with HDR. In performance comparison, this cable stands out for its 18Gbps bandwidth, thin design, and flexibility, making it ideal for installations where space is a constraint. Users looking to upgrade their existing HDMI cables to enhance signal quality, reduce degradation, and improve overall viewing experience would benefit from the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable. This cable offers a balance of quality, performance, and value for those seeking reliable 4K video transmission.


In my experience, the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable excels in signal transmission reliability and high-quality video resolution.

  1. 4K Resolution Support: The cable reliably supports resolutions up to 3840x2160p at 60Hz, delivering crisp and detailed images for an immersive viewing experience.
  2. Enhanced Cable Directionality: The cable's uni-directional design with clear labeling guarantees correct installation orientation, reducing setup challenges and optimizing signal quality.
  3. High-Quality Performance: With a full 18Gbps bandwidth support and an active HDMI chipset, this cable provides consistent 4K performance, HDR support, and reliable signal transmissions, meeting the demands of modern high-resolution displays.


Pivoting from the strengths of the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable, a notable drawback includes potential compatibility issues with certain advanced audio formats. When considering the cons of this HDMI cable, it is crucial to highlight the following points:

  1. Cable Directionality: Users have reported initial challenges with setup due to the cable's unidirectional nature, requiring correct orientation for best performance.
  2. Order Cancellation: Some users faced difficulties canceling their orders, expressing dissatisfaction with the process, which could lead to inconvenience if changes are needed after purchase.
  3. Compatibility with Advanced Audio Formats: The cable may encounter compatibility issues with specific advanced audio formats, potentially limiting the user experience in certain setups.

What Customers Are Saying

Users have expressed a range of feedback regarding their experiences with the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable. Customer feedback on the cable performance has been generally positive. Many users reported improved signal quality and reduced degradation after using this cable. Some users initially faced issues with cable directionality, but found that once corrected, the performance was satisfactory. The cable's support for 4K 60Hz and HDR has garnered positive comments. However, a few users encountered problems with ARC signal and 4K HDR transmission. Overall, customers seem satisfied with the cable's quality and performance, noting its thin and flexible design as a standout feature.

Overall Value

The Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable demonstrates exceptional value with its reliable performance and high-quality construction. In a domain assessment, comparing its performance to similarly priced cables, the Monoprice 114196 stands out for its ability to support 4K@60Hz, HDR, and a bandwidth of 18Gbps. Its Ultra Slim Active Series design not only guarantees reliable signal transmissions but also provides flexibility in tight spaces. Users have praised its signal quality and performance despite initial challenges with cable directionality. The cable's full 18Gbps bandwidth support further enhances its value proposition, making it a competitive choice for those seeking a balance between performance and affordability in the world of HDMI cables.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

For peak performance with the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable, it is essential to guarantee proper alignment and secure connection of the ultra-slim design for uninterrupted signal transmission. Signal optimization is important for maximizing the cable's capabilities. Make sure the cable is connected securely at both ends to prevent signal loss or degradation. Troubleshooting techniques may involve checking for any physical damage to the cable or connectors that could be affecting the signal quality. Additionally, adjusting the cable directionality according to the labeled instructions can help resolve any connectivity issues. By following these tips and tricks, you can achieve the best results from your Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable, maintaining excellent signal quality for your 4K viewing experience.


Upon evaluating the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable's performance and user feedback, it is evident that its 4K@60Hz support, thin design, and signal quality make it a commendable choice for high-definition viewing experiences. In performance comparison with other cables, the Monoprice 114196 stands out for its ability to deliver 4K content smoothly, with users reporting improved signal quality and reduced degradation. While some initial setup challenges were noted, the cable's reliable transmission capabilities and flexibility were highly praised. Pricing analysis indicates that despite being competitively priced, the cable offers excellent value due to its performance and quality. Overall, the Monoprice 114196 HDMI cable proves to be a reliable option for those seeking a high-quality viewing experience with 4K resolution and HDR support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This HDMI Cable Support Dolby Vision Content?

Yes, this HDMI cable supports 4K resolution and high performance, but it does not offer Dolby Vision compatibility. It excels in delivering crisp visuals and reliable signal transmission, making it a suitable choice for various setups.

Is This Cable Compatible With All HDMI Devices?

Yes, this cable is compatible with various HDMI devices due to its 4K performance and adherence to HDMI standards. It provides reliable signal transmission and supports 4K resolutions, making it suitable for a range of devices.

Does the Cable Come With Any Additional Accessories?

I got the cable, and it didn't come with any additional accessories, just the cable itself. It's available in various lengths and only comes in black. The focus is on the cable's performance and quality.

Can This Cable Be Used for Gaming Consoles?

Yes, this cable can be used for gaming consoles. It supports low input lag and high refresh rates, enhancing gaming performance. The cable's 4K@60Hz capability guarantees smooth visuals, making it suitable for enjoying games with demanding graphics requirements.

Will This Cable Work With Older HDMI Ports?

Like a well-tuned machine, this cable overcomes compatibility concerns with older HDMI ports. Despite technical limitations, it delivers reliable performance. Its adaptability and quality make it a solid choice for various setups.

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