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MINISFORUM UM690S Review: Powerful Performance in Small Form

compact powerhouse um690s review

The MINISFORUM UM690S shines with an AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor, robust cooling, and versatile storage options, delivering potent performance in a compact build perfect for demanding tasks. It boasts a dual-fan bottom cover design, 120 heat sinks, and liquid metal heat dissipation for efficient cooling. With 1TB SSD (expandable), 2.5inch SATA HDD slot, and PCIe4.0 SSD support, it offers flexibility and speed for storage needs. The UM690S suits professionals, small businesses, and content creators seeking powerful computing in a small package. Its features cater to diverse user requirements, making it a compelling choice for high-performance computing.

Key Takeaways

  • AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor for exceptional performance in demanding tasks.
  • Efficient cooling system with dual-fan design and liquid metal heat dissipation.
  • Storage flexibility with 1TB SSD, expandable options, and PCIe4.0 support.
  • Triple video output options for enhanced display capabilities.
  • Ideal for professionals and content creators needing high-performance computing in a small form factor.

In evaluating the MINISFORUM UM690S, a compact desktop PC powerhouse, the AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor's exceptional performance stands out as a key feature worth examining closely. The cooling efficiency of this system is remarkable, thanks to its dual-fan bottom cover design, 120 heat sinks, thick copper tubes, and liquid metal heat dissipation technology. This setup effectively prevents thermal runaway during extended operation periods, ensuring peak performance. When it comes to storage options, the UM690S offers a 1TB SSD (expandable up to 2TB), a 2.5inch SATA HDD slot (up to 2TB), and PCIe4.0 SSD support for faster OS operation. These storage options provide flexibility for users with varying needs, whether for speed or capacity.

Features and Benefits

The MINISFORUM UM690S offers a robust cooling system designed for efficient heat dissipation, featuring dual-fan bottom cover design and liquid metal cooling technology. With triple video output options including 2x HDMI and 1x USB4, users can enjoy enhanced display capabilities for improved productivity. The expandable storage capacity, with options for up to 2TB SSD and HDD, provides flexibility and speed for various storage needs.

Cooling System Efficiency

Effectively designed with a dual-fan bottom cover, 120 heat sinks, thick copper tubes, and liquid metal heat dissipation, the cooling system of the MINISFORUM UM690S guarantees ideal thermal management during extended operation periods. This sophisticated cooling solution ensures high cooling efficiency, effectively dissipating heat to prevent thermal issues even under heavy workloads. By incorporating these advanced cooling features, the UM690S maintains optimal thermal management, allowing the system to deliver consistent performance without the risk of overheating. The combination of the dual-fan system, numerous heat sinks, copper tubes, and liquid metal technology works cohesively to enhance thermal regulation, providing users with a reliable and efficient cooling solution for prolonged and intensive computing tasks.

Liquid Metal Heat Dissipation

Utilizing liquid metal technology, the MINISFORUM UM690S incorporates an advanced thermal dissipation method to efficiently manage heat generated during demanding computing tasks. This liquid metal heat dissipation solution offers efficient cooling, allowing the high-performance AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor to operate at its best without thermal constraints. By utilizing liquid metal, the UM690S efficiently transfers heat away from critical components, ensuring sustained performance levels during intensive workloads. This innovative cooling system prevents thermal throttling and maintains the system's stability even under extended periods of heavy usage. Overall, the liquid metal heat dissipation technology in the MINISFORUM UM690S contributes significantly to its impressive performance capabilities and reliability, making it a suitable choice for users requiring powerful computing solutions in a compact form factor.

Enhanced Video Output Options

With the enhancement of video output options in the MINISFORUM UM690S, users can now experience a significant boost in display flexibility and productivity. The UM690S offers triple video output capabilities with 2x HDMI ports and 1x USB4 port, allowing for expanded connectivity and improved productivity. Users can now connect multiple monitors simultaneously, enabling a larger field of view for enhanced work efficiency. This feature is particularly beneficial for multitasking or creative professionals who require a versatile display setup. By supporting high resolutions and refresh rates, the UM690S guarantees smooth visuals and seamless multitasking experiences, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and productive workflow.

Enhanced Storage Capacity Options

An array of advanced storage capacity options in the MINISFORUM UM690S empowers users with unparalleled flexibility and performance enhancements for their data management needs. The UM690S comes equipped with expanded storage capabilities, including a pre-installed DDR5-4800 32GB RAM and a 512GB NVMe SSD that can be expanded up to 2TB. Additionally, it features a 2.5-inch SATA HDD slot that supports up to 2TB of storage and a PCIe4.0 SSD for faster OS operation. These storage options provide users with the ability to tailor their storage configuration to suit their specific requirements, whether it be for increased performance, enhanced data management, or seamless multitasking. The UM690S guarantees that users can benefit from outstanding performance upgrades while maintaining efficient data storage solutions.

Product Quality

The MINISFORUM UM690S excels in product quality through its robust design and high-performance components. The device showcases exceptional product reliability, ensuring consistent performance even under heavy workloads. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the overall build quality and attention to detail in the manufacturing process, reflecting positively on the brand's commitment to delivering a reliable product. The cooling system, equipped with dual-fan bottom cover design, 120 heat sinks, thick copper tubes, and liquid metal heat dissipation, further enhances the device's reliability by preventing thermal runaway during prolonged usage. These quality features contribute to high customer satisfaction levels, reinforcing the UM690S's reputation for delivering a dependable and top-performing mini PC.

What It's Used For

The MINISFORUM UM690S is designed to excel in various workloads, showcasing its performance prowess in handling demanding tasks efficiently. As a compact productivity powerhouse, it offers a versatile range of display options, allowing users to maximize their work efficiency by utilizing multiple monitors simultaneously. With its powerful specs and adaptable display capabilities, the UM690S serves as a reliable tool for professionals seeking a seamless and productive computing experience.

Performance in Workloads

Performance in various workloads showcases the MINISFORUM UM690S's capability to handle diverse tasks efficiently. When tested against performance benchmarks, the AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor and 32GB DDR5 RAM demonstrated exceptional processing power and multitasking capabilities. Efficiency comparisons reveal that the UM690S outperforms many competitors in its class, making it a compact yet powerful solution for demanding workloads. Whether running complex simulations, editing high-resolution media, or handling virtual machines, this mini PC excels in delivering smooth and responsive performance. The combination of high-speed storage, advanced graphics, and robust connectivity options further enhances its suitability for a wide range of professional applications, providing users with a reliable and efficient computing experience.

Compact Productivity Powerhouse

In the domain of compact computing solutions designed for intensive workloads, the MINISFORUM UM690S stands out as a formidable tool for professionals seeking unparalleled performance in a diminutive form factor. The portability benefits of this mini PC allow users to effortlessly move it between workspaces or take it on the go without sacrificing power. Its robust specifications, including the AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor and 32GB DDR5 RAM, facilitate seamless multitasking, enabling users to run demanding applications with ease. The UM690S's compact size belies its ability to handle complex workloads efficiently, making it an ideal choice for professionals requiring a compact productivity powerhouse that delivers exceptional performance wherever they need it.

Versatile Display Options

Building on the compact design and powerful performance of the MINISFORUM UM690S, the versatile display options of this mini PC cater to a range of professional usage scenarios, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency. The UM690S offers a triple video output configuration with 2x HDMI ports and 1x USB4 port, allowing for multiple monitors to be connected simultaneously. This feature enables users to set up an efficient monitor setup for multitasking purposes, providing a larger field of view for improved work efficiency. Whether utilizing various applications, data analysis tasks, or creative projects, the display versatility of the UM690S guarantees seamless integration into diverse work environments, ultimately boosting productivity levels and enhancing overall user experience.

Product Specifications

Delving into the technical intricacies of the MINISFORUM UM690S, the product specifications showcase a robust configuration tailored for demanding workloads and multitasking efficiency. The AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor with 8 cores and 16 threads, reaching speeds up to 4.9GHz, ensures high performance levels. Coupled with 32GB of DDR5 RAM and a 1TB SSD (expandable to 2TB), this mini PC is geared for seamless multitasking. The AMD Radeon 680M graphics card with 2GB of memory provides adequate visual support. Connectivity features include 2.5G LAN and 802.11ax wireless, ensuring smooth networking. The UM690S also boasts an array of ports for versatile connections, including 2 HDMI, 1 USB4, 2 USB 2.0, and 2 USB 3.0.

ProcessorAMD Ryzen 9 6900HX
Cores/Threads8 cores, 16 threads
Max SpeedUp to 4.9GHz
Storage1TB SSD

Who Needs This

Browsing from the detailed technical specifications of the MINISFORUM UM690S, the target audience for this high-performance mini PC primarily encompasses professionals seeking robust computing power and versatile connectivity options for demanding workloads. Small businesses looking for a compact yet powerful computing solution will benefit from the UM690S's AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor and 32GB DDR5 RAM, enabling seamless multitasking and efficient workflow management. Content creators, such as video editors or graphic designers, can leverage the UM690S's triple video output capability and powerful AMD Radeon 680M graphics to enhance their productivity. With features like expandable storage options and advanced cooling mechanisms, the UM690S caters to users requiring high-performance computing in a small form factor.


The MINISFORUM UM690S impresses with its exceptional performance capabilities and innovative cooling system design.

  • High Performance Efficiency: Powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor and 32GB DDR5 RAM, this mini PC delivers outstanding performance for a wide range of tasks.
  • Efficient Cooling System: The dual-fan bottom cover design, 120 heat sinks, thick copper tubes, and liquid metal heat dissipation guarantee ideal thermal management, preventing thermal runaway during extended operation.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Users have expressed overall satisfaction with the device's performance and value for the price, highlighting its compatibility with various tasks and Docker containers.
  • Expandable Storage: With a 1TB SSD (expandable up to 2TB) and support for additional storage options like 2.5inch SATA HDD and PCIe4.0 SSD, users can customize their storage capacity for enhanced efficiency.
  • Multiple Video Outputs: The UM690S supports triple video output, allowing for multiple monitors to be connected simultaneously, enhancing productivity and providing a larger field of view for improved work efficiency.


While the MINISFORUM UM690S boasts impressive performance and innovative cooling features, some notable drawbacks have been identified by users and reviewers.

  • Audio jack functionality issues reported by users
  • Challenges with setting up RAID configurations
  • Limited customer support for troubleshooting audio problems
  • Incompatibility with certain audio devices
  • Difficulties during OS installations related to RAID setup

What Customers Are Saying

In customer feedback regarding the MINISFORUM UM690S, notable comments highlight the device's performance and cooling system efficacy. Users have praised its powerful AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor and efficient dual-fan bottom cover design that prevents thermal issues during extended operation. However, some customers have raised concerns about specific challenges with audio functionality. Reports indicate issues with the audio jack, affecting sound output quality or connectivity. Additionally, there have been mentions of dissatisfaction with customer service, specifically in addressing technical problems related to audio. While the UM690S excels in performance and cooling capabilities, addressing these audio issues and enhancing customer support could further elevate the overall user experience.

Overall Value

Considering the extensive specifications and user feedback, the MINISFORUM UM690S provides significant value in terms of performance and functionality. The value proposition of this mini PC lies in its powerful AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor, 32GB DDR5 RAM, and expandable storage options up to 2TB. Users praise its robust cooling system, which includes dual-fan bottom cover design, thick copper tubes, and liquid metal heat dissipation, ensuring excellent performance during long hours of operation. While some users encountered challenges with audio jack functionality and customer support, the overall user experience remains positive, with satisfaction centered on the UM690S's performance capabilities and competitive pricing. This mini PC offers a compelling blend of features that cater to diverse user requirements, solidifying its value in the market.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

For peak performance and efficiency with the MINISFORUM UM690S mini PC, implement these expert recommendations to achieve the best results. When aiming for performance optimization, make sure that all drivers and the operating system are up to date to leverage the full potential of the AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor and 32GB DDR5 RAM. Troubleshooting tips include monitoring temperatures to prevent thermal throttling and adjusting fan profiles for best cooling. For enhanced storage performance, consider utilizing the PCIe4.0 SSD slot for faster OS operation. Address audio jack functionality issues by checking for driver conflicts and ensure RAID setup compatibility. By following these tips, users can maximize the capabilities of the UM690S mini PC and overcome common challenges for a seamless computing experience.


Upon evaluating the performance, specifications, and user feedback of the MINISFORUM UM690S mini PC, it is evident that this compact system offers a compelling blend of power and versatility for users seeking a high-performance computing solution. The AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor, paired with 32GB DDR5 RAM, delivers impressive processing capabilities. User reviews highlight positive feedback on performance and cooling system efficiency, although some challenges with audio jack functionality and customer support were noted. The UM690S excels in tasks and Docker container compatibility, although users faced difficulties with RAID setup and OS installations. Overall, customer satisfaction remains high due to the system's excellent performance and value for its price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the MINISFORUM UM690S Support Dual-Booting With Multiple Operating Systems?

The Minisforum UM690S supports dual-booting with multiple operating systems through its hardware compatibility and bootloader options. Users can seamlessly configure and switch between different OS setups, enhancing versatility and productivity.

Is It Possible to Upgrade the Graphics Card on the MINISFORUM Um690s?

Upgrading the graphics card on the MINISFORUM UM690S may face compatibility issues due to its compact design and integrated GPU. Limited space and specialized form factor pose challenges for aftermarket upgrades, requiring careful consideration and potential modifications.

How Does the Liquid Metal Heat Dissipation System Compare to Traditional Cooling Solutions?

Liquid metal performance showcases superior efficiency in heat dissipation compared to traditional solutions. Its conductivity and durability elevate cooling effectiveness, preventing thermal issues during extended use. Dual boot compatibility further enhances system versatility.

Are There Any Known Issues With Driver Compatibility on the MINISFORUM Um690s?

Driver stability and compatibility on the MINISFORUM UM690S may encounter occasional issues, requiring troubleshooting. Regular updates from MINISFORUM can address these concerns. Users should monitor for driver updates to guarantee top-notch performance and functionality.

Can the RAM on the MINISFORUM UM690S Be Overclocked for Better Performance?

Overclocking the RAM in the MINISFORUM UM690S can enhance performance, but stability risks may arise. Benefits include increased processing speed and multitasking capabilities. Caution is advised to maintain system reliability and prevent overheating issues.

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