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Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard Review: Affordable and Reliable

keyboard review slim affordable reliable

I find the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard a budget-friendly and dependable choice. It features comfortable scissor switch keycaps, customizable RGB backlighting, and a numeric keypad for enhanced productivity. The keyboard's sleek design and ergonomic layout minimize strain during prolonged use. With USB wired connectivity, it guarantees a stable connection. Plus, its compatibility with both Mac and Windows systems makes it versatile. Some users have reported inconsistent indicator lights and potential durability concerns, but overall, it offers good value for those seeking an affordable and reliable typing solution. Explore more details to discover if it meets your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Affordable option with reliable USB connectivity.
  • Comfortable scissor switch keycaps for efficient typing.
  • Full-sized layout including a numeric keypad.
  • Compatible with both Apple and Windows systems.
  • Sleek design with customizable RGB backlighting.

When considering the ergonomic design of the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard, its scissor switch keycaps contribute to a comfortable and efficient typing experience. When it comes to price comparison, this keyboard stands out as a cost-effective alternative to Apple keyboards while offering similar functionality. The connectivity options are limited to a USB wired connection, ensuring a reliable and stable link to your device without the need for batteries or wireless setup. Despite lacking wireless connectivity, the USB option provides a straightforward plug-and-play experience, making it compatible with a wide range of devices without the hassle of additional pairing steps. This simplicity in connectivity aligns well with the keyboard's focus on practicality and affordability for users seeking a reliable typing solution.

Features and Benefits

The Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard offers a versatile typing experience with its numeric keypad functionality, catering to users who frequently work with numbers or spreadsheets. The customizable RGB backlighting enhances visibility and adds a touch of personalization to the keyboard. Additionally, the enhanced ergonomic wrist rest contributes to a more comfortable typing experience, reducing strain during extended use.

Keyboard's Numeric Keypad Functionality

Incorporating a numeric keypad into the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard enhances its functionality by providing quick access to numerical input for increased productivity. The number pad efficiency of this keyboard streamlines data entry tasks, making it ideal for professionals working with spreadsheets or accounting software. With the numeric keypad conveniently integrated into the layout, users can input numbers swiftly and accurately, enhancing overall workflow efficiency. The Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard's numeric keypad guarantees data entry ease, reducing the need to switch between the main keyboard and a separate numeric input device. This feature caters to users who rely heavily on numerical inputs, offering a seamless and ergonomic typing experience that boosts productivity.

Customizable RGB Backlighting

To enhance user experience and offer additional functionality, the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard features customizable RGB backlighting with a range of benefits for users. The RGB customization options allow users to personalize their typing environment with various colors and lighting effects, catering to individual preferences and creating a visually appealing workspace. The backlit keyboard benefits include improved visibility in low-light conditions, reducing eye strain during extended typing sessions, and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the setup. Whether you prefer a calming blue hue or a vibrant rainbow effect, the customizable RGB backlighting on the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard adds a touch of style and practicality to your typing experience.

Enhanced Typing Experience Feature

Boasting an ergonomic design and responsive key feedback, the Enhanced Typing Experience Feature of the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard elevates typing comfort and efficiency for users. The ergonomic design promotes a more natural wrist position, reducing strain during extended typing sessions. This feature enhances productivity by providing a comfortable typing experience that minimizes fatigue. The responsive key feedback guarantees accurate input, contributing to improved typing speed and accuracy. With its ergonomic design, this keyboard not only prioritizes user comfort but also supports improved productivity by creating a more efficient typing environment. Overall, the Enhanced Typing Experience Feature of the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard combines ergonomic design with responsive keys to enhance the overall typing experience and support improved productivity.

Enhanced Ergonomic Wrist Rest

The Enhanced Ergonomic Wrist Rest of the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard offers excellent support and comfort for users during extended typing sessions. Its ergonomic design promotes a neutral wrist position, reducing strain and enhancing overall typing efficiency. The cushioned wrist rest provides a soft yet firm surface that helps prevent wrist fatigue and discomfort, allowing for prolonged use without compromising comfort. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who spend long hours typing, as it helps maintain proper wrist alignment and reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Overall, the Enhanced Ergonomic Wrist Rest of the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard combines ergonomic principles with practical comfort support to enhance the user's typing experience and promote long-term wrist health.

Product Quality

With its durable construction, quiet operation, and smooth typing experience, the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard stands out as a reliable and cost-effective option for users seeking quality in their typing peripherals. The keyboard has undergone rigorous testing to guarantee long-lasting performance, meeting the expectations of users who value a sturdy build. Customer satisfaction is evident in reviews praising the keyboard's solid construction and tactile feedback. Despite minor issues like occasional flashes of light and slight flexibility in the middle section, the overall sentiment towards the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard remains positive. Users appreciate its quality, quiet keys, and affordability compared to higher-priced alternatives like Apple keyboards, making it a popular choice for individuals looking for a dependable typing solution.

What It's Used For

I'll discuss the functionality of the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard, its versatility in various usage scenarios, and the overall user experience with the device. These points will provide insight into how the keyboard can be utilized, its adaptability to different tasks, and what users can expect regarding performance and practicality. Understanding these aspects will help users make informed decisions regarding the keyboard's suitability for their specific needs.

Keyboard Functions

When utilizing a keyboard, its primary function is to facilitate inputting alphanumeric characters and executing commands on a computer system or device. The Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard enhances typing efficiency through its scissor switch keycaps, providing a comfortable and responsive typing experience. Additionally, the keyboard allows for customization with 16 shortcut keys that streamline tasks and improve productivity. This customization feature enables users to tailor the keyboard to their specific needs, enhancing their overall workflow. By offering a full-sized layout with a built-in numeric keypad, this keyboard caters to a wide range of tasks, from data entry to gaming. Its focus on typing efficiency and customizable shortcuts makes it a versatile tool for various computer-related activities.

Versatile Usage

Enhancing typing efficiency and offering customizable shortcuts, the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard serves as a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of computer-related tasks. Its multimedia compatibility allows smooth control over audio and video playback, making it ideal for content creators or entertainment enthusiasts. Additionally, the keyboard's responsive keys and compact design enhance gaming performance, providing a comfortable and precise gaming experience. Whether browsing through multimedia content or engaging in gaming sessions, the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard adapts to diverse needs, ensuring smooth operation across various applications. Its versatility extends beyond traditional typing tasks, catering to users seeking a multifunctional input device that excels in multimedia control and gaming precision.

User Experience

Users commonly rely on the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard for its versatile functionality and seamless integration into various tasks, including typing, multimedia control, and gaming. When it comes to typing speed, the keyboard provides a smooth and efficient experience, allowing for quick and accurate input. The key responsiveness is excellent, with the scissor switch keycaps offering a satisfying tactile feedback that enhances typing accuracy. Whether typing long documents, engaging in fast-paced gaming sessions, or controlling multimedia functions, users appreciate the keyboard's consistent performance. The keys are quiet yet responsive, contributing to an overall positive user experience. Additionally, the keyboard's layout and design further enhance its usability, making it a practical choice for a wide range of activities.

Product Specifications

In detailing the product specifications of the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard, we can observe its compatibility with various Apple and Windows systems, a full-sized 104 key layout, and scissor switch keycaps designed for comfortable typing. The keyboard's sleek and modern design aesthetics enhance the overall user experience. Below is a detailed breakdown of the product specifications in a table format:

CompatibilityApple Mac Pro, MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, Mac Mini, Windows Desktop PC Laptops
Key Layout104 full-sized keys with numeric keypad
KeycapsScissor switch for comfortable typing

These specifications highlight the keyboard's versatility and ergonomic design, making it a practical choice for a wide range of users.

Who Needs This

Moving from the detailed product specifications, we now identify the specific target audience that would benefit from the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard. The target audience for this keyboard includes individuals looking for an affordable and reliable typing solution. Its affordability makes it appealing to budget-conscious consumers seeking a functional keyboard without compromising quality. The wide compatibility of the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard guarantees convenience for users with various devices, including Apple Mac systems and Windows PCs. Whether you need a primary keyboard for work or school, or a backup option for emergencies, this keyboard caters to those who value practicality and cost-effectiveness in their peripherals. Its ease of setup and durable construction further enhance its appeal to a broad audience.


With its sleek design and responsive scissor switch keycaps, the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard offers a comfortable and efficient typing experience for users across various devices. The keyboard's ergonomic design minimizes strain during extended typing sessions. Its USB wired connectivity guarantees a stable connection without the need for batteries or recharging. Additionally, the keyboard's full-sized layout with a built-in numeric keypad enhances productivity for tasks involving numbers. The compatibility with Mac and Windows systems makes it a versatile option for a wide range of users seeking a reliable and affordable keyboard solution.


Upon further examination of the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard, a significant concern arises regarding the functionality of the indicator lights, as reported by some users. While the keyboard offers several advantages, it is essential to address some drawbacks based on user feedback and customer complaints:

  1. Inconsistent Indicator Lights: Users have experienced issues with the indicator lights not always functioning correctly, leading to confusion about the keyboard's status.
  2. Limited Customization Options: The keyboard lacks advanced customization features, limiting user preferences for key mapping or backlight adjustments.
  3. Potential Durability Concerns: Some users have expressed concerns about the long-term durability of the keyboard, particularly regarding the keycaps and overall construction.
  4. Occasional Connectivity Problems: A few users have reported intermittent connectivity issues, requiring reconnection or troubleshooting steps for proper functionality.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard, highlighting its durability and affordability as key factors in their positive feedback. The consensus among users indicates high levels of customer satisfaction with this keyboard. Many praise its solid build quality, tactile key response, and the convenience of the included number keypad. When comparing prices, customers appreciate the affordability of the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard compared to similar options in the market. The keyboard's pricing aligns well with its durability and functionality, making it a cost-effective choice for those in need of a reliable input device. Overall, the positive feedback regarding customer satisfaction and pricing emphasizes the value that the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard offers to users.

Overall Value

Considering its durability, affordability, and user-friendly design, the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard provides exceptional overall value for users seeking a reliable input device. When it comes to value comparison, this keyboard stands out for its balance of quality and cost-effectiveness. When contrasted with higher-priced alternatives like Apple keyboards, the Macally Ultra-Slim offers similar functionality at a fraction of the price, making it a compelling choice for budget-conscious consumers. Customer satisfaction with this product is evident in the positive feedback highlighting its practicality, durability, and compatibility with Mac systems. The keyboard's affordability, paired with its solid build quality and efficient performance, contributes significantly to its overall value proposition, making it a popular choice for those in need of a dependable input solution.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To optimize your experience with the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard, here are some practical tips and tricks for achieving the best results. When aiming for typing efficiency, guarantee your posture is ergonomic by maintaining a straight back, positioning the keyboard at elbow height, and keeping your wrists straight to avoid strain. Familiarize yourself with the 16 shortcut keys to enhance productivity and streamline your workflow. Adjust the keyboard's tilt if needed to find the most comfortable angle for your hands. Regularly clean the keyboard using compressed air to prevent dust buildup that can affect key responsiveness. By following these tips and utilizing the keyboard's ergonomic design, you can maximize your typing efficiency and overall comfort.


In summarizing the overall assessment of the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard, it emerges as a reliable, cost-effective, and highly functional option for users seeking a quality alternative to Apple keyboards. The reliability assessment of this keyboard is notable, with users expressing satisfaction with its solid build quality and durable design. Customer satisfaction is evident in the positive feedback regarding the tactile response of the keys, the inclusion of a number keypad, and the ease of setup. Despite minor issues reported by some users, such as indicator light problems, the overall consensus leans towards recommending this keyboard for its quiet and smooth typing experience, practicality as a backup or primary option, and affordability. For those in search of a dependable and budget-friendly keyboard, the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard stands out as a reliable choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard Have Customizable Backlighting Options?

I'm sorry, the Macally Ultra-Slim keyboard does not have customizable backlighting options. Its sleek design emphasizes simplicity and functionality. The focus is on compatibility and key feedback rather than elaborate design aesthetics.

Can This Keyboard Be Easily Connected to Non-Apple Devices Like Windows Pcs?

Yes, this keyboard offers wide compatibility with Windows PCs through a USB connection, making it easy to connect to non-Apple devices. The plug-and-play setup guarantees seamless connectivity, enabling a versatile typing experience across different platforms.

Is the Key Layout and Spacing Suitable for Prolonged Typing Sessions?

Ironically, the key layout and spacing on this keyboard are ideal for prolonged typing sessions. Its design promotes typing efficiency and minimizes finger fatigue. Additionally, the keyboard's ergonomic build provides excellent wrist support, reducing hand strain.

Does the Keyboard Offer Any Ergonomic Features for Improved Comfort?

With an ergonomic design featuring wrist support, the keyboard enhances comfort during prolonged use. Its lightweight design guarantees portability without compromising functionality. These features contribute to a user-friendly experience, making it suitable for various settings.

Are There Any Additional Color Options Available Besides Silver for This Keyboard Model?

Personally, I have explored the Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard model, and it is only available in silver. While limited in color options, its sleek design and broad compatibility with Mac systems through a USB connection make it a reliable choice.

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