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HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD Review

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The HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD offers impressive read speeds up to 3300 MB/s and write speeds up to 2700 MB/s, ideal for tasks requiring quick access to large files. It features NVMe PCIe M.2 interface, game loading acceleration technology, and 3D NAND flash for enhanced storage density. With a 4-channel PCIe control, it guarantees smooth operations and high-speed data transfer rates. Users benefit from a boost in system responsiveness and seamless multitasking, making it a reliable storage upgrade for gamers, content creators, and professionals. The HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and compatibility.

Key Takeaways

  • Impressive read speeds up to 3300 MB/s and write speeds up to 2700 MB/s.
  • Enhanced storage density with 3D NAND flash technology.
  • Ideal for gamers, content creators, and professionals needing quick access to large files.
  • User-friendly installation process with NVMe PCIe interface.
  • Provides a competitive edge in performance and reliability at a cost-effective price point.

In a thorough assessment of the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD, the product's read and write speeds of up to 3300 MB/s and 2700 MB/s, respectively, showcase its exceptional performance capabilities. Performance testing confirms that this SSD delivers high-speed data transfer rates, making it ideal for tasks requiring quick access to large files or applications. Additionally, the installation process is straightforward, ensuring users can easily set up the drive without any complications. The SSD's impressive performance and user-friendly installation make it a reliable choice for individuals seeking enhanced storage solutions that prioritize speed and efficiency.

Features and Benefits

The HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD demonstrates impressive read speeds, thanks to its NVMe PCIe M.2 interface, reaching up to 3300 MB/s. With its game loading acceleration technology and enhanced storage density using 3D NAND flash, this SSD offers a significant boost in system responsiveness. The efficient 4-channel PCIe control guarantees smooth operations and quick data transfers, making it a reliable choice for users seeking high-performance storage solutions.

High Read Speeds

With read speeds reaching up to 3300 MB/s, the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD offers exceptional performance for quick data access and seamless multitasking. Performance testing confirms the SSD's ability to handle demanding applications efficiently. The installation process is straightforward, making it user-friendly for both experienced and novice users. The high read speeds not only enhance overall system responsiveness but also reduce loading times for applications and large files. This makes the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD a reliable choice for those seeking improved performance in their computing tasks.

Game Loading Acceleration Technology

By utilizing cutting-edge game loading acceleration technology, the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD boosts gaming performance by greatly reducing loading times and enhancing the overall gameplay experience. This technology optimizes game loading processes by greatly improving data transfer speeds, resulting in faster access to game files and smoother gameplay shifts. By prioritizing game optimization, the SSD guarantees that gamers experience minimal delay and faster loading times, ultimately providing a competitive edge in multiplayer games and a more immersive gaming experience overall. The improved data transfer speeds facilitated by this technology not only benefit gaming performance but also contribute to overall system responsiveness, making the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD a valuable addition to any gaming setup.

Enhanced Storage Density Technology

Enhanced Storage Density Technology in the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD optimizes data storage capacity through innovative 3D NAND flash architecture. This technology enhances performance by boosting storage efficiency, enabling more data to be stored in a smaller physical space. By leveraging 3D NAND flash memory, the SSD can pack more storage cells vertically, maximizing the storage capacity within the same form factor. This results in improved read and write speeds, leading to enhanced overall system responsiveness and faster data transfer rates. The HP EX900 Plus SSD's Enhanced Storage Density Technology not only provides ample storage space but also guarantees efficient data management, making it an ideal choice for users seeking high-performance storage solutions.

Efficient 4-Channel PCIE Control

Building upon the innovative Enhanced Storage Density Technology, the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD boasts an efficient 4-channel PCIE control that significantly enhances data transfer speeds and system performance. The 4-channel performance of the PCIe control allows for optimized data flow, reducing latency and improving overall responsiveness. By leveraging PCIe efficiency, this SSD can achieve impressive read speeds of up to 3300 MB/s and write speeds of up to 2700 MB/s. This enhancement not only speeds up game loading times but also boosts system boot-up and application launch speeds. The efficient utilization of the 4-channel PCIE control ensures that users encounter a notable performance improvement, making the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD an excellent choice for those in need of high-speed storage solutions.

Product Quality

Crafted with premium components and subjected to meticulous testing, the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD exemplifies exceptional product quality. The durability of this SSD is evident in its rigorous testing processes before leaving the factory, guaranteeing a reliable and long-lasting product for customers. The careful selection of components and thorough quality assurance, including electrical, application, and compatibility testing, further contribute to its high standard. With a five-year limited warranty and free technical support services, HP assures customer satisfaction by standing behind the quality of their product. Positive customer reviews highlight the performance and reliability of the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a high-quality storage solution.

What It's Used For

The HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD is primarily used to enhance performance in gaming scenarios, as it accelerates game loading times and improves system responsiveness. Additionally, it serves as a valuable tool for upgrading storage capacity while maintaining high-speed read and write capabilities. Users can expect a noticeable improvement in overall system performance and efficiency, making it a practical choice for those seeking reliable and high-performing storage solutions.

Performance Enhancement in Gaming

Performance enhancement in gaming through the utilization of the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD showcases significant improvements in loading speeds and system responsiveness for an enhanced gameplay experience. The SSD's high-speed read and write capabilities, with speeds of up to 3300 MB/s and 2700 MB/s respectively, contribute to reduced loading times and smoother gameplay progressions. This speed enhancement translates to quicker level loading, faster texture rendering, and improved overall gaming performance. Gamers benefit from reduced lag, seamless gameplay, and enhanced graphics quality due to the SSD's ability to swiftly access and retrieve game data. The HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD is a valuable asset for enhancing gaming performance and delivering a more immersive gaming experience.

System Responsiveness Improvement

Utilizing the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD is instrumental in enhancing system responsiveness, allowing for swift data access and improved overall performance. By improving efficiency through accelerated data transfer speeds and reduced loading times, the SSD optimizes system responsiveness for seamless multitasking and quicker application launches. This system optimization is particularly beneficial for tasks that require intensive read and write operations, such as video editing, rendering, and gaming. With its advanced technology and premium 3D NAND flash memory, the HP EX900 Plus SSD delivers a reliable solution for enhancing overall system performance and responsiveness, making it a valuable upgrade for users seeking improved efficiency in their computing experience.

Value for Storage Upgrade

In considering the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD's value for storage upgrade, it is crucial to acknowledge its role in enhancing data storage capacity and optimizing system performance. This SSD provides a budget-friendly upgrade option for users looking to improve storage optimization without compromising speed and reliability. With read speeds of up to 3300 MB/s and write speeds of up to 2700 MB/s, the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD accelerates data access and system responsiveness, making it ideal for gaming and multitasking. Its 3D NAND flash technology not only boosts storage density but also guarantees durability. Overall, this SSD offers a cost-effective solution for users seeking to enhance their system's performance through a quality storage upgrade.

Product Specifications

The HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD boasts a high-speed NVMe PCIe M.2 interface with read speeds of up to 3300 MB/s and write speeds of up to 2700 MB/s, making it a top-performing storage solution. This SSD provides a seamless installation process, making it easy for users to upgrade their storage capacity. Here is a summary of the product specifications:

SeriesEX900 Plus
Capacity256 GB
InterfaceNVMe PCIe M.2
Read SpeedUp to 3300 MB/s
Write SpeedUp to 2700 MB/s
Flash Memory3D NAND
Warranty5-year limited warranty
CompatibilityIntel and AMD platforms compatible

Who Needs This

Given the high-speed performance and seamless installation process of the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD, individuals seeking a reliable and efficient storage upgrade solution will find this product beneficial. The target audience for this SSD includes gamers, content creators, professionals working with large files, and anyone looking to enhance their system's speed and responsiveness. This storage solution is ideal for those who require quick data access, faster boot times, and improved overall system performance. Whether it's for personal use or professional applications, the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD caters to users looking for a high-quality, high-speed storage solution that can handle demanding tasks with ease.


One notable advantage of the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD is its exceptional read and write speeds, reaching up to 3300 MB/s and 2700 MB/s respectively. The pros of this SSD include:

  1. Improved Reliability: The HP EX900 Plus SSD is known for its reliable performance, ensuring data integrity and longevity.
  2. Fast Installation Process: Users appreciate the quick and hassle-free installation of the SSD, making it convenient for both novice and experienced users.
  3. Enhanced System Responsiveness: With impressive read and write speeds, this SSD accelerates system responsiveness, reducing loading times and enhancing overall performance.
  4. Low Power Consumption: The HP EX900 Plus SSD is energy-efficient, consuming less power while delivering high-speed data transfer, making it a cost-effective choice for users.


While the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD offers impressive read and write speeds and notable advantages, there are some drawbacks worth noting.

  • Improvement suggestions:
  1. Firmware updates could enhance performance further.
  2. The addition of more robust heat dissipation features may be beneficial for sustained heavy workloads.
  • Compatibility concerns:
  1. Some users have reported issues with compatibility on certain older motherboard models.
  2. Compatibility with certain software applications may require updates for best performance.

These improvement suggestions and compatibility concerns should be taken into consideration when evaluating the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD for specific use cases and systems.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers' feedback on the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD highlights its exceptional performance and reliability, making it a highly recommended choice for users seeking quality storage solutions. Numerous customer testimonials emphasize the SSD's impressive speed and reliability, with many users noting a significant improvement in their system's responsiveness. User experiences commonly mention the ease of installation, indicating a hassle-free setup process. The overall sentiment from customers is positive, praising the SSD for its value proposition and quality performance. The feedback collectively suggests that the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD is a reliable and high-performing storage solution that meets the needs of users looking for a fast and dependable drive for their systems.

Overall Value

Highlighting its cost-effectiveness and performance capabilities, the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD provides a compelling overall value proposition for users seeking reliable storage solutions. When it comes to a budget-friendly solution, this SSD stands out due to its competitive pricing compared to similar models on the market. When looking at performance, the EX900 Plus demonstrates impressive read speeds of up to 3300 MB/s and write speeds of up to 2700 MB/s, making it a strong contender in the SSD market. Its 3D NAND flash memory further enhances its performance, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval. Overall, the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD offers a balanced combination of affordability and high performance, making it a valuable choice for consumers.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To optimize the performance of the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD, users can implement strategic techniques that enhance efficiency and maximize the benefits of this storage solution. When installing the SSD, make sure that the M.2 slot is compatible with NVMe PCIe drives to fully leverage its capabilities. To enhance speed and responsiveness, regularly update the SSD firmware to access the latest performance improvements. Additionally, consider enabling features like TRIM support and activating AHCI mode in the BIOS settings for best SSD functionality. Proper cable management and ensuring adequate airflow to prevent overheating can also contribute to maintaining the SSD's performance levels. By following these tips during the installation process and maintenance, users can maximize the potential of the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD.


In summation, the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD excels in performance, reliability, and compatibility, making it a commendable choice for enhancing storage solutions across various computing platforms. The SSD's impressive read speeds of up to 3300 MB/s and write speeds of up to 2700 MB/s were confirmed through rigorous performance testing, showcasing its capabilities in handling demanding tasks with efficiency. With a storage capacity of 256GB and the option to choose from various other capacities ranging from 128GB to 2TB, users have flexibility in selecting the right storage size for their needs. Overall, the HP EX900 Plus 256GB SSD stands out for its quality, speed, and compatibility, offering a reliable storage solution for a wide range of computing requirements.

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