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Dell UltraSharp U2723QE Monitor Review

high resolution dell monitor review

Being a professional, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor offers unmatched color accuracy, vivid brightness, and versatile functionality for graphic design, video editing, and multitasking needs. Its high PPI 4K UHD resolution guarantees sharp text and vibrant images. With 99% sRGB coverage, 95% DCI-P3, and 400 Nit brightness, it excels in visual production tasks. It suits casual gaming and work activities, features a KVM switch, and supports remote device management. While some minor issues exist, it delivers excellent picture quality and customer satisfaction. Ideal for professionals seeking premium visual experiences. Explore more about its features and benefits to enhance your work efficiency.

Key Takeaways

  • High PPI 4K UHD resolution with exceptional color accuracy
  • Suitable for graphic design, photo editing, and casual gaming
  • Positive user experience for video editing, programming, and office work
  • Minor issues like light bleed noted, but overall reliable performance
  • Competitive choice with impressive features at a lower price point

The Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor's 4K UHD resolution offers exceptional clarity and detail for a variety of tasks, making it a versatile choice for users requiring high-quality visuals. When evaluating color accuracy, this monitor performs impressively, delivering vibrant and true-to-life colors for tasks like graphic design or photo editing. However, concerning gaming performance, the U2723QE falls slightly short due to noticeable ghosting during fast-paced gameplay. While it may not be the top choice for hardcore gamers, casual gamers or those primarily using the monitor for work-related tasks will still appreciate its overall performance. For individuals seeking a monitor with excellent color accuracy and adequate gaming capabilities, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE is a solid option.

Features and Benefits

The Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor boasts a high PPI display, ensuring sharp text and vivid images for a top-tier visual experience. Its exceptional color accuracy and vibrancy make it a standout choice for professionals in graphic design and video editing. Additionally, the KVM switch capability enhances productivity by allowing seamless control of multiple devices with just one set of peripherals.

High PPI Display

With an incredibly high pixel density, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor boasts unparalleled sharpness and clarity, making it a top choice for users seeking a high PPI display. When comparing PPI against similar-sized displays, the U2723QE shines with its exceptional pixel count, providing a superior viewing experience. This high pixel density not only enhances image sharpness but also guarantees text is incredibly crisp, ideal for tasks requiring precision. Additionally, the color accuracy and wide viewing angles further elevate the visual quality, making this monitor suitable for professionals who demand true color representation and consistent clarity across the screen. The display size complements the high PPI, offering a spacious workspace without compromising on pixel integrity, which is essential for detailed work like photo editing or design tasks.

Color Accuracy and Vibrancy

Shifting from the discussion on high PPI displays, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor excels in color accuracy and vibrancy, setting a new standard for visual precision in professional settings. In color accuracy testing, this monitor showcases a wide color gamut covering 99% sRGB and 95% DCI-P3, ensuring accurate color representation essential for video editing workflows. The monitor's 400 Nit brightness enhances vibrancy and depth in colors, making images and videos truly pop. With its 4K UHD resolution and precise color calibration, the U2723QE delivers exceptional detail and clarity, catering to the demands of video editing and visual production tasks. For professionals seeking a monitor that prioritizes color accuracy and vibrancy, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE stands out as a top choice.

KVM Switch Capability

Featuring KVM switch capability, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor offers seamless multi-device control for enhanced productivity and efficiency. With remote access functionality, users can manage multiple devices such as computers or servers from a single console, streamlining workflows and reducing clutter. This feature is particularly useful for IT professionals, allowing them to troubleshoot, update, or configure various systems without physically moving between them. The monitor's multi-device management capability simplifies tasks by enabling quick and convenient access to different sources, enhancing overall user experience. Whether you're working on multiple projects simultaneously or need to switch between devices regularly, the KVM switch on the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE promotes smooth and efficient operation.

KVM Switch Functionality

Pivoting from the discussion on KVM switch capability, the KVM switch functionality of the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor enhances user control over multiple devices, fostering heightened productivity and operational efficiency. With remote access capabilities, users can conveniently switch between different devices connected to the monitor without physical interaction, streamlining workflow and reducing clutter. The multi-device switching feature allows smooth shifts between various sources, such as a laptop, desktop, or even a server, with just a few clicks. This functionality not only saves time but also simplifies multitasking, making it ideal for professionals who require efficient management of multiple devices simultaneously. The Dell UltraSharp U2723QE's KVM switch functionality truly elevates user experience by offering convenience and flexibility in device control.

Product Quality

When it comes to product quality, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE Monitor stands out for its exceptional performance in video, graphics, and office work. The monitor has garnered high customer satisfaction due to its reliable performance and excellent picture quality. Users appreciate the monitor's high pixel density for sharp text and images, making it suitable for tasks like programming, video editing, and production work. While some users have noted slight light bleed and reflections, overall, the monitor delivers on its promise of good resolution and colors. Despite minor issues like troubleshooting during setup and occasional defects leading to returns, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE remains a solid choice for those seeking a high-quality display for various tasks.

What It's Used For

The Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor is a versatile productivity tool suited for a range of tasks including office work, programming, video editing, and visual production. Its high pixel density, sharp text, and excellent color accuracy make it ideal for creative content creation. Whether used for multitasking at work, consuming multimedia, or editing videos, this monitor offers a premium experience across various applications.

Versatile Productivity Tool

An essential tool for boosting productivity across various tasks, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE Monitor excels in providing users with exceptional visual clarity and performance for tasks ranging from office work to video editing and production. With its versatile performance capabilities, this monitor enhances productivity by offering high pixel density for sharp text and crisp images, making it ideal for programming, video editing, and visual editing tasks. The monitor's 4K UHD resolution with over 8 million pixels, 400 Nit brightness, and good color accuracy guarantee an excellent picture quality, suitable for a wide range of professional applications. Its multiple hub ports, KVM capability, and VESA mount compatibility further contribute to seamless workflow integration, making it a valuable tool for enhancing productivity.

Creative Content Creation

How can the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE Monitor enhance the workflow of professionals engaged in creative content creation tasks? When it comes to content creation, color accuracy is paramount for ensuring the final product meets quality standards. The Dell U2723QE's 4K UHD resolution and excellent color representation make it an ideal tool for graphic designers, video editors, and visual artists. Its high pixel density allows for sharp details and precise color rendering, essential for creating visually stunning content. Whether you're working on photo editing, video production, or graphic design, this monitor's color accuracy and sharp image quality provide a reliable platform for bringing your creative vision to life with precision and clarity.

Multimedia Consumption Experience

Enhancing the multimedia consumption experience, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor offers exceptional color accuracy and sharp image quality for immersive visual entertainment. The monitor's high PPI guarantees sharp text and crisp images, making it ideal for multimedia editing tasks. When it comes to gaming experience, the color precision of this monitor enhances the visual quality of games, providing a more vibrant and realistic experience. Additionally, for productivity benefits, the monitor's good resolution and colors make it suitable for tasks like video editing and production, enhancing workflow efficiency. Overall, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor excels in providing a visually enthralling experience for various multimedia activities, from gaming to multimedia editing, contributing to a more engaging and productive user experience.

Product Specifications

With its 27-inch 4K UHD WLED LCD display, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor offers a high-resolution viewing experience suitable for a variety of tasks, including movies, gaming, and office work. When comparing products, the U2723QE stands out for its excellent resolution, color accuracy, and multiple hub ports. Setting up this monitor is straightforward, with VESA mount compatibility and various connectivity options. Below is a table summarizing key product specifications for the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE:

Screen Size27 inches
Resolution4K UHD
Aspect Ratio16:9
Response Time5 ms GTG

Who Needs This

For individuals seeking a high-performance monitor with exceptional resolution and color accuracy, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE presents a compelling option. The target audience for this monitor includes professionals in graphic design, video editing, and content creation who require precise color representation and sharp image quality. When compared to other monitors in its class, the U2723QE offers similar performance to higher-priced models like the Apple Studio Display, making it an attractive choice for those looking to balance quality and affordability. Its sleek design aesthetics with thin bezels make it suitable for modern workspaces, while its business applications excel in tasks such as programming, video editing, and visual production. The Dell UltraSharp U2723QE is ideal for users who prioritize excellent picture quality and versatile connectivity options.


Moving from discussing the target audience for the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor, we now shift our focus to highlighting its strengths and advantages. The monitor excels in several key areas:

  1. Color Accuracy: The Dell UltraSharp U2723QE offers exceptional color accuracy, making it ideal for tasks that require precise color reproduction such as graphic design, photo editing, and video production.
  2. Gaming Performance: While not specifically designed for gaming, this monitor still delivers a decent gaming experience with its 4K UHD resolution and 5 ms GTG response time. It can handle casual gaming sessions with good clarity and smooth visuals.
  3. High-Quality Display: The monitor boasts excellent picture quality, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks, from office work to content creation.


While the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor excels in various aspects, a notable drawback is its limited compatibility with high-speed gaming due to noticeable ghosting effects. Light bleed is also an issue that may affect the overall viewing experience. These drawbacks should be considered depending on the primary use case of the monitor. Here are some cons to keep in mind:

  1. Ghosting Issues: The monitor exhibits noticeable ghosting effects during fast-paced gaming or rapid motion scenes, which can impact the visual clarity and overall gaming experience.
  2. Light Bleed: Users have reported slight light bleed on the edges of the screen, particularly noticeable in dark or low-light environments, affecting the uniformity of the display.
  3. Limited High-Speed Gaming Compatibility: Due to the ghosting effects, the monitor may not be suitable for competitive gaming or fast-paced action sequences where motion clarity is essential.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers express satisfaction with the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor's performance in various professional and entertainment settings. Their feedback highlights the high PPI delivering sharp text and crisp images, making it ideal for tasks like programming, video editing, and production work. Users appreciate its compatibility with devices like the MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro, along with the multiple hub ports and KVM capability enhancing the overall user experience. While some noted slight light bleed and reflections, the monitor's excellent picture quality and good resolution and colors were praised. Overall, customers find this monitor suitable for daily use, with many emphasizing its exceptional performance in video, graphics, and office work scenarios, contributing to high levels of customer satisfaction.

Overall Value

When evaluating the overall value of this monitor, it stands out as a competitive choice in the market. Regarding value comparison, the U2723QE offers impressive features such as 4K UHD resolution, excellent color accuracy, and multiple connectivity options at a price point that is lower than similar models like the Apple Studio Display. User experience with this monitor has been generally positive, with feedback highlighting its suitability for tasks like video editing, programming, and office work. While some minor issues like light bleed and reflections have been noted, the overall value proposition of the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE makes it a solid option for various professional and entertainment needs.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To optimize the performance of the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor, consider adjusting the settings for enhanced display quality. Begin by adjusting the brightness and contrast settings to suit your viewing environment. For the best color accuracy, calibrate the monitor using the built-in color settings or a calibration tool. Make sure that the resolution is set to the native 4K UHD resolution for peak image sharpness. If you encounter any issues such as light bleed or reflections, adjust the monitor's position or consider using an anti-glare screen protector. Troubleshooting tips may include checking the HDMI connection, updating drivers, and performing a factory reset if needed. By fine-tuning these settings and addressing any troubleshooting issues promptly, you can enjoy the full potential of the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor.


In wrapping up the evaluation of the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor, it is evident that its blend of high-resolution display, versatile connectivity options, and commendable performance make it a compelling choice for a wide range of professional and multimedia tasks. The monitor's 4K UHD resolution, 400 Nit brightness, and 5 ms GTG response time contribute to a visually immersive user experience. User insights highlight its high pixel density, affordability compared to similar models, and compatibility with devices like the MacBook Air M1. While some users noted minor issues like light bleed and reflections, overall feedback emphasizes its suitability for tasks like video editing and programming. With a range of hub ports and VESA mount compatibility, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE offers a robust solution for various creative and professional endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Monitor Be Overclocked for Higher Refresh Rates?

I'll clarify that while the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor excels in various aspects like resolution and color accuracy, it lacks overclocking capabilities for higher refresh rates. This limitation may deter users seeking enhanced gaming performance.

Is There a Built-In Webcam or Microphone on the Dell Ultrasharp U2723qe?

No, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE does not have a built-in webcam or microphone. This absence can be beneficial for privacy concerns, as users can opt for external webcam and microphone options when needed for video conferencing.

Does This Monitor Support HDR Content Playback?

Yes, this monitor does not support HDR content playback, which limits its capabilities for enhanced visual experiences. Refresh rate overclocking is unavailable, restricting the potential for smoother motion in gaming or multimedia applications.

Can the Monitor Be Rotated to a Portrait Orientation?

Sure, the monitor stand allows for portrait orientation, enhancing versatility. It's a useful feature for tasks like coding or reading long documents. Considering the stand's rotation capability, the monitor can be adjusted to suit various work scenarios efficiently.

Is There a Built-In Speaker on the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE Monitor?

Yes, the Dell UltraSharp U2723QE monitor does not have a built-in speaker. Sound quality and audio performance depend on external speakers or headphones. This design decision guarantees a focus on display quality rather than integrated audio features.

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