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CHERRY Stream Keyboard Review: Quiet & Durable Choice

cherry stream keyboard evaluation

Having used the CHERRY Stream Keyboard, I can attest to its impressive durability and quiet operation. The CHERRY SX scissor mechanism guarantees precise and almost silent keystrokes, perfect for a noise-sensitive environment. The ergonomic design and customizable settings make it ideal for extended typing sessions, reducing strain on hands and wrists. Its integrated status displays and dedicated multimedia keys enhance convenience and productivity. While some users reported concerns about durability and slightly louder keystrokes, the overall stability, sleek design, and tactile feedback make it a solid choice for those valuing a silent and reliable typing experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Whisper-quiet operation with CHERRY SX scissor mechanism
  • Durable key lettering for extended use
  • Non-slip surface for stability
  • Promotes focus and reduces distractions
  • Ergonomic design reduces strain on hands and wrists

When evaluating the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD's ergonomic design and keyswitch performance, it is clear that its suitability for extended typing sessions is a standout feature among users. The keyboard design incorporates a modern and flat layout, providing a comfortable typing experience for prolonged use. The keys, featuring the CHERRY SX scissor mechanism, offer precise and quiet keystrokes, enhancing the overall typing experience. Users appreciate the non-slip surface that adds stability during typing sessions, further contributing to the keyboard's ergonomic design. Overall, the keyboard's construction and layout are tailored to meet the demands of frequent typists, ensuring a high-quality typing experience that prioritizes comfort and efficiency.

Features and Benefits

The CHERRY Stream Keyboard boasts features that cater to precision and silence, such as the CHERRY SX scissor mechanism for accurate and quiet keystrokes. Additionally, the keyboard offers practical advantages like 10 office and multimedia keys for enhanced functionality, as well as 3 integrated status displays for convenient monitoring. Users can benefit from the keyboard's adjustable height settings, allowing for customizable comfort during extended typing sessions.

Keystroke Precision and Silence

Enhancing typing accuracy and maintaining a tranquil work environment, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD boasts a superior keystroke precision coupled with whisper-quiet operation. The CHERRY SX scissor mechanism guarantees each keystroke is precise, offering a satisfying tactile response without excess noise. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who type frequently or work in shared spaces where a silent operation is crucial. The keyboard's quiet performance does not compromise on accuracy, making it an ideal choice for tasks requiring attention to detail. Its ability to provide a quiet typing experience while maintaining keystroke precision sets the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD apart, offering users a comfortable and efficient typing solution for various professional and personal needs.

Multimedia and Office Keys

Featuring a range of multimedia and office keys, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD offers enhanced functionality for diverse tasks. The custom keymapping feature allows users to tailor shortcuts for efficiency. The ergonomic design guarantees comfortable usage during extended periods, reducing strain on the hands and wrists. With dedicated office keys, tasks like email, calculator, and web browsing are easily accessible, streamlining workflow. The multimedia keys provide quick control over audio and video playback, enhancing the overall user experience. Whether you're working on spreadsheets, documents, or enjoying multimedia content, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD's versatile keys cater to various needs, making it a practical choice for both work and leisure.

Integrated Status Displays

With an intuitive interface that provides real-time information, the integrated status displays on the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD offer users immediate feedback on system functions and settings. These status display features are designed to enhance user experience by providing quick access to important information such as caps lock, scroll lock, and num lock status. The ergonomic design of the keyboard guarantees that these displays are easily visible and accessible, allowing users to stay informed without any disruptions to their workflow. By incorporating these status display features into the keyboard's layout, CHERRY has created a functional and user-friendly tool that caters to the needs of individuals who value efficiency and convenience in their typing experience.

Adjustable Height Settings

The CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD's Adjustable Height Settings provide users with customizable ergonomic options to enhance comfort and reduce strain during extended typing sessions. This feature allows me to adjust the keyboard to a height that suits my typing style, promoting a more natural wrist position and reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The ergonomic design of the adjustable height settings guarantees that my hands and wrists are in a comfortable position, preventing discomfort during prolonged use. Additionally, the noise reduction feature of the keyboard ensures that my typing remains quiet, allowing me to focus without distractions. Overall, the combination of ergonomic design and noise reduction in the adjustable height settings makes the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD a practical and comfortable choice for daily use.

Product Quality

The CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD exemplifies exceptional product quality with its durable construction and advanced scissor mechanism for precise and quiet keystrokes. Through durability testing, this keyboard has proven to withstand extensive use without compromising performance. Users consistently praise its reliability, noting a positive user experience that includes stable key lettering and a comfortable typing feel. The keyboard's ability to maintain its quality over time contributes to its reputation as a long-lasting and dependable option for various tasks. Its sturdy design guarantees that it can handle the demands of frequent typists, making it suitable for both office work and leisure activities. The combination of durability and user satisfaction sets the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD apart as a top choice in the market.

What It's Used For

The CHERRY Stream Keyboard is a versatile tool that caters to practical office typing needs, making it suitable for professionals who spend hours at their desks. Its quiet operation and precise keystrokes also make it a great choice for gamers seeking a responsive and unobtrusive keyboard. Additionally, its ergonomic design and durability support coding tasks, providing a comfortable and reliable workspace essential for productivity.

Practical Office Typing

In practical office settings, a high-quality keyboard like the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD serves as a reliable tool for efficient typing tasks. The ergonomic comfort provided by its design guarantees prolonged use without strain, promoting a healthy typing posture. The noise reduction feature, thanks to the CHERRY SX scissor mechanism, minimizes distractions in shared workspaces, allowing for focused productivity. With a flat height and non-slip surface, this keyboard not only enhances comfort but also improves typing accuracy. Its durability and stability make it a long-lasting investment for daily office use. Overall, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD combines ergonomic benefits with noise reduction capabilities, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking a practical and efficient typing experience in office environments.

Gaming and Coding

Enhancing productivity and precision in gaming and coding tasks, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD offers a seamless typing experience with its ergonomic design and quiet keystrokes. When it comes to gaming performance, the keyboard's quiet operation can be a significant advantage, allowing for intense gaming sessions without disturbing others. The precise CHERRY SX scissor mechanism guarantees accurate inputs, essential for competitive gaming where every move counts. Regarding coding experience, the keyboard's durable key lettering and stable construction provide a reliable platform for coding tasks. The integrated status displays can be useful for monitoring coding processes or system statuses. Overall, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD caters well to both gaming enthusiasts and coders seeking a quiet and efficient typing solution.

Quiet Workspace Essential

With its emphasis on quiet operation and precise keystrokes, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD creates an ideal work environment for those seeking a productive and noise-conscious workspace. The noise cancellation features in this keyboard design help maintain a quiet atmosphere, promoting focus during tasks and reducing distractions. The scissor mechanism guarantees each keystroke is accurate and quiet, making it suitable for shared workspaces or home offices where noise levels need to be minimized. The keyboard's design, with its low profile and non-slip surface, not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a comfortable and efficient typing experience. Overall, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD's noise cancellation and thoughtful design elements make it an excellent choice for creating a quiet and productive workspace.

Product Specifications

Exploring the detailed specifications of the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD reveals its dimensions, weight, manufacturer details, and key identifiers essential for informed purchasing decisions. The keyboard measures 18.23 x 6.42 x 0.71 inches and weighs 2 pounds. Manufactured by CHERRY, its ASIN is B07Z1KH3PL, and the item model number is JK-8500EU-2. The keyboard requires 1 unknown battery and boasts a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars with 1,240 ratings. Below is a table summarizing these specifications:

Dimensions18.23 x 6.42 x 0.71 inches
Weight2 pounds
Model NumberJK-8500EU-2

Who Needs This

For individuals seeking a high-quality keyboard designed for frequent typing demands and a quiet, precise typing experience, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD is a suitable choice. The keyboard's focus on noise reduction through the CHERRY SX scissor mechanism makes it ideal for workplace productivity where a quiet environment is essential. The keyboard's durable key lettering and stable design contribute to its suitability for extended typing sessions, enhancing overall efficiency. With a modern appearance and ergonomic layout, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD encourages a comfortable typing experience, further promoting productivity. Its low profile and non-slip surface cater to users who prioritize noise reduction and quality performance in various tasks, making it a valuable asset for those who require a reliable and silent typing tool for their everyday work demands.


Delving into the advantages of the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD reveals its exceptional tactile feedback and whisper-quiet operation, setting a new standard for typing comfort and efficiency. The keyboard excels in noise reduction, making it perfect for shared workspaces or late-night typing sessions. Its thoughtful keyboard design includes a flat height and non-slip surface, ensuring a comfortable and stable typing experience. The durable key lettering enhances the longevity of the keys, adding to the overall quality of the product. Additionally, the modern appearance of the keyboard not only looks sleek on a desk but also contributes to a professional and contemporary workspace aesthetic.

  • Noise reduction: Ideal for shared workspaces.
  • Keyboard design: Features a non-slip surface.
  • Durability: Durable key lettering enhances longevity.
  • Appearance: Modern and sleek design.
  • Professionalism: Contributes to a contemporary workspace aesthetic.


Moving on from the advantages of the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD, it is important to address potential drawbacks that users might encounter during their experience with this product.

  • Durability Concerns: Some users have reported issues with key fading over time.
  • Noise Levels: While marketed as quiet, some users find the keystrokes slightly louder than expected.
  • Key Wear: The key lettering may wear off with heavy use, affecting the aesthetics.
  • Stability: A few users have mentioned slight wobbling in the keyboard during intense typing sessions.
  • Cleaning Difficulty: The non-detachable keys may make it challenging to thoroughly clean the keyboard, potentially affecting its longevity.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers across various online platforms have expressed their opinions and experiences with the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD, offering valuable insights into its performance and user satisfaction. The majority of customer feedback highlights the keyboard's quiet operation, with many praising its low noise level during typing. Users have consistently mentioned the keyboard's suitability for various tasks, including gaming, programming, and regular typing, attributing this versatility to its quiet key switches. Several reviews emphasize the keyboard's durable construction, stability, and ergonomic design, noting its ability to withstand heavy daily use. When it comes to noise level, customers often compare the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD favorably to mechanical keyboards, appreciating its quieter operation without compromising on performance. The overall sentiment from customer feedback portrays the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD as a reliable and quiet typing companion.

Overall Value

Comparing customer feedback regarding the performance and construction of the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD, its overall value shines through as a reliable and ergonomic choice for a quiet typing experience across various tasks. The value comparison indicates that this keyboard offers a competitive edge with its durable construction and quiet operation. When it comes to noise level, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD stands out for its whisper-quiet keystrokes, making it a suitable option for shared workspaces or quiet environments. Users appreciate the keyboard's quality and ergonomic design, highlighting its long-term value proposition. Considering both the noise level and overall durability, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD emerges as a cost-effective option that balances performance, comfort, and longevity for a wide range of typing tasks.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To maximize the performance and longevity of your CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD, consider implementing these effective tips and tricks for best results. Proper keyboard maintenance is essential for ensuring its durability and functionality. Regularly cleaning your keyboard with compressed air or a soft brush can prevent debris buildup and maintain typing efficiency. Additionally, avoiding eating or drinking near the keyboard can help prevent spills that could damage the keys or internal components. To enhance typing efficiency, consider adjusting the keyboard settings on your device to suit your typing style and speed. By following these simple tips for keyboard maintenance and typing efficiency, you can optimize the performance of your CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD for a smoother and more enjoyable typing experience.


In considering the overall performance and user feedback, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD emerges as a reliable and versatile choice for various typing needs. Durability testing reveals the keyboard's robust construction, which withstands frequent use without compromising performance. Noise level comparison shows that the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD's CHERRY SX scissor mechanism delivers quiet keystrokes, ideal for shared workspaces or quiet environments. Users appreciate the keyboard's durability, stability, and ergonomic design, making it suitable for extended typing sessions. In comparison with mechanical keyboards, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD offers a quieter typing experience while maintaining high quality and functionality. This keyboard's modern appearance, low noise level, and durable key lettering make it a practical and efficient choice for those seeking a reliable typing companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Replacement Keycaps Available for the CHERRY Stream Keyboard?

When considering keycaps for the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD, I have explored keycap customization options. Different keycap materials, designs, and maintenance can provide personalization and durability. It is crucial to investigate these aspects for long-term satisfaction.

Does the Keyboard Come With Customizable RGB Lighting Options?

No, the keyboard does not come with customizable RGB lighting options for gaming features. However, it excels in providing a superior typing experience with minimal noise levels. This keyboard prioritizes performance and durability over flashy lighting effects.

Can the Keyboard Be Connected to Multiple Devices Simultaneously?

Wireless connectivity on the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD allows multi-device pairing for convenience. It offers compatibility with various devices simultaneously, enhancing workflow efficiency. This feature symbolizes seamless integration and adaptability, catering to diverse technological needs in a modern environment.

Is the Keyboard Compatible With Both Windows and Mac Operating Systems?

Yes, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, allowing for a smooth switch between different platforms. Its versatile compatibility guarantees efficient usage for various users across different systems.

Does the Keyboard Have a Detachable Wrist Rest for Ergonomic Support?

Yes, the keyboard includes a detachable wrist rest for ergonomic support, enhancing comfort during typing. The design prioritizes wrist support to improve the overall typing experience, ensuring reduced strain and increased comfort for extended use.

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