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Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable Review

high definition video with ease

The Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable stands out with its ultra-thin design and compatibility with 3D and 4K x 2K UHD TV features. Its compact build allows for easy coiling and storage, ideal for efficient cable management. The cable delivers crystal-clear images and vibrant colors, ensuring a reliable high-definition audio and video transmission. With gold-plated connectors and copper braided shielding, it supports 4K@60Hz resolution. Customers have praised its performance and durability, although some find the length shorter than expected. Discover more about its features, benefits, and customer feedback for an in-depth understanding.

Key Takeaways

  • Ultra-thin design and flexibility enhance cable management.
  • Supports 4K@60Hz, HDR, and Ethernet for high-resolution needs.
  • Reliable performance with gold-plated connectors and solid copper conductors.
  • Customers praise zero lag and durability.
  • Handle delicately to avoid signal loss; troubleshoot alignment and power for optimal performance.

In the domain of HDMI cables, an ultra-thin design can offer unparalleled convenience and versatility for various audiovisual setups. When considering the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable, customer reviews consistently praise its performance, flexibility, and durability. Compatibility testing reveals seamless integration with a wide range of devices, including laptops, monitors, and gaming consoles. The pricing analysis shows that this cable provides excellent value for money, especially with the cost-effective 2-pack option. Users have reported zero lag and no sync issues, highlighting the cable's reliability. When compared to bulkier alternatives, the ultra-thin design of this HDMI cable stands out for its compact size, making it ideal for travel and cleaner installations.

Features and Benefits

The Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable boasts an ultra-thin round jacket design that enhances its flexibility and portability. Its compatibility with Ultra HD features, including 3D and 4K x 2K UHD TV, guarantees high-resolution viewing experiences. Additionally, the cable's compact design allows for easy coiling and storage convenience, making it a practical choice for various setups.

Ultra-Thin Round Jacket Design

Featuring an ultra-thin round jacket design, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable offers users a sleek and flexible option for their connectivity needs. The slim profile of the cable enables effective cable management, allowing for tidy setups without bulky cables cluttering the area. Additionally, the ultra-thin round jacket design has undergone thorough compatibility testing to guarantee seamless integration with various devices. This cable's flexible construction makes it easy to maneuver around corners or through tight spaces, making it a versatile choice for different setups. Users can benefit from the cable's streamlined design while experiencing reliable performance due to its compatibility with a wide range of HDMI devices.

Ultra HD Compatibility Feature

With its Ultra HD compatibility feature, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable guarantees seamless integration with 4K x 2K UHD TV and high-resolution monitors, offering users a high-quality viewing experience. This cable ensures outstanding Ultra HD performance, delivering crystal-clear images and vibrant colors for an immersive visual experience. The connectivity solutions provided by the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable allow for smooth transmission of high-definition audio and video signals, making it ideal for home entertainment systems, gaming consoles, and professional settings. Whether you are watching your favorite movies or playing the latest games, this cable provides a reliable connection and exceptional picture quality, enhancing your overall viewing or gaming experience.

D Compatibility Feature

Immerse yourself in the enhanced connectivity capabilities offered by the 3D Compatibility feature of the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable, elevating your viewing and gaming experiences to new heights. This thin cable is designed to support Ultra HD compatibility, ensuring peak performance with features like 3D and 4K x 2K UHD TV. The durable construction of the cable guarantees a reliable connection for all your high-resolution needs. With its ability to deliver crisp audio and video signals, including surround sound and Ethernet channel support, this HDMI cable is a versatile and long-lasting solution for connecting your devices. Experience seamless connectivity and superior picture quality with this ultra-thin cable.

Portability and Storage Convenience

Enhancing convenience for users, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable excels in providing exceptional portability and storage solutions, adding value to its already impressive features. The ultra-compact thin design and low-profile connectors make it ideal for on-the-go use, easily coiling into a 3-inch bundle for portability. This feature guarantees that users can conveniently carry the cable without it taking up much space. Additionally, the slender round jacket enhances flexibility, allowing for easy storage in various settings. The Cable Matters HDMI cable's portability benefits are further highlighted by its lightweight construction, weighing less than 2 ounces, making it effortless to transport alongside other devices. Overall, the cable's storage solutions and portability features contribute to a user-friendly experience for consumers.

Product Quality

The product quality of the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable is consistently praised for its reliable performance and durable construction by satisfied customers. Users have provided positive feedback on the cable's durability, highlighting its ability to withstand regular use without compromising performance. The solid copper conductors and copper braided shielding contribute to its longevity and stable signal transmission. Customers have reported zero lag and no synchronization issues, indicating a high level of performance consistency. The cable's ability to maintain audio and video quality without interruptions has been commended. Overall, the product quality of the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable has garnered approval for its durability and reliable performance based on user experiences.

What It's Used For

The Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable is utilized in various applications within home entertainment setups, offering benefits for travel arrangements due to its compact and flexible design. Its thin construction allows for easy installation in tight spaces where traditional HDMI cables may not fit, making it a versatile choice for different environments and configurations.

Applications in Home Entertainment

In home entertainment setups, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable serves as a versatile and reliable solution for connecting various devices seamlessly. When used in home theaters, this cable enables the transmission of high-quality audio and video signals between devices like TVs, projectors, and sound systems, enhancing the overall viewing experience. For gaming setups, the cable supports the transmission of high-resolution graphics and immersive sound, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming session. Its ultra-thin and flexible design allows for easy installation and cable management, making it an ideal choice for creating a clean and organized entertainment space. With features like gold-plated connectors and solid copper conductors, the Cable Matters HDMI Cable delivers exceptional performance for all your home entertainment needs.

Benefits for Travel Setups

Enhancing mobility and convenience, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable provides a compact and reliable solution for multimedia connectivity during travel setups. Its ultra-thin and flexible design offers significant benefits for travelers. The cable's lightweight construction and slim profile make it easy to pack and carry, taking up minimal space in luggage or tech bags. Despite its slender build, the cable doesn't compromise on performance, supporting high-quality video and audio transmission for on-the-go entertainment setups. The Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable's flexibility guarantees that it can adapt to various travel configurations, allowing users to connect their devices seamlessly wherever they go. It is a valuable accessory for those seeking efficient multimedia connectivity during travel.

Installation in Tight Spaces

For optimizing space utilization and ensuring seamless multimedia connectivity, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable excels in installations within confined areas. Its ultra-compact thin design and flexibility offer space-saving solutions in tight installation techniques. The slender round jacket and low-profile connectors enable the cable to fit into narrow spaces without compromising on performance. Supporting Ultra HD features like 3D and 4K x 2K UHD TV, this cable is ideal for setups where space is limited. Whether you need to connect devices in a small entertainment center or behind a wall-mounted TV, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable provides the necessary flexibility and durability for installations in tight spaces.

Product Specifications

The product specifications of the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable 6 ft 2-Pack include support for 4K@60Hz, Ultra HD features, and compatibility with all HDMI devices. This cable features gold-plated connectors, solid copper conductors, and copper braided shielding to guarantee peak product performance and durability. It is designed to support all High Speed HDMI features, including Audio Return Channel, surround sound, and Ethernet channel. The ultra-thin and flexible design, weighing less than 2 ounces, makes it ideal for various setups. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the cable's performance, flexibility, and durability. Below is a table summarizing some key product specifications:

Cable Length6 ft
Data Transfer Rate18 Gbps
Connector TypeHDMI

Who Needs This

Targeted towards consumers and professionals seeking a reliable and versatile HDMI cable solution, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable 6 ft 2-Pack offers a blend of high performance and convenience for a range of multimedia setups. The target audience for this cable includes individuals looking for a cost-effective yet high-quality HDMI solution to connect various devices such as laptops, monitors, gaming consoles, and more. With its compatibility with all HDMI devices and support for 4K@60Hz resolution, this cable is suitable for those who require seamless audio and video transmission. Whether for home entertainment systems, office presentations, or gaming setups, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable 6 ft 2-Pack caters to a diverse audience seeking reliable connectivity options.


Featuring a slim and lightweight design with robust performance capabilities, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable 6 ft 2-Pack stands out as a versatile solution for seamless audio and video transmission across various devices.

  • Enhanced Performance: Supports 4K@60Hz, HDR, and Ethernet for excellent visuals and connectivity.
  • Durability: Gold-plated connectors, solid copper conductors, and copper braided shielding guarantee long-lasting use.
  • Flexibility: Ultra-thin and flexible design makes it easy to maneuver and store.
  • Convenience: 2-pack offers a spare cable and low-profile connectors save wear on HDMI ports.


Despite its many advantages, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable does have a few drawbacks worth noting. Some of the cons associated with this cable include:

  • Shorter length than expected, limiting placement options.
  • Compatibility issues reported with certain devices or setups.
  • May not be suitable for longer distance connections.
  • Some users experienced signal loss over extended periods.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers consistently express satisfaction with the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable, highlighting its performance, flexibility, and durability in various setups. Customer testimonials praise the zero lag and lack of sync issues, making it ideal for use with a 4 port HDMI/USB KVM switch. The compact and flexible design has been commended for its ability to work well with different devices such as laptops, monitors, and gaming consoles. Some users have noted that the cable is well-constructed and provides reliable performance. While there have been positive experiences overall, a few users received shorter cables than expected. Despite this, the cable's value for money stands out in comparison to other options on the market.

Overall Value

The Ultra Thin HDMI Cable from Cable Matters offers exceptional value with its combination of high performance, flexibility, and durability for a wide range of setups. When considering the value assessment of this cable, user satisfaction is paramount, and the positive feedback on its performance, flexibility, and durability reflects its worth. Customers have highlighted the zero lag, compatibility with various devices, and the cable's ability to provide reliable performance without sync issues. The cost-effective 2-pack option further adds to the value proposition, making it an attractive choice for those looking for a reliable HDMI cable that offers both quality and affordability. The overall user satisfaction and value for money make the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable a compelling option for consumers seeking a high-quality, versatile cable solution.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

For users seeking peak performance from the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable, implementing certain strategies can enhance the overall experience. To guarantee the best results, it is advisable to handle the cable delicately due to its ultra-thin and flexible design. Avoid bending the cable sharply or putting excessive strain on the connectors. Troubleshooting potential issues can involve checking for proper connection alignment and making sure that all devices are powered on. Additionally, using cable management tools to secure the cable in place can prevent accidental disconnections or damage. Following these tips can help optimize the performance of the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable and provide a seamless viewing experience.


In summarizing the overall performance and user feedback, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable emerges as a reliable and versatile option for various setups and devices. User satisfaction is evident from positive feedback on performance, flexibility, and durability, with zero lag or sync issues reported. The cable's compact and flexible design has been praised for different setups, making it ideal for travel and installations. While some users received shorter cables than expected, the overall value for money has been highlighted in reviews. Additionally, the option for price matching feedback submission reflects the brand's commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Overall, the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cable stands out as a cost-effective choice, offering quality performance and user-friendly features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cables Compatible With Older HDMI Devices?

Concerning compatibility with older HDMI devices, Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI cables may experience signal quality issues due to potential differences in signal processing. The flexibility of these cables could impact stability when used with older devices.

Can These Cables Be Used for Outdoor Installations or in Harsh Environments?

For outdoor applications or in rugged environments, it's important to take into account the durability and weatherproofing of cables. Make sure that the HDMI cables are specifically designed for outdoor use to withstand environmental challenges and maintain signal integrity.

Do the Ultra-Thin Design and Flexibility of the Cables Affect Signal Quality?

Signal quality remains uncompromised despite the ultra-thin design and flexibility of the cables. Their sturdy construction guarantees durability and reliable performance. Flexible installation options may have limitations in harsh environments, but for regular use, these cables maintain excellent signal integrity.

Are There Any Recommended Cable Management Solutions for These Ultra-Thin HDMI Cables?

For cable organization with ultra-thin HDMI cables, consider cable clips for securing them neatly along surfaces, or cable sleeves for bundling and concealing wires. Wall mounting can also provide a clean solution for managing these slim cables.

How Does the Weight of the Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI Cables Compare to Traditional HDMI Cables?

When comparing Cable Matters Ultra Thin HDMI cables to traditional ones regarding weight, the former's ultra-light design stands out. Despite being featherweight, these cables offer durable performance and compatibility with various devices for seamless connectivity.

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