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Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable Review

highly recommended ultra slim

I've found that the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable, enhanced with RedMere technology, provides impressive signal-boosting abilities for flawless audio and video transmission. This cable supports 4K x 2K resolution, 3D pass-through, and includes an audio return channel and Ethernet connectivity, making it ideal for various devices. It guarantees signal integrity over extended distances, a boon for 4K displays and low-power HDMI gadgets. Users appreciate its reliability, thin design, and competitive pricing. Want to learn more about its features, specifications, and what customers have to say about it?

Key Takeaways

  • Enhanced signal transmission with RedMere Technology
  • Reliable 4K video and audio connectivity
  • Lightweight and flexible design for easy installation
  • Reported intermittent connection and compatibility issues
  • Overall value with competitive performance and affordability

When evaluating the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable's compatibility, it is important to examine its connectivity with various devices and applications. The incorporation of RedMere technology in this cable brings significant benefits, particularly in signal transmission improvements. RedMere technology enables signal boosting and equalization, enhancing the cable's ability to maintain high-quality audio and video transmission over extended distances. By integrating RedMere technology, the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable guarantees that the signal remains robust and reliable, even when connected to devices with low-power HDMI outputs or when used with longer cable lengths. This technology plays a pivotal role in maintaining signal integrity, reducing potential signal degradation, and ultimately improving the overall performance of the cable in transmitting high-definition content.

Features and Benefits

I will discuss the key features and benefits of the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable with RedMere Technology. The cable's compatibility with RedMere Technology guarantees support for high-speed HDMI features like 4K x 2K video resolution, full 3D pass-through, audio return channel, and Ethernet connectivity. Additionally, the cable incorporates signal-boosting technology, ensuring reliable signal transmission over extended distances, making it ideal for use with 4K displays and devices with low-power HDMI outputs.

RedMere Technology Compatibility Details

RedMere Technology enhances the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable, providing advanced features and benefits for high-speed HDMI connectivity. The advantages of RedMere include a built-in booster and equalizer chipset that enable reliable signal transmission over extended distances. This technology is particularly beneficial for 4K displays and devices with low-power HDMI outputs. When considering device compatibility requirements, it is crucial to verify that the connected devices support HDMI connectivity standards to fully leverage the capabilities of the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable with RedMere Technology. By meeting these compatibility requirements, users can experience seamless high-definition video and audio transmission without compromising quality or performance.

RedMere Technology Signal Boost

The RedMere Technology in the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable provides a signal boost that enhances high-speed HDMI connectivity with advanced features and benefits. This technology guarantees signal integrity and reliability by actively boosting the HDMI signal, allowing for consistent and high-quality audio and video transmission. By incorporating a booster and equalizer chipset, the cable can maintain signal strength over longer distances, improving the overall performance and reducing the likelihood of signal degradation. This enhancement is particularly advantageous when connecting to 4K displays or devices with low-power HDMI outputs, as it helps to mitigate potential signal loss issues. The RedMere signal boost feature plays a crucial role in the cable's ability to deliver a stable and reliable connection for an excellent viewing experience.

Enhanced Signal Transmission Technology

Utilizing advanced signal transmission technology, this HDMI cable enhances connectivity by actively boosting the signal strength for consistent and reliable audio and video transmission. The signal boosting feature guarantees that the audio and video signals maintain their integrity over longer distances, offering a seamless viewing experience. This enhanced connectivity solution is particularly beneficial for users seeking high-quality performance without signal degradation. By incorporating signal boosting capabilities, this HDMI cable establishes a robust link between devices, reducing the chances of interference or signal loss. Whether used for high-definition video streaming, gaming, or professional presentations, the improved signal transmission technology of this cable ensures that data is transferred efficiently and accurately, meeting the demands of modern connectivity solutions.

RedMere Technology Unidirectional Design

By actively enhancing signal transmission, the HDMI cable's RedMere Technology Unidirectional Design guarantees reliable data transfer for high-quality audio and video connectivity. The RedMere technology benefits the cable by improving signal transmission over longer distances, ensuring a stable connection for 4K displays and devices with low-power HDMI outputs. This unidirectional design optimizes the flow of data in one direction, reducing interference and signal loss. The cable's booster and equalizer chipset further enhance signal quality, making it suitable for demanding audio and video applications. With RedMere's signal transmission improvement, users can experience seamless connectivity and enjoy high-resolution content without compromising on quality.

Product Quality

When evaluating the product quality of the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable, it is important to consider its performance in various usage scenarios and the feedback from customers regarding its reliability and functionality. Customer satisfaction plays a significant role in determining the overall quality of the product. Users appreciate the cable's thin and lightweight design, making it suitable for travel, but some have reported compatibility issues with certain devices. The durability of the cable is a key factor, with users valuing the quality and reliability of Cable Matters products. While the cable's unidirectional nature is praised for its specific functionalities, there are suggestions for improvements to ensure bidirectional compatibility for wider device support and to address intermittent connections experienced by some users.

What It's Used For

I will outline the various scenarios in which the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI cable can be effectively utilized, the results obtained from performance testing, and suggestions for potential enhancements in its functionality. These discussions will shed light on the cable's practical applications, its current performance capabilities, and areas where improvements could be made to enhance user experience.

Usage Scenarios Overview

The Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI cable serves as a versatile solution for connecting various devices such as Mac Mini, TVs, HDMI video servers, and projectors, catering to a range of multimedia applications. It is commonly used for PC connectivity, enabling seamless linkage between computers and monitors for tasks like screen extension. Additionally, the cable is well-suited for gaming consoles, facilitating high-definition video and audio transmission for an immersive gaming experience. Its compatibility with a wide array of devices makes it a practical choice for home entertainment setups and professional environments alike. Whether for presentations, movie nights, or gaming sessions, the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI cable offers reliable connectivity and high-quality performance across different usage scenarios.

Performance Testing Results

Performance testing results demonstrate the cable's ability to reliably transmit 4K (18GBPS) video resolution and audio signals, showcasing its suitability for high-definition multimedia applications. Through rigorous performance testing, the cable exhibited consistent signal reliability, ensuring seamless transmission of high-quality visuals and audio. The cable's design with a booster and equalizer chipset enables stable signal transmission over extended distances, making it an ideal choice for setups requiring longer cable runs without compromising signal integrity. Users can trust the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable to deliver crisp 4K video and immersive audio experiences without signal degradation, meeting the demands of modern multimedia applications where signal quality and reliability are paramount.

Enhancement Suggestions

When considering enhancement suggestions for the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable, one key area to focus on is ensuring bidirectional compatibility to broaden device support. By enhancing compatibility in both directions, users can connect a wider range of devices seamlessly. This improvement would address issues related to signal stability, reducing glitches, artifacts, and potential blackouts during usage. Ensuring improved compatibility will not only expand the cable's usability but also enhance the overall user experience by providing a reliable connection across various devices. By focusing on bidirectional compatibility, the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable can offer a more robust solution for consumers seeking a dependable and stable HDMI connection for their devices.

Product Specifications

Featuring cutting-edge RedMere Technology, the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable delivers exceptional performance for high-speed HDMI applications, supporting advanced features like 4K x 2K video resolution and full 3D pass-through. This cable guarantees ideal product compatibility and signal reliability, making it suitable for various devices. Below are the detailed product specifications:

BrandCable Matters
Connector TypeHDMI
Cable TypeUnidirectional Active Ultra Thin
Compatible DevicesTVs, Mac Mini, HDMI video servers, projectors

The Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable is engineered to meet your high-definition connectivity needs, providing a reliable signal transmission and seamless compatibility with a range of devices.

Who Needs This

Pivoting from the discussion on product specifications, individuals seeking reliable high-definition connectivity solutions across a range of devices can benefit from the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable. The target audience includes tech enthusiasts, gamers, home theater users, and professionals requiring seamless HDMI connections. Installation tips involve ensuring the cable is securely plugged into compatible ports, avoiding sharp bends that may damage the cable, and utilizing HDMI extension solutions for longer reach requirements. Users can optimize performance by verifying device compatibility, positioning the cable properly without strain, and considering signal boosting options for enhanced connectivity. The Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable caters to a diverse audience looking for a sleek, durable, and high-quality HDMI solution for their various multimedia needs.


In my analysis, the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable showcases exceptional signal transmission capabilities, bolstered by its RedMere Technology and booster chipset for peak performance. When conducting performance testing, the following pros stood out:

  1. Enhanced Signal Quality: The cable delivers high-quality video and audio signals, ensuring a crisp and clear viewing experience.
  2. Reliable Long-Distance Transmission: With the booster and equalizer chipset, the cable maintains a stable connection over extended distances, making it suitable for setups requiring longer cable runs.
  3. Flexible and Lightweight Design: The cable's slim and lightweight construction allows for easy handling and installation in various setups, enhancing user convenience while maintaining a secure connection.


After examining the impressive signal transmission capabilities of the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable in the previous analysis, it is pertinent to highlight certain drawbacks, or 'Cons', associated with this product.

  1. Signal Compatibility: The cable may face challenges with certain devices, leading to signal compatibility issues that could impact the quality of the audio and video transmission.
  2. Device Issues: Users have reported intermittent connections and device compatibility problems, indicating potential issues with specific hardware configurations.
  3. Need for Thicker Cable: In some cases, users have suggested that a thicker cable might be more appropriate for certain setups to prevent signal glitches and maintain stable connectivity between devices.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers across various online platforms have expressed their feedback on the performance and reliability of the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable. The general consensus revolves around customer satisfaction with the cable's thin and lightweight design, making it convenient for various setups. Users particularly value the signal reliability provided by the cable, ensuring stable connections for their high-definition devices. While some users have highlighted compatibility issues with specific devices, overall satisfaction with the cable's performance and signal transmission capabilities remains high. The unidirectional nature of the cable has been noted, emphasizing the importance of correct orientation for best functionality. To conclude, customers appreciate the quality and reliability of the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable, especially regarding signal reliability.

Overall Value

The overall value of the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable lies in its thin and lightweight design coupled with reliable signal transmission capabilities, catering to the needs of high-definition setups. When considering value comparison, the cable's performance in transmitting 4K x 2K video resolution, full 3D pass-through, audio return channel, and Ethernet connectivity at an affordable price point makes it a competitive choice. Customer satisfaction with this cable is evident in the positive feedback highlighting its quality and reliability, particularly in comparison to thicker cables. Users appreciate its versatility for various devices and scenarios, underlining its value proposition. Overall, the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable offers a compelling balance between performance and cost, satisfying the demands of customers seeking a dependable HDMI solution.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To optimize performance with the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable, consider implementing specific tips and tricks for achieving the best results in your setup. When installing the cable, make sure it is securely connected to both devices, as loose connections can lead to signal loss or intermittent issues. Use cable management tools to prevent strain on the cable, especially near bends or tight corners. Troubleshooting techniques may involve checking for any physical damage along the cable's length, and testing different HDMI ports on your devices to rule out port-specific problems. If you encounter compatibility issues, try updating firmware on your devices or using HDMI extenders to bridge the connection. Following these installation tips and troubleshooting techniques can help you maximize the performance of your Ultra Slim HDMI Cable.


When assessing the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable performance, it becomes evident that the cable's design and features cater to specific high-speed HDMI requirements effectively. The cable's lightweight construction, gold-plated connectors, booster chipset, and solid copper conductor contribute to reliable signal transmission for 4K x 2K video resolution, full 3D pass-through, audio return channel, and Ethernet connectivity. While the cable excels in providing a secure connection for vertical HDMI ports and smaller devices, some users have reported intermittent connections and compatibility issues with certain devices. To conclude, the Cable Matters Ultra Slim HDMI Cable offers a convenient solution for high-speed HDMI applications but may require additional troubleshooting for optimal performance in all usage scenarios. My final thoughts suggest that this cable is suitable for specific setups where its design aligns with the connected devices' requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Cable Be Used for Outdoor Installations?

Yes, this cable isn't designed for outdoor installations due to limited outdoor durability and weather resistance. Consider cables specifically rated for outdoor use, ensuring longevity and reliable performance in external conditions.

Does the Cable Support Dolby Atmos Audio Formats?

In my experience, this HDMI cable supports Dolby Atmos audio formats, ensuring immersive sound quality. Its thin design doesn't compromise durability, offering reliable performance. Consider compatibility with your devices for the best audio experience.

Is There a Warranty Included With the Purchase?

Yes, there's a warranty included with the purchase. It covers signal performance and cable quality. The length limitations are specified in the warranty terms. The warranty adds value to the product, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Can the Cable Be Daisy-Chained for Longer Runs?

Absolutely, this cable is excellent for extending runs, offering superb compatibility options and unbeatable signal strength. But remember, daisy-chaining has its limits. Proper cable management is key to prevent signal degradation over extended lengths.

Does It Support HDR (High Dynamic Range) Content?

Yes, the cable supports HDR content, enhancing picture quality. Its thin design doesn't compromise durability, making it suitable for various devices. Gold-plated connectors guarantee reliable transmission. I've experienced improved visuals with HDR-enabled devices using this cable.

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