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Cable Matters HDMI Cable Review: Ultimate Gaming Experience

hdmi cable enhances gaming

The Cable Matters HDMI cable guarantees a high-quality audiovisual experience, supporting up to 8K resolutions and HDR with its 48 Gbps bandwidth. Its left-angle connector design is perfect for wall-mounted devices, while the braided cable jacket enhances durability. Gamers benefit from immersive audio support, sharp sound effects, and competitive edge with clear sound quality. It offers visually stunning 8K resolution, vibrant colors, and audiovisual detail. With broad compatibility and flawless integration, it guarantees seamless connectivity with gaming devices. The cable is praised for its durability, compatibility, and high data transfer rate, making it a must-have for gaming enthusiasts seeking superior audiovisual quality in their setups.

Key Takeaways

  • Supports 48 Gbps bandwidth for HDR and up to 8K resolutions
  • Enhances gaming with immersive audio and dynamic sound effects
  • Ideal for gaming consoles and graphics cards
  • Durable braided jacket and left-angle connector design
  • High customer satisfaction, reliability, and wide compatibility

Analyzing the performance and durability of the Cable Matters HDMI cable in various gaming and entertainment setups showcases its compatibility and reliability in delivering high-quality audio and video experiences. Performance testing reveals that the cable consistently supports high bandwidth HDR with a 48 Gbps bandwidth, ensuring seamless transmission of video resolutions up to 8K and immersive surround sound. Installation is straightforward, with the left-angle HDMI connector ideal for wall-mounted devices. The braided cable jacket provides protection against tangles and frays, enhancing the cable's longevity. Users can expect a hassle-free setup process, enabling quick integration with gaming consoles, graphics cards, monitors, and TVs for an excellent gaming experience.

Features and Benefits

The Cable Matters HDMI cable offers immersive audio support, enhancing the gaming experience with surround sound capabilities. Its ability to support resolutions up to 8K guarantees a visually stunning viewing experience. The cable's compatibility with various devices promises seamless connectivity and low-latency gaming performance for an ideal user experience.

Immersive Audio Support for Gaming

Enhancing gaming experiences with immersive audio support, the Cable Matters HDMI cable delivers exceptional audio quality to complement high-resolution visuals for a truly immersive gameplay environment. The cable provides audio immersion by supporting surround sound formats, creating a more realistic and engaging gaming experience. With compatibility across various gaming consoles and graphics cards, users can enjoy rich and dynamic sound effects that enhance gameplay and provide a competitive edge. Whether it's the subtle footsteps of an approaching enemy or the thunderous roar of a race car engine, the Cable Matters HDMI cable guarantees that every sound is crisp and clear, elevating the overall gaming experience to new heights.

Enhanced 8K Resolution Support

With its cutting-edge technology and advanced capabilities, the Cable Matters HDMI cable excels in providing enhanced support for 8K resolution, setting a new standard for visual clarity and detail in audiovisual experiences. The improved visual clarity offered by this cable guarantees that users can enjoy the full potential of their 8K displays, witnessing sharper images and more vibrant colors. Additionally, the seamless connectivity provided by the Cable Matters HDMI cable ensures a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience, eliminating any potential disruptions in the transmission of high-resolution content. By integrating these features, Cable Matters has positioned its HDMI cable as a top choice for those seeking to maximize the visual quality of their entertainment systems.

Enhanced Compatibility With Devices

Incorporating advanced features and benefits, the Cable Matters HDMI cable showcases enhanced compatibility with a wide range of devices, ensuring seamless connectivity and peak performance across various setups. Through rigorous compatibility testing, this cable demonstrates seamless device integration with popular gaming consoles like the PS4 Pro, Xbox Series X, and graphics cards such as the Nvidia RTX 3090. Users can expect flawless integration with monitors, televisions, and gaming consoles, supporting the latest video, audio, and gaming features for an immersive experience. The cable's ability to support 4K streaming video, Dolby Vision, and backward compatibility with HDMI 2.0 further enhances its versatility, making it a reliable choice for diverse entertainment setups.

Low-Latency Gaming Performance

The Cable Matters HDMI cable delivers exceptional responsiveness, optimizing gaming performance with minimal latency. Gaming latency is greatly reduced, ensuring smooth and seamless gameplay without delays or lags. This cable's high-speed data transfer rate of 48 Gbps guarantees quick and reliable transmission of gaming signals, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Connection stability is paramount for uninterrupted gaming sessions, and this HDMI cable excels in maintaining a secure and consistent link between the gaming console and the display device. By prioritizing low-latency performance and stable connections, the Cable Matters HDMI cable sets the stage for immersive and responsive gaming sessions, making it a top choice for gamers seeking the ultimate gaming experience.

Product Quality

The cable's durability and robust design guarantee a high level of product quality, meeting the demands of modern high-resolution audio and visual setups. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity and reliability, making it a suitable choice for intense gaming sessions and high-performance entertainment systems. The cable's ability to maintain peak performance even under demanding conditions speaks to its quality and resilience. Users can trust in its capability to deliver consistent results without compromising on audio or visual fidelity. With a focus on both durability and performance, this HDMI cable from Cable Matters is designed to enhance the overall experience of users seeking the best in audio and visual entertainment setups.

What It's Used For

The Cable Matters HDMI cable excels in its usage across various gaming consoles, providing seamless compatibility with devices like PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and more. Its ability to support high video resolutions up to 8K and immersive audio guarantees a superior gaming and entertainment experience. Additionally, the cable's setup flexibility allows for easy integration into different gaming setups and home theater systems.

Gaming Console Compatibility

When seeking an HDMI cable that is optimized for seamless compatibility with gaming consoles, users can rely on the Cable Matters HDMI cable to deliver high-quality video and audio performance for an immersive gaming experience. The Cable Matters HDMI cable has undergone rigorous compatibility testing with various gaming consoles, including PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and more. In performance comparison tests, this cable has demonstrated its capability to support the latest video, audio, and gaming features on TVs or monitors. Users can expect smooth gameplay, vibrant visuals up to 8K resolution, and immersive surround sound audio when using this cable with their gaming consoles.

Video and Audio Support

Enhancing multimedia experiences through seamless integration of high-quality video and audio support is a key function of the Cable Matters HDMI cable. The cable guarantees impeccable sound quality and visual clarity, delivering an immersive audio experience for surround sound systems and supporting video resolutions up to 8K. With a 48 Gbps bandwidth as per the HDMI 2.1 standard, users can expect crisp and vibrant visuals on their displays, making it ideal for gaming, movie-watching, or professional work. The Cable Matters HDMI cable's ability to transmit high-resolution video and high-fidelity audio signals without interference or degradation enhances the overall viewing and listening experience, catering to the needs of both casual users and enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance.

Setup Flexibility

Incorporating the flexibility of the Cable Matters HDMI cable into various setups enhances user convenience and adaptability when connecting multimedia devices for peak performance. Installation tips can optimize the cable's use, ensuring a seamless connection process. For wall mounting, the left-angle HDMI cable connector proves beneficial, especially for wall-mounted devices, facilitating a tidy and organized setup. Effective cable routing and management are essential for maintaining a clutter-free environment and preventing tangling or damage to the cable. By utilizing these features, users can customize their setups to suit their preferences while ensuring top-notch performance and longevity of the Cable Matters HDMI cable.

Product Specifications

With a data transfer rate of 48 Gigabits Per Second, the Cable Matters HDMI Cable, model number 300033-BRN-2m, offers high-speed connectivity and compatibility with a range of devices for peak performance. The cable features a durable braided jacket that provides protection against tangles and frays, ensuring longevity and reliability. Additionally, its left-angle HDMI connector design makes it ideal for wall-mounted devices, allowing for a neat and organized setup. The table below highlights key specifications of the Cable Matters HDMI Cable:

BrandCable Matters
Connector TypeHDMI
Cable TypeHDMI

This table provides a quick overview of essential details about the cable for potential buyers to take into account.

Who Needs This

Pivoting from the discussion on the product specifications of the Cable Matters HDMI Cable, understanding the target audience for this high-speed, durable cable is essential for individuals seeking reliable connectivity solutions across a range of devices. Gaming enthusiasts looking for seamless gameplay and enhanced visual experiences will benefit from the cable's support for high bandwidth HDR, video resolutions up to 8K, and compatibility with various gaming consoles and graphics cards. Additionally, individuals with intricate home entertainment setups requiring immersive audio for surround sound and 4K streaming video will appreciate the cable's performance. Whether it's for competitive gaming sessions or movie nights at home, the Cable Matters HDMI Cable caters to those who demand excellent connectivity in their entertainment systems.


The exceptional build quality and high-speed capabilities of the Cable Matters HDMI Cable make it a standout choice for users seeking reliable and immersive connectivity solutions.

  1. Durability Testing: The cable has undergone rigorous durability testing to guarantee longevity and resilience under various conditions.
  2. High-Speed Performance: With a data transfer rate of 48 Gigabits Per Second, the cable offers seamless and high-speed connectivity for an uninterrupted gaming experience.
  3. Comparison Analysis: When compared to other HDMI cables, the Cable Matters HDMI Cable excels in delivering superior video resolutions up to 8K and immersive audio for surround sound.
  4. Enhanced Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of gaming consoles and graphics cards, this cable provides users with a versatile and hassle-free gaming setup.


Despite its many strengths, a notable drawback of the Cable Matters HDMI Cable is the potential for issues related to shipping delays and customer service. Key points to take into account include:

  1. Shipping Delays: Some customers have reported delays in receiving their orders, which could be frustrating for those in urgent need of the cable.
  2. Customer Service: There have been occasional complaints about the responsiveness and effectiveness of Cable Matters' customer service, which could impact the overall customer experience.
  3. Limited Availability: At times, the cable may be out of stock, leading to longer wait times for customers looking to purchase it.
  4. Return Process: Some users have mentioned challenges with the return process, citing difficulties in obtaining replacements or refunds for faulty cables.

What Customers Are Saying

Upon evaluating customer feedback on the Cable Matters HDMI Cable, a consistent theme emerges regarding its performance and reliability across various setups and devices. Customers have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the product durability, praising the cable for its robust construction and long-lasting quality. Many users have reported seamless compatibility with a wide range of devices, including gaming consoles and high-resolution monitors, further enhancing their overall viewing and gaming experiences. The positive reviews highlight the cable's ability to deliver on its promises of high-quality video and audio transmission, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction. While a few users noted minor delays in shipping, they were ultimately pleased with the cable's performance once received.

Overall Value

Considering the positive customer feedback and consistent performance of the Cable Matters HDMI Cable, an evaluation of its overall value underscores its reliability and quality in enhancing multimedia experiences across a spectrum of devices and setups. When assessing its value compared to other HDMI cables on the market, the Cable Matters HDMI Cable stands out for its high-quality construction, compatibility with a wide range of devices, and support for advanced features like 8K resolution and immersive audio. Customer satisfaction with this product is evident through the numerous positive reviews highlighting its durability and performance across different setups. When it comes to overall value, the Cable Matters HDMI Cable offers a compelling choice for users seeking a reliable and high-performance HDMI solution.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

For peak performance when using the Cable Matters HDMI Cable, implementing specific techniques can enhance the overall viewing and gaming experience. To optimize setup, make sure that the cable is securely connected to both the gaming console and the display device, minimizing any chance of signal interference. Additionally, consider adjusting the video output settings on your gaming console to match the capabilities of your display for the best visual experience. Using gaming accessories such as high-quality controllers, headsets, and gaming chairs can further elevate your gaming sessions when combined with the Cable Matters HDMI Cable. By fine-tuning your setup and utilizing compatible gaming accessories, you can maximize the potential of your gaming equipment and enjoy a truly immersive gaming experience.


To conclude, the Cable Matters HDMI Cable stands out as a reliable and high-performance option for users seeking seamless connectivity and exceptional visual and audio experiences across a range of devices and applications. With its support for high bandwidth HDR, video resolutions up to 8K, and immersive surround sound, this cable caters to the needs of gamers and multimedia enthusiasts. The braided cable jacket provides durability and protection against tangles and frays, ensuring a long-lasting investment. Its compatibility with various gaming consoles, graphics cards, monitors, and televisions further enhances its appeal. Overall, the Cable Matters HDMI Cable delivers on its promises of high-speed data transfer and superior audiovisual quality, making it a top choice for those looking to elevate their entertainment experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This HDMI Cable Be Used for Outdoor Setups?

While the Cable Matters HDMI cable is suitable for indoor use, its outdoor durability and weather resistance may be limited due to the product's design and specifications. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer for specific outdoor setup guidance.

Is the Cable Compatible With Older HDMI Versions?

The Cable Matters HDMI cable is compatible with older HDMI versions, offering backward compatibility with HDMI 2.0. Firmware updates guarantee continued compatibility with various devices. Its high-quality construction supports a smooth shift between different HDMI standards for excellent performance.

Does the Cable Support Variable Refresh Rates (Vrr)?

The Cable Matters HDMI cable supports variable refresh rates (VRR), enhancing gaming performance by synchronizing the display's refresh rate with the frame rate, reducing screen tearing for smoother gameplay. This feature contributes to improved resolution and display quality.

Are There Different Length Options Available for This Cable?

Custom lengths and extension options are available for the Cable Matters HDMI cable, offering flexibility to cater to various setups. Customers can choose the desired length that fits their needs, ensuring ideal connectivity for their devices.

How Does the Braided Jacket Affect Cable Flexibility?

The braided jacket of the Cable Matters HDMI cable enhances durability and performance by providing robust protection against tangles and frays. This premium material and design guarantee flexibility without compromising on strength, making it ideal for various setups.

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