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BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN Review: Windows IoT Storage Solution

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The BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN offers a robust Windows IoT storage solution, equipped with a quad-core Intel Celeron processor, dual 10GbE ports, and AES 256-bit encryption for heightened data security and superior performance. Its RAID support, snapshot technology, and iSCSI capabilities enhance data management, while built-in antivirus, secure boot, and encryption guarantee excellent security features. With up to 64GB RAM and multiple RAID options, it boasts high-speed data transfer rates and 4K video playback support. The intuitive interface, easy setup, and automatic updates make it user-friendly, backed by reliable tech support. Discover more about this extensive storage solution.

Key Takeaways

  • Windows IoT OS and Quad-core Intel Celeron processor for efficient operations.
  • Dual 10GbE ports ensure lightning-fast data transfer speeds.
  • AES 256-bit encryption for robust data security.
  • RAID support (0, 1, 5, 6, 10) and snapshot technology for data protection.
  • Built-in antivirus, user access controls, and scheduled scans enhance security measures.

The BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN offers seamless integration with Windows-friendly applications, leveraging Windows Server features like Shadow Copy and Active Directory to provide reliable storage solutions with 10GbE for much faster transfer speeds. This network performance enhancement guarantees efficient data transfer within the system. Additionally, the TeraStation WS5420DN prioritizes data protection by incorporating robust features that safeguard against potential data loss or corruption. Users can benefit from strengthened backup and disaster recovery plans, enhancing the overall security and integrity of stored data. With these advanced capabilities, the TeraStation WS5420DN stands out as a dependable storage solution that prioritizes both network performance and data protection in a professional setting.

Features and Benefits

The BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN offers impressive 10GbE transfer speeds, providing a significant advantage for data-intensive tasks. This enhanced speed capability allows for quicker data access and transfer within the network infrastructure. With 10GbE, users can experience a notable improvement in performance and efficiency, especially in scenarios requiring high-speed data processing.

0GbE Transfer Speeds

With a 10GbE interface, the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN offers lightning-fast transfer speeds, enhancing efficiency and productivity for data-intensive tasks. The advantages of utilizing 10GbE include greatly improved network performance, allowing for seamless data transfers and reduced latency. This high-speed interface enables quick access to large files, making it ideal for businesses dealing with substantial amounts of data. By leveraging the 10GbE capabilities of the TeraStation WS5420DN, users can experience enhanced network efficiency and smoother operations, ultimately leading to increased productivity. The network performance benefits of 10GbE technology contribute to a more streamlined workflow, particularly in environments where rapid data transfer is essential.

0GbE Transfer Speeds

Enhancing network efficiency and data transfer capabilities, GbE technology in the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN offers significant advantages for businesses managing large volumes of data. The GbE performance optimizes network efficiency by providing high-speed data transfers, reducing latency, and improving overall network reliability. With GbE technology, businesses can experience seamless data access and transfer within their network infrastructure, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency. The network efficiency achieved through GbE guarantees that data-intensive tasks such as backups, file sharing, and accessing large datasets are completed swiftly and without bottlenecks. This performance boost is essential for businesses that rely on quick and consistent data transfers for their operations, making the TeraStation WS5420DN an ideal solution for demanding storage needs.

0GbE Transfer Speeds

Optimizing network performance through GbE technology guarantees efficient data transfers and enhanced network reliability for businesses managing substantial data loads. The BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN leverages GbE performance to provide high-speed data transfers, ensuring quick access to stored information. With network optimization at its core, this device facilitates seamless data flow, reducing latency and enhancing overall network efficiency. The GbE capabilities of the TeraStation WS5420DN enable businesses to handle large file transfers and data-intensive tasks with ease, making it a reliable storage solution for demanding work environments. By harnessing the power of GbE technology, this device ensures that businesses can effectively manage their data storage needs while maintaining network stability and performance.

0GbE Speed Advantage

Leveraging Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) technology offers businesses a key speed advantage in data transfers, bolstering network performance and efficiency. GbE benefits include notably faster data transmission rates compared to standard Ethernet connections, allowing for swift and seamless file sharing, data backup, and access to network resources. This enhanced network performance translates into improved productivity and reduced downtime for organizations relying on data-intensive operations. By harnessing the power of GbE, businesses can optimize their network infrastructure to meet the demands of modern computing environments, ensuring smooth and reliable connectivity for critical business processes. The speed advantage provided by GbE technology is an important factor in enhancing overall network efficiency and performance.

Product Quality

The product quality of the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN is an essential aspect that users consider when evaluating its performance and reliability. When it comes to product performance, the TeraStation WS5420DN offers reliable storage solutions with NAS-grade hard drives and 10GbE for faster transfer speeds. However, customer satisfaction has been mixed, with reports of issues such as challenges with Buffalo software installation, firmware updates, drive failures, and fan noise problems. Some customers also encountered discrepancies in the Windows Server version received. While the hardware is generally praised for its solid performance and plug-and-play functionality, these quality-related issues have affected overall user satisfaction with the product.

What It's Used For

The BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN is utilized for a multitude of applications and industries, offering seamless integration with cloud services such as Azure, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Its primary functions include robust backup and file security capabilities, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality for various business needs. With its reliable storage solutions and expansive virtualization capabilities, this device caters to organizations requiring efficient data management and secure file sharing.

Applications and Industries

Buffalo TeraStation WS5420DN is widely utilized across a spectrum of industries and applications, offering seamless storage solutions and robust data management capabilities. Its compatibility with Windows-friendly applications makes it ideal for businesses requiring efficient data storage. The device can cater to industries such as healthcare, finance, education, and small to medium-sized enterprises. With Windows Server features like Shadow Copy and Active Directory, it guarantees secure and efficient data management. The 10GbE capability enhances transfer speeds greatly, making it suitable for applications demanding high data throughput. Whether used for file sharing, backup, or disaster recovery, the TeraStation WS5420DN provides reliable and scalable storage solutions for diverse industry needs.

Integration With Cloud Services

Utilizing cloud integration capabilities, the TeraStation WS5420DN enhances data accessibility and collaboration across various industries and applications. By seamlessly integrating with popular cloud services like Dropbox, Azure, and OneDrive, this device facilitates secure data storage and sharing. The cloud integration feature not only allows for convenient access to files from anywhere but also enables efficient collaboration among team members. Data security is a top priority with the TeraStation WS5420DN, ensuring that sensitive information is protected during transmission and storage in the cloud. By leveraging cloud services, users can enhance their workflow efficiency while maintaining robust data security measures, making the TeraStation WS5420DN a valuable asset for businesses looking to optimize their storage solutions.

Backup and File Security

Enhancing data protection and ensuring secure storage, the TeraStation WS5420DN's Backup and File Security feature is designed to safeguard critical information for businesses and industries. With data encryption capabilities, sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with security standards. The device also offers remote access functionality, allowing users to securely access and manage files from anywhere, enhancing flexibility and productivity. By implementing robust backup protocols, the TeraStation WS5420DN provides a reliable solution for disaster recovery, ensuring that data remains intact and accessible in case of emergencies. Businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their valuable information is securely stored and accessible when needed.

Product Specifications

What are the key technical specifications that define the storage capabilities of the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN? The BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN comes equipped with a 16TB Mechanical Hard Disk offering reliable storage for various applications. Below are the detailed technical specifications for this device:

Hard Drive16TB Mechanical Hard Disk
Hardware PlatformPC
Item Weight17.5 pounds
Product Dimensions9 x 7 x 9 inches
Hard Drive InterfaceSerial ATA-600

These specifications play an important role in determining the product performance and assist in understanding the setup process for the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN.

Who Needs This

The BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN is tailored for businesses seeking robust storage solutions with seamless integration and enhanced data protection features. This IoT storage device caters to a specific target audience consisting of businesses that prioritize data security, efficient storage management, and seamless integration with Windows-based applications. Companies looking to leverage Windows Server features such as Shadow Copy and Active Directory will find the TeraStation WS5420DN particularly suitable for their needs. With its 16TB capacity, RAID configurations, and 10GbE connectivity for accelerated data transfer speeds, this device is ideal for businesses requiring reliable and high-performance storage solutions. Additionally, the support for cloud integration with services like Dropbox, Azure, and OneDrive make it a versatile choice for businesses aiming for thorough backup and disaster recovery plans.


Providing a wide range of features, the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN stands out as a reliable and versatile storage solution for businesses in need of enhanced data security and seamless integration with Windows-based applications. When considering the pros of this device, several key points emerge:

  1. Solid Performance: Customers have praised the TeraStation WS5420DN for its robust hardware and plug-and-play functionality, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  2. Integration Capabilities: The device seamlessly integrates with Windows-friendly applications, leveraging features like Shadow Copy and Active Directory to enhance operational efficiency.
  3. Storage Capacity: With a 16TB capacity and RAID configurations, users benefit from ample storage space and strengthened backup options, contributing to an efficient backup and disaster recovery plan.

These advantages position the TeraStation WS5420DN as a competitive choice for businesses seeking reliable and secure storage solutions.


Despite its numerous strengths, the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN does face some drawbacks that users should consider before making a purchase decision. These include:

  1. Issues with Firmware: Some users have reported challenges with firmware updates, which can impact the device's performance and security features.
  2. Noise Complaints: A common complaint among users is the fan noise and high fan speed issues, which can be disruptive in environments where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.
  3. Software Installation Challenges: Users have encountered difficulties with Buffalo software installation, affecting the ease of setup and configuration of the device.

What Customers Are Saying

Observing customer feedback reveals varied experiences with the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN, highlighting both commendations and concerns. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the solid hardware and plug-and-play functionality of the device. However, there have been reports of issues with Buffalo software installation, challenges with firmware updates, and drive failures which have impacted customer satisfaction. Moreover, some users have noted fan noise and high fan speed problems. Additionally, a few customers have received Server 2016 instead of the expected Server 2019, raising concerns about software compatibility. These mixed reviews emphasize the importance of ensuring seamless software integration and addressing customer concerns to enhance overall customer satisfaction with the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN.

Overall Value

The evaluation of the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN's overall value entails a thorough analysis of its features, performance, and customer feedback to ascertain its cost-effectiveness and utility in a variety of operational environments. The value proposition of this device lies in its seamless integration with Windows applications, robust storage capabilities, 10GbE transfer speeds, and cloud integration with popular services like Dropbox and Azure. However, customer satisfaction is mixed, with reports of challenges such as software installation issues, firmware updates, and drive failures. Despite these concerns, the TeraStation WS5420DN offers a comprehensive storage solution with enhanced backup and disaster recovery features, catering to diverse industry needs.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

For peak performance and efficiency when utilizing the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN, implementing the following tips and tricks is recommended. Best practices include regularly updating firmware to guarantee the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches are applied. Utilize RAID configurations to maximize data protection and storage efficiency. Monitor fan speeds and noise levels to address any potential cooling issues promptly. Troubleshooting tips involve checking network connections, guaranteeing proper ventilation around the device, and running diagnostic tools provided by BUFFALO for proactive maintenance. Additionally, consider segregating network traffic to optimize data transfer speeds and prioritize critical applications. By following these guidelines, users can enhance the functionality and reliability of their TeraStation WS5420DN for a superior storage experience.


To conclude, the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN provides a comprehensive storage solution with advanced features designed for efficient data management and secure backup processes. This device offers seamless integration with Windows-friendly applications, leveraging Windows Server features like Shadow Copy and Active Directory. The 10GbE capability guarantees faster transfer speeds, improving overall performance. With a 16TB capacity and RAID configurations, it offers reliable storage options for various industries. The TeraStation WS5020 IoT device's compatibility with Windows Server IoT 2019 and virtualization capabilities with Hyper-V make it a versatile option for businesses. Although some users have reported challenges with firmware updates and drive failures, the TeraStation WS5420DN remains a robust storage solution for those requiring advanced features and secure data management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Terastation WS5020 Iot Device Be Used With Mac or Linux Systems?

The TeraStation WS5020 IoT device is optimized for Windows integration. While primarily designed for Windows environments, Mac compatibility is limited, and Linux compatibility may require additional configurations. Compatibility with Mac and Linux systems may be challenging.

Are There Any Compatibility Issues With Specific Antivirus Software?

When considering antivirus compatibility, users should assess specific software needs for seamless integration. Troubleshooting strategies may involve updating software versions, adjusting settings, or seeking manufacturer guidance. Diligent evaluation and proactive measures can mitigate potential compatibility issues.

How Often Should Firmware Updates Be Performed for Optimal Performance?

Firmware updates should be performed regularly to optimize system performance, enhance security, and fix bugs. Regular upgrades help maintain performance levels, guarantee compatibility with new software versions, and provide access to new features and improvements.

Is It Possible to Expand Storage Capacity Beyond the Initial 16TB Limit?

While theoretically possible to expand storage beyond the 16TB limit, it's essential to follow manufacturer guidelines for compatibility and performance benchmarks. Options may include additional drives, RAID configurations, or external storage solutions to meet evolving storage needs effectively.

What Measures Are in Place for Securing Data in Case of a Cyber Attack?

Data encryption is utilized to secure data on the BUFFALO TeraStation WS5420DN, preventing unauthorized access. Network monitoring tools are employed to track and detect any suspicious activities, enhancing the system's resilience against potential cyber attacks.

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