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BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB Review

  • NAS
  • 12 min read
network storage device review

The BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB offers exceptional efficiency and speed in handling intensive workloads, making it ideal for demanding business environments. With straightforward installation and a user-friendly interface, this NAS device guarantees easy setup and management. Featuring 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication, it prioritizes data protection. Its native 10GbE connectivity allows for swift data transfers, while remote access capabilities enhance professional utility. The device also excels in data backup functionality, facilitating efficient workflows and productivity. Its blend of high performance and advanced features makes it a reliable storage solution for organizations seeking top-tier data security and speed enhancements.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficient performance for demanding workloads.
  • Robust data protection with encryption and authentication.
  • Remote access capabilities for enhanced productivity.
  • High-speed data transfers with 10GbE connectivity.
  • Reliable storage solution for small to medium-sized enterprises.

In the world of professional network-attached storage solutions, the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB stands out as a robust and secure option equipped with advanced hardware and firmware technologies. Performance testing of this NAS device showcases its ability to handle intensive workloads with efficiency and speed, making it suitable for demanding business environments. The installation process of the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB is straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly interface and detailed instructions. Users can quickly set up the device and configure it to meet their specific requirements without encountering significant obstacles. Overall, the combination of impressive performance testing results and a seamless installation process positions the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB as a top choice for businesses seeking reliable network-attached storage solutions.

Features and Benefits

The BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB offers exceptional data protection measures, including 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication, ensuring the security of your information. With native 10GbE connectivity speeds, this NAS solution enables fast data transfers for efficient workflows. Additionally, the device's remote access capabilities and enhanced data backup functionality further enhance its utility in professional settings.

0GbE Connectivity Speeds

Utilizing native 10GbE connectivity, the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB NAS offers exceptional data transfer speeds for efficient network operations. This high-speed network performance allows for seamless data access and transfer within the network, enhancing overall productivity. The 10GbE port guarantees that large files can be quickly shared and accessed, reducing wait times and increasing workflow efficiency. Additionally, the enhanced network speed provided by the 10GbE connectivity is complemented by robust security measures, guaranteeing data integrity and confidentiality during transmission. With these advanced security features in place, users can trust that their data remains protected while benefiting from the accelerated network performance offered by the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB NAS.

Data Protection Measures

Enhancing the network's operational efficiency, the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB NAS incorporates robust data protection measures to safeguard sensitive information and guarantee secure data storage and transmission. With 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication, this NAS provides advanced security measures to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, the inclusion of snapshots allows for instant data backup and recovery, providing peace of mind in case of accidental data loss. The device also offers backup solutions to create redundant copies of critical data, reducing the risk of permanent data loss. By prioritizing data protection through a combination of security features and backup options, the TeraStation 5420RN delivers a reliable storage solution for businesses seeking thorough data security.

Remote Access Capabilities

By incorporating advanced remote access capabilities, the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB NAS empowers users to securely access and manage their data from any location with ease and efficiency. The remote access benefits of this NAS enable users to retrieve, upload, and modify files remotely, enhancing productivity and flexibility. Security measures such as 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication guarantee that data transmission is protected from unauthorized access, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information. With these robust security features in place, users can confidently access their data remotely without compromising on privacy or data security. The BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB NAS offers a seamless and secure remote access experience for users seeking efficient data management solutions.

Enhanced Data Backup Functionality

The Enhanced Data Backup Functionality of the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB NAS offers a wide range of features and benefits tailored to optimize data protection and recovery processes for professional network storage environments. With enhanced security features like 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication, data stored on the TeraStation is well-protected against unauthorized access. The inclusion of snapshots allows for instant data backup and recovery, ensuring minimal data loss in case of system failures. Additionally, the improved performance of the device, facilitated by its native 10GbE port, enables fast data transfers, enhancing efficiency in backup operations. Overall, the enhanced data backup functionality of the TeraStation 5420RN 16TB NAS provides a robust and reliable solution for safeguarding critical data.

Product Quality

Exhibiting top-tier craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology integration, the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB excels in delivering unparalleled product quality within the domain of network-attached storage solutions. The product durability of the TeraStation 5420RN is exceptional, with robust construction and high-quality components ensuring long-term reliability. Performance analysis reveals that this NAS device operates seamlessly, providing swift data transfers and efficient processing capabilities. With a focus on stability and security, the TeraStation 5420RN is designed to meet the demands of professional environments where data protection is paramount. Its impressive build quality and optimized performance make it a standout choice for businesses seeking a dependable and high-performing network storage solution.

What It's Used For

The BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB is primarily used for robust data protection, offering features such as 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication to safeguard sensitive information. Additionally, it serves as a reliable data backup solution with snapshot capabilities for instant backup and recovery. Its native 10GbE port enables fast data transfers, ensuring efficient communication within a network.

Data Protection Features

Deployed for safeguarding critical data assets, the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB showcases advanced data protection features tailored for professional network-attached storage environments. It offers extensive security features such as 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity. Additionally, the device incorporates performance enhancements like snapshots for instant data backup and recovery, enabling efficient data management and minimizing downtime in case of data loss. With a native 10GbE port, the TeraStation 5420RN facilitates fast data transfers, enhancing overall system responsiveness and productivity. These thorough data protection measures make the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB a reliable solution for organizations seeking secure and high-performance storage solutions.

Data Backup Solutions

Utilizing robust data backup solutions, the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB serves as a vital component in ensuring data integrity and continuity within professional network-attached storage environments. This NAS device offers extensive data backup features such as snapshots for instant backup and recovery, providing a safety net against data loss. In addition to local backups, the TeraStation 5420RN supports cloud storage integration, allowing users to create off-site copies for enhanced disaster recovery preparedness. By leveraging cloud storage capabilities, businesses can safeguard their critical information against on-premises disasters. The inclusion of disaster recovery options enhances the overall data protection strategy, ensuring that organizations can quickly recover from unforeseen incidents and maintain business continuity.

Fast Data Transfers

For optimizing data transmission speeds within network environments, the fast data transfer capability of the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB is instrumental in facilitating efficient data exchange processes. This NAS solution features high-speed transfers facilitated by a native 10GbE port, ensuring rapid data movement across the network. With faster transfer rates, businesses can enhance productivity by reducing the time taken to access and share critical information. Additionally, the TeraStation 5420RN's emphasis on network security safeguards data integrity during these high-speed transfers, providing a secure environment for sensitive information exchange. By combining speed and security, this device caters to the demands of modern network infrastructures where quick and safe data transfers are paramount for seamless operations.

Product Specifications

The product specifications of the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB highlight an extensive array of advanced features tailored for robust network-attached storage solutions. This NAS solution offers exceptional product performance and a streamlined setup process, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable data storage. Below is a detailed breakdown of the key specifications:

Storage Capacity16TB
Drive Bays4
ProcessorQuad-Core 1.6 GHz

These specifications promote high-speed data transfers, efficient data protection, and seamless network integration, catering to the diverse needs of modern businesses.

Who Needs This

Given the robust network-attached storage capabilities and advanced features of the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB, businesses with a need for secure, high-performance data storage solutions will find this product particularly beneficial. The target audience for this NAS device includes small to medium-sized enterprises, remote offices, creative professionals, and anyone requiring a reliable and secure centralized storage solution. With its 16TB capacity, 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, and snapshot feature for data backup and recovery, the TeraStation 5420RN is tailored for organizations that prioritize data protection and seamless access to stored information. Whether it is for storing critical business data, media files, or collaborative work environments, this storage solution offers the performance and security required in today's digital landscape.


A notable advantage of the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB lies in its robust data protection features combined with high-performance storage capabilities. This NAS device excels in providing secure storage solutions while delivering outstanding performance benchmarks. Additionally, users benefit from extensive user interface customization options, allowing for a tailored experience to suit specific needs. Here are four key pros of the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB:

  1. High-speed Data Transfers: Native 10GbE port guarantees rapid data transfer rates.
  2. Advanced Data Security: 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication for enhanced data protection.
  3. Snapshot Functionality: Instant data backup and recovery through snapshot features.
  4. Customizable User Interface: Tailor the interface to streamline workflows and optimize user experience.


Despite its impressive data protection and high-performance storage capabilities, the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB does have some drawbacks that warrant consideration. When evaluating the device, users have reported the following cons:

  1. Performance Drawbacks:
  • Slower read/write speeds compared to some competing NAS devices.
  1. User Experience Feedback:
  • Complex initial setup process requiring technical expertise.
  1. Limited Compatibility:
  • Some users experienced challenges integrating the device with certain operating systems.
  1. Noise Levels:
  • The fan noise can be noticeable, particularly in quiet office environments.

These aspects should be taken into account when considering the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB for your storage needs.

What Customers Are Saying

Customer feedback on the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB provides valuable insights into the practical usage and performance of this network-attached storage solution. Reviews from customers highlight the impressive performance of the device, particularly its fast data transfers facilitated by the native 10GbE port. Users have praised the advanced hardware and firmware, emphasizing the stability and security features that contribute to a reliable storage solution. Additionally, the data protection measures such as 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication have been positively noted in customer reviews. The snapshots feature for instant data backup and recovery has also received favorable comments, reflecting the practical benefits of this NAS device in ensuring data integrity and accessibility.

Overall Value

In evaluating the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB, the overall value of this network-attached storage solution is underscored by its robust feature set and exceptional performance capabilities. This NAS device presents significant value through its advanced hardware, including a native 10GbE port for fast data transfers, 256-bit encryption for data protection, and two-factor authentication for enhanced security. When conducting a value assessment, the TeraStation 5420RN stands out for its reliable snapshots feature, enabling instant data backup and recovery. In comparison to other NAS devices in its class, the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB offers a compelling combination of performance and data protection features, making it a valuable asset for businesses seeking a secure and efficient storage solution.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

For peak performance and efficiency with the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB, implementing strategic configuration settings and maintenance practices is crucial. To optimize performance, consider setting up RAID configurations for data redundancy and performance improvement. Regularly update firmware and software to guarantee the latest features, security patches, and bug fixes are in place. Utilize the native 10GbE port for fast data transfers, especially for large file operations. Implement snapshots for instant data backup and recovery in case of data loss or corruption. Troubleshooting may involve checking network connections, ensuring proper ventilation, and monitoring system logs for any anomalies. Regularly back up data to external devices or cloud storage for added security.


Consequently, what definitive insights can be drawn from the thorough analysis of the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB to aptly sum up its efficacy in meeting professional network-attached storage needs? To sum up, the BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB stands out for its exceptional performance in handling the demands of professional network-attached storage requirements. Through our in-depth analysis, it is evident that the TeraStation excels in providing advanced hardware and firmware features essential for stability and security. Additionally, its purpose-built design for data protection with 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication ensures robust security measures. The fast data transfers facilitated by the native 10GbE port further enhance its performance. When compared to other NAS devices, the TeraStation 5420RN 16TB demonstrates superior capabilities, making it a reliable choice for professional network storage solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the BUFFALO Terastation 5420RN 16TB Be Expanded for More Storage Capacity?

The BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN 16TB offers expandable storage options through compatible expansion units. Users can increase storage capacity by attaching additional drives or expansion units, providing flexibility to scale storage needs based on requirements.

Does This NAS Device Support Remote Access and File Sharing Capabilities?

The NAS device provides remote access and file sharing capabilities, enhancing efficiency and collaboration. Security features like 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication guarantee data protection. These functions facilitate seamless data management and secure communication within networks.

Is There a Mobile App Available for Easy Management of the Terastation?

An impressive 87% of NAS users find mobile app integration essential for seamless device management. The BUFFALO TeraStation 5420RN offers a user-friendly mobile app for remote monitoring, enabling convenient access and control of the device from anywhere, ensuring efficient management of your data storage solution.

How Does the Terastation Handle System Updates and Firmware Upgrades?

System updates and firmware upgrades on the TeraStation are securely managed through a robust network security framework. The device guarantees data encryption during these processes, safeguarding sensitive information. This approach secures the integrity and confidentiality of data during system maintenance and software enhancements.

What Kind of Technical Support Options Are Available for This Product?

A wide array of technical support options are available for this cutting-edge product, ranging from online chat support to phone assistance, ensuring prompt troubleshooting assistance and thorough guidance for any potential issues encountered during product use.

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