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BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 Review

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After investigating, I find the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 to be a dependable NAS solution. It excels in seamless file transfers, strong data security, and quick backups, ideal for small office or home office needs. The device offers robust hardware and reliable performance with 8TB storage capacity and RAID data protection. Users praise its straightforward setup, quiet operation, and value for money. With high-speed data transfer and inclusive hard drives, it's a solid choice. For those seeking reliable performance and secure file management, this BUFFALO NAS ticks many boxes. It's definitely worth considering.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficient data transfer speeds for seamless file transfers and backups.
  • User-friendly setup and maintenance for smooth workflow operations.
  • Strong network security features for data encryption and privacy.
  • Remote access capability for easy data management from anywhere.
  • Reliable hardware with RAID data protection, suitable for small/home offices.

The BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 NAS provides a reliable storage solution for small offices and home offices seeking efficient data management. When it comes to performance comparison, the NAS stands out for its seamless file transfers and backup speeds, ensuring smooth workflow operations. In my experience, setting up the device was generally trouble-free, but some users have reported setup troubleshooting issues such as initial setup problems and interface glitches. It's important to follow the provided guidelines closely to avoid any hiccups during installation. By addressing these setup concerns promptly, users can fully leverage the NAS's capabilities and enjoy its secure file sharing features and RAID data protection for a streamlined and secure data management experience.

Features and Benefits

The BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 8TB 2-Bay NAS offers a range of features that enhance user experience. The NAS provides remote access, allowing users to access their data from anywhere. With data encryption, smartphone app integration, and direct copy functionality, this NAS guarantees secure and efficient file management.

NAS Remote Access Feature

With NAS Remote Access, how does the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 enhance user connectivity and accessibility to stored data? Setting up remote access on the LinkStation SoHo 220 is straightforward, allowing users to access their data from anywhere with an internet connection. By configuring remote access, users can conveniently retrieve, upload, or share files remotely, increasing productivity and flexibility. Troubleshooting tips for remote access issues may include checking network settings, ensuring proper port forwarding, and verifying user permissions. The NAS's remote access feature empowers users to manage their data efficiently, providing a seamless experience for accessing important files securely from various locations.

Data Encryption Capability

Boosting the user's data security and privacy, the Data Encryption Capability of the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 guarantees that stored information remains safeguarded against unauthorized access. This feature ensures that data security is vital, preventing sensitive information from being compromised. By utilizing encryption, the NAS enhances performance optimization by securely storing data, maintaining its integrity, and reducing the risk of data breaches. With encrypted data, users can confidently store and transfer files without concerns about unauthorized interception. This advanced security measure not only protects valuable data but also instills confidence in users regarding the safety and confidentiality of their information. The Data Encryption Capability of the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 is an essential component in maintaining robust data security protocols.

Smartphone App Integration

Integrating smartphone apps with the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 enhances user accessibility and streamlines file management on-the-go. The smartphone integration allows users to access and manage files stored on the NAS directly from their mobile devices, offering convenience and flexibility. With the ability to connect seamlessly to the LinkStation via the app, users can upload, download, and share files effortlessly, making it easier to collaborate and access important data from anywhere. Additionally, the integration with cloud storage services enhances data sharing and backup options, providing an extra layer of security and accessibility for users who require efficient and reliable file management solutions on their smartphones.

Direct Copy Functionality

LinkStation SoHo 220's Direct Copy Functionality enhances file management by allowing seamless and efficient transfer of data between connected devices. This feature streamlines file organization by enabling quick and easy backups of important data. With Direct Copy, users can swiftly transfer files between the NAS and external storage devices, enhancing backup solutions and minimizing the risk of data loss. The ability to directly copy files also facilitates efficient data management, especially for users dealing with large volumes of information. This functionality simplifies the process of creating backups, ensuring that important files are securely stored and easily accessible when needed. Ultimately, Direct Copy adds a layer of convenience and reliability to the LinkStation SoHo 220's file management capabilities.

Product Quality

With its robust hardware and reliable performance, the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 8TB 2-Bay NAS stands out for its exceptional product quality in meeting the storage needs of small offices and home offices. The product performance of this NAS is highly praised by users, reflecting in their overall satisfaction. Customers appreciate the ease of setup and efficient operation of the device. Positive feedback often highlights the value, storage capacity, and secure file sharing capabilities it offers. While some users have encountered initial setup problems and interface issues, the majority find the NAS reliable for document storage, backups, and media drive purposes. Its RAID configurations and features like the sleep timer and UPS support contribute to its high customer satisfaction.

What It's Used For

I use the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 primarily for storage and backups, taking advantage of its 8TB capacity and RAID data protection for secure file storage. Additionally, I utilize its media sharing capabilities to stream content across devices seamlessly. The user-friendly interface of the NAS allows me to manage my files efficiently and set up automated backups with ease.

Storage and Backups

The BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 NAS serves as a versatile solution for storage and backups, catering to the needs of small offices and home offices with its 8TB capacity and RAID data protection features. When it comes to storage options, the 8TB capacity provides ample space for documents, media files, and backups from multiple devices. The RAID data protection guarantees that your data is safe and secure, offering peace of mind against potential drive failures. For backup solutions, the NAS allows for automated backups of various computers and devices, ensuring that important data is consistently protected. With its storage capacity and backup capabilities, the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 is a reliable choice for managing your data efficiently and securely.

Media Sharing Capabilities

The multimedia sharing capabilities of the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 NAS enhance its functionality by facilitating seamless sharing of media files across devices within small offices and home office environments. This NAS supports media streaming and file sharing, allowing users to easily access and play multimedia content on various devices connected to the network. Whether it's sharing videos, music, or photos, the LinkStation SoHo 220 guarantees smooth and efficient distribution of media files. With its robust file sharing features, users can securely exchange data and collaborate on projects without any hassle. The media sharing capabilities of this NAS contribute to a more connected and productive work environment, making it a valuable asset for individuals and small businesses alike.

User-Friendly Interface

When using the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 NAS, users depend on its user-friendly interface for easy access and efficient management of files and settings. The interface customization options allow users to tailor the NAS to their specific needs, enhancing productivity. Troubleshooting tips integrated into the interface provide quick solutions to common issues, ensuring smooth operation. Customizing the interface enables users to streamline their workflow, organize files effectively, and optimize performance. By utilizing the user-friendly interface, tasks such as setting up automated backups, configuring RAID data protection, and managing user access become straightforward and intuitive. The interface's intuitive design simplifies navigation and enhances user experience, making file management and system control hassle-free.

Product Specifications

Offering a thorough overview of technical features, the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 8TB 2-Bay NAS provides users with a versatile and efficient storage solution for small offices and home offices. When considering performance comparison and the installation process, this NAS stands out. Below are the essential product specifications:

Technical DetailsDescription
Hard Drive8TB
SeriesLinkStation SoHo
Item Model NumberLS220D0802B
Hardware PlatformPC, Mac
Item Weight5.08 pounds
Product Dimensions8.1 x 3.4 x 5 inches
Flash Memory Size8
Best Sellers Rank#112 in Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices

Who Needs This

When it comes to seeking a reliable and budget-friendly storage solution, this BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 NAS offers versatile and efficient storage capabilities for both professional and home users. The target audience for this NAS includes small office or home office users requiring secure file storage and backup solutions. Professionals looking for a cost-effective network-attached storage device with RAID data protection features will find this NAS suitable. When considering market competition, the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 competes with similar NAS devices from brands like Synology and QNAP. However, its inclusive hard drives and subscription-free personal cloud storage set it apart, making it an attractive option for those looking for simplicity and functionality in their storage solutions.


With its inclusive hard drives and subscription-free personal cloud storage, the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 NAS stands out as a versatile and efficient storage solution for small office and home office users.

  1. High-Speed Data Transfer: The NAS provides fast data transfer speeds, allowing for quick access to stored files and seamless streaming.
  2. Robust Network Security: Featuring secure file sharing capabilities and RAID data protection, the device guarantees data integrity and confidentiality.
  3. Easy Setup and Maintenance: Users appreciate the straightforward installation process and the automated backups that aid in maintaining data consistency.

These factors make the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 a reliable choice for users seeking a secure and user-friendly storage solution.


Despite its efficient data transfer speeds and robust security features, some users have encountered drawbacks with the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 NAS that warrant consideration.

  1. Interface Issues: Certain users have reported experiencing difficulties with the NAS interface, finding it to be somewhat underdeveloped and lacking in user-friendly features.
  2. Setup Problems: A common complaint among users relates to initial setup problems, with some finding the configuration process to be less intuitive than expected.
  3. Limited Customization: The NAS device may not offer as much customization as some users desire, limiting their ability to tailor the system to their specific needs effectively.

What Customers Are Saying

Users' experiences with the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 NAS offer valuable insights into the practical functionality and performance of this storage solution. Customer reviews highlight the straightforward and efficient setup process of the NAS, making it user-friendly. Positive feedback focuses on the quiet operation, value for money, ample storage capacity, and easy file sharing capabilities. However, some users have mentioned initial setup challenges and interface issues in their reviews. One user specifically faced difficulties with default settings and access controls. Despite these minor setbacks, customers appreciate using the NAS for document storage, backups, and media drive purposes. The device's support for RAID configurations, reliable performance, and additional features like sleep timer and UPS support are also positively noted.

Overall Value

In evaluating the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 NAS, one immediately recognizes its exceptional overall value. When comparing its features and capabilities to similar products in the market, the LinkStation SoHo 220 stands out for its cost-effectiveness and performance. Its 8TB storage capacity, RAID data protection, and subscription-free cloud storage options provide excellent value for small offices and home users. Performance analysis reveals that the NAS delivers reliable and efficient operation for tasks like document storage, backups, and media management. Additionally, the device's ease of use and secure file sharing features further enhance its value proposition. Overall, the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 offers a compelling combination of functionality and affordability in the NAS market.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To optimize the performance and functionality of your BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 NAS, consider implementing these expert tips and tricks for achieving the best results. For performance optimization, make sure your NAS is placed in a well-ventilated area to prevent overheating, which can impact speed and reliability. Regularly update the firmware to access the latest features and security enhancements. Utilize RAID configurations for data protection and increased storage efficiency. Troubleshooting tips include checking network connections, restarting the NAS if experiencing connectivity issues, and updating antivirus software to prevent malware affecting performance. By following these recommendations, you can maximize the capabilities of your BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 for seamless operations and reliable data storage.


To conclude, the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 offers a reliable and budget-friendly storage solution that meets the needs of professional and home users. With its 8TB storage capacity, RAID data protection, and automated backups, this NAS device proves to be a versatile option for a variety of storage requirements. Its subscription-free personal cloud storage and secure file transfer capabilities enhance data security and accessibility. While some users mention initial setup challenges and interface issues, overall feedback emphasizes the value, storage capacity, and ease of file sharing that this device provides. The NAS's performance, along with features such as RAID configurations, sleep timer, UPS support, and direct copy functionality, caters well to users looking for efficient storage solutions. In conclusion, the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 is a compelling choice for those seeking reliable and cost-effective storage solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BUFFALO Linkstation Soho 220 Compatible With Smart Home Devices?

Yes, the BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 220 is compatible with smart home devices, enhancing smart home automation capabilities. Its network security features guarantee safe integration with various devices for seamless and secure connectivity in a smart home setup.

Can the NAS Be Used for Streaming Media to Smart Tvs?

Yes, the NAS supports media compatibility for streaming to Smart TVs through various connectivity options. It allows seamless streaming of content from the NAS to Smart TVs, enhancing the entertainment experience in the comfort of your home.

Does the Device Support Remote Access for File Management?

Yes, the device supports remote access for file management. It offers robust security features for data protection and high-performance benchmarks. Remote access allows for efficient file management from anywhere, ensuring secure and seamless access to stored data.

How Many User Accounts Can Be Created on the Nas?

I can create multiple user accounts on the NAS to manage permissions and security settings. This feature allows for network sharing and data backup with customized access levels for different users, enhancing data protection and collaboration.

Can the Linkstation Soho 220 Be Integrated With Cloud Services Like Dropbox or Google Drive?

Yes, the LinkStation SoHo 220 offers integration options with cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive, enhancing its versatility. Its cloud storage compatibility allows seamless data syncing and access across multiple platforms.

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