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Asustor AS5304T Review: Versatile NAS With Quad-Core CPU

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The Asustor AS5304T NAS impresses with its Quad-Core CPU, offering excellent performance and efficient multitasking abilities. This NAS boasts 2 x 2.5GbE Ethernet Ports for swift data transfers, 4GB DDR4 RAM for seamless functioning, and a generous 64TB storage capacity. Its robust build guarantees long-term reliability, while the HDMI port allows high-definition media playback. Ideal for high-performance storage needs and remote access, it caters to both personal and business requirements. Pros include performance optimization and versatile applications, though some users note limited support options and noise. An efficient Intel Celeron Quad-Core CPU makes this NAS a reliable storage solution with customizable features and RAID configurations.

Key Takeaways

  • Quad-Core Intel Celeron CPU enhances performance.
  • 2 x 2.5GbE Ethernet Ports for faster data transfer.
  • Reliable storage solution with up to 64TB capacity.
  • Versatile applications and expandable RAM options.
  • Ideal for high-performance NAS seekers with remote access needs.

The Asustor AS5304T NAS offers exceptional network storage capabilities with its Intel Celeron Quad-Core CPU and 2 2.5GbE Ports, making it a versatile solution for personal and gaming use. When focusing on performance optimization, I found that the AS5304T delivers smooth operation and quick data transfers, especially when multiple users access files simultaneously. User experience is paramount, and Asustor has designed the interface to be intuitive and responsive, allowing for easy setup and configuration. The system's ability to handle various applications seamlessly enhances productivity. Additionally, the AS5304T's expandable RAM options contribute significantly to improving overall performance, ensuring a smooth user experience even with heavy workloads or demanding gaming sessions.

Features and Benefits

The Asustor AS5304T features a powerful Quad-Core Intel Celeron CPU, providing reliable performance for various tasks. With 2 2.5GbE ports, users can experience faster network speeds for improved data transfer. Additionally, the inclusion of an HDMI port allows for convenient media playback directly on connected TVs, enhancing the overall user experience.

Quad-Core Intel Celeron CPU

Featuring a powerful Quad-Core Intel Celeron CPU, the Asustor AS5304T delivers exceptional performance and efficiency for handling various tasks with ease. The Quad-Core CPU enhances performance optimization, allowing for seamless multitasking and quick data access. With its hardware capabilities, this NAS can efficiently manage large file transfers, media streaming, and virtualization tasks. The Quad-Core Intel Celeron processor guarantees smooth operation and responsiveness when running resource-intensive applications. Its processing power combined with the NAS's hardware features enables reliable performance for both personal and business use cases. The Asustor AS5304T's Quad-Core CPU stands out for providing robust computing power that contributes to the overall speed and efficiency of the network-attached storage system.

. 2 2.5GbE Ports

Moving from the Quad-Core Intel Celeron CPU, the 2.5GbE ports on the Asustor AS5304T NAS provide enhanced network connectivity capabilities for faster data transfer speeds and improved network performance. With Gigabit Ethernet support, these ports offer speeds up to 2.5 times faster than standard 1GbE connections. This upgrade guarantees quicker access to stored data, especially for large files or high-bandwidth applications. By leveraging the increased network throughput, users can experience smoother streaming, quicker backups, and reduced latency during file transfers. The 2.5GbE ports on the Asustor AS5304T significantly enhance overall network performance, making it an ideal choice for users seeking efficient data access and seamless network operations.

HDMI Port for Media Playback

With an HDMI port integrated into the Asustor AS5304T NAS, users can directly connect their device to a TV for seamless media playback. This feature enables high-definition media output and supports HDMI playback, providing a convenient way to enjoy movies, videos, and photos stored on the NAS on a larger screen. The HDMI port enhances the versatility of the NAS, allowing users to transform their TV into a media center without the need for additional hardware. Additionally, when combined with the remote access capabilities of the Asustor AS5304T, users can stream their media content from the NAS to any connected device, offering flexibility and convenience in accessing their files from anywhere.

Enhanced Docker Application Support

After exploring the HDMI port functionality for media playback, the focus now shifts to the enhanced Docker application support on the Asustor AS5304T NAS. The integration of Docker on the AS5304T brings enhanced performance and flexibility to the NAS environment. Docker allows for the efficient deployment of applications within isolated containers, optimizing resource utilization and simplifying application management. Users can benefit from the vast library of Dockerized applications available, expanding the functionality of the NAS with ease. Leveraging Docker on the AS5304T enables users to run a variety of services and applications, enhancing the overall capabilities of the NAS while maintaining stability and security. The seamless integration of Docker technology underscores the AS5304T's commitment to providing a versatile and powerful network-attached storage solution.

Product Quality

When evaluating the product quality of the Asustor AS5304T 4 Bay NAS, it becomes apparent that its performance and features set a high standard in the network attached storage market. The product's hardware durability is commendable, with a sturdy build that guarantees long-term reliability. The Intel Celeron Quad-Core CPU delivers robust product performance, enabling smooth data processing and efficient multitasking capabilities. Additionally, the 4GB RAM DDR4 contributes to seamless operation and quick access to stored data. These hardware components work synergistically to enhance the overall user experience, making the Asustor AS5304T a reliable and high-performing option for individuals and businesses seeking a versatile NAS solution.

What It's Used For

The Asustor AS5304T serves as a multifunctional Network Attached Storage (NAS) system, offering extensive capabilities for data storage, backup, and media streaming. With its remote access features, users can securely access their files from anywhere, ensuring seamless connectivity and convenience. Additionally, the AS5304T supports various media playback options, including the ability to directly connect to TVs via the HDMI port for an enhanced entertainment experience.

NAS Functionality Overview

NAS devices, like the Asustor AS5304T, serve as efficient network storage solutions tailored for homes and businesses, offering centralized data management and accessibility. The NAS setup involves configuring the device to store and manage data from multiple sources, ensuring easy access and sharing within the network. Data storage capabilities allow for secure file storage, backup, and synchronization across devices. With RAID support, data redundancy and protection are enhanced, safeguarding against drive failures. The Asustor AS5304T, equipped with a Quad-Core CPU and ample RAM, provides a reliable platform for handling diverse storage needs effectively. Its versatile applications and expandable storage options make it a valuable asset for users seeking robust and scalable data management solutions.

Remote Access Capabilities

Utilizing its robust network connectivity features, the Asustor AS5304T facilitates seamless remote access to data stored within the NAS system, enabling users to securely retrieve and manage files from anywhere with internet access. The remote access setup process is straightforward, allowing users to configure access permissions and set up secure connections easily. Data security features such as SSL encryption and two-factor authentication enhance the protection of sensitive information during remote access sessions. Additionally, the NAS system supports VPN connections for an added layer of security when accessing data remotely. These features guarantee that users can access their files with peace of mind, knowing that their data is safeguarded against unauthorized access.

Media Playback Options

When exploring the media playback options of the Asustor AS5304T, one can investigate a wide-ranging array of features for seamless entertainment access and management. The NAS offers various media streaming options, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices for convenient playback. Network performance optimization is a key aspect, with the ability to link Ethernet ports for enhanced data transfer speeds, enabling smooth streaming and access to media libraries from different devices. The HDMI port allows for direct connection to TVs, expanding playback possibilities. With a user-friendly software interface, configuring and customizing media playback settings is straightforward, making the AS5304T a versatile solution for media enthusiasts seeking both functionality and ease of use.

Product Specifications

With an Intel Celeron Quad-Core CPU, the Asustor AS5304T 4 Bay NAS boasts high performance and efficiency for various networking and storage needs. This NAS offers 2 2.5GbE Ports for speedy data transfers, complemented by 4GB of DDR4 RAM. Here is a breakdown of the product specifications for the Asustor AS5304T:

CPUIntel Celeron Quad-Core
Ethernet Ports2 x 2.5GbE
Storage CapacityUp to 64TB (4 x 16TB)
USB Ports3 x USB 3.2 Gen 1

When examining performance comparison, the quad-core CPU of the Asustor AS5304T stands out, providing robust processing power for various tasks. Regarding storage capacity analysis, the NAS supports up to 64TB, allowing for ample space to store files and data.

Who Needs This

Those seeking a high-performance network attached storage solution with versatile applications and expandable capabilities may find the Asustor AS5304T 4 Bay NAS to be a fitting choice. The AS5304T is ideal for users requiring robust data storage solutions with the ability to access their information remotely. Its quad-core CPU and 2.5GbE ports guarantee efficient data processing and high-speed network connectivity. With features like a personal cloud for secure data storage and remote access, this NAS caters to individuals or businesses looking to centralize their information while maintaining accessibility from anywhere. Whether for personal media libraries or professional file sharing, the Asustor AS5304T offers a reliable platform for managing data effectively and securely.


Moving from the discussion on who would benefit from the Asustor AS5304T 4 Bay NAS, the standout advantages, or pros, of this network attached storage device are worth highlighting.

  1. Pro Performance Optimization: The Intel Celeron Quad-Core CPU and 4GB RAM DDR4 deliver smooth and efficient operations.
  2. Expandable RAM: The ability to upgrade the RAM to 8GB allows for improved multitasking capabilities and overall performance enhancement.
  3. Versatile Applications: With a wide range of apps available, including Docker and Emby media server, users can customize the NAS to suit various needs and preferences.

The Asustor AS5304T excels in performance optimization, expandability, and versatility, making it a strong contender in the NAS market.


The Asustor AS5304T presents some drawbacks that users should consider, including limited support contact options, a noisy enclosure, and plastic disk trays.

  1. Limited support contact options can be frustrating when needing immediate assistance.
  2. The noisy enclosure might be disruptive in quieter environments or home setups.
  3. Plastic disk trays feel less durable compared to metal alternatives, potentially affecting long-term reliability.

To address the noise issue, users could try improving noise insulation within the NAS enclosure or consider placing the device in a location where the noise won't be as bothersome. Additionally, replacing the plastic trays with metal ones could enhance the overall sturdiness of the NAS.

What Customers Are Saying

Based on user feedback and experiences, the Asustor AS5304T NAS impresses with its ease of setup, performance efficiency, and versatile application offerings. Customer testimonials highlight the unit's seamless account management, low power consumption, and quiet operation. Users have praised the diverse range of applications available, including Docker, Emby media server, and Pi-Hole for ad blocking. Some customers have opted to upgrade the RAM to 8GB for enhanced performance. In performance comparison with competitors, many users found the Asustor AS5304T to offer better value and superior initial setup experience. While some drawbacks were noted, such as limited support contact options and noisy enclosure, the overall sentiment leans towards the product's positive attributes and customizable features.

Overall Value

When evaluating the Asustor AS5304T, it quickly becomes evident that its overall value lies in its versatile features and competitive pricing. The performance comparison with other NAS units showcases the AS5304T's efficient Intel Celeron Quad-Core CPU, which enhances data processing speeds for various applications. Additionally, storage capacity optimization is a key strength of this NAS, allowing users to maximize disk space utilization through RAID configurations and scalability options. By leveraging these capabilities, users can tailor the AS5304T to meet their specific storage needs while maintaining peak performance levels. This balance of functionality and cost-effectiveness positions the Asustor AS5304T as a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable and adaptable network-attached storage solution.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To maximize the performance of your Asustor AS5304T NAS, consider installing resource-intensive applications on a separate SSD drive for enhanced speed and efficiency. This guarantees that the CPU and RAM resources are prioritized for critical tasks, leading to smoother operation. Troubleshooting network issues can be done by checking cable connections, network settings, and the status of the Ethernet ports. For peak performance, it's advisable to regularly update the NAS firmware to access the latest features and security improvements. Additionally, organizing data into logical folders and setting up regular backups can help prevent data loss and streamline data access. By following these tips and tricks, you can optimize the capabilities of your Asustor AS5304T NAS.


In evaluating the Asustor AS5304T, one can confidently assert its superior performance and versatile features that cater to diverse storage and media needs. The NAS unit excels in offering a robust Intel Celeron Quad-Core CPU, 2 2.5GbE Ports, and 4GB DDR4 RAM, providing seamless operation for various applications. Compared to competitors, the Asustor AS5304T stands out as a better value proposition, offering an enhanced initial setup experience and commendable performance. While it boasts easy setup and feature-rich capabilities like native Plex Server app functionality and expandable RAM, some drawbacks include limited support contact options and noisy enclosure. Users can optimize speed and performance by installing apps on SSDs, further enhancing the overall NAS experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Asustor AS5304T NAS Be Used for Home Surveillance Camera Storage?

Yes, I use the Asustor AS5304T NAS for home surveillance camera storage. It offers remote access for monitoring, and with motion detection features, I can receive alerts and store footage efficiently.

Is It Possible to Upgrade the CPU in the Asustor As5304t?

Upgrading the CPU in the Asustor AS5304T can greatly enhance performance, but compatibility concerns may arise with the motherboard. Research and confirm that the new CPU aligns with the NAS specifications to maximize CPU performance.

Does the NAS Support RAID Configurations for Data Redundancy?

Yes, the NAS facilitates RAID configurations for data redundancy. It guarantees data backup and security through RAID levels like RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10. This feature enhances data protection and supports cloud storage for remote access.

Can the Asustor AS5304T Be Used for Virtual Machine Hosting?

Yes, the Asustor AS5304T can be used for virtual machine hosting, offering robust network security features for data protection. It supports data backup solutions, maximizing efficiency and ensuring reliability for virtualized environments.

Is It Recommended to Use Specific Hard Drive Brands With This NAS for Optimal Performance?

When considering hard drive compatibility for peak performance, it's recommended to use specific brands like Western Digital or Seagate. Peak storage solutions depend on factors like capacity, speed, and reliability, ensuring efficient NAS operation.

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