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Anker USB-C Hub Review: 8-In-1 Vs 11-In-1

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anker usb c hub comparison

In comparing the Anker USB-C Hub 8-in-1 to the 11-in-1 version, I discovered unique advantages tailored to diverse needs. The 8-in-1 offers 1×100W USB-C PD-IN, 4×5Gbps USB-C, and 3×5Gbps USB-A connections. Meanwhile, the 11-in-1 boasts 4 USB-A, 4 USB-C, 100W USB-C PD-in, card reader, and 2-in-1 USB connector. Both promise faster than USB 2.0 transfers. The 11-in-1 additionally includes a power adapter and warranty. Users seeking efficient connectivity solutions will find the 11-in-1 appealing. The intricacies and added features of the 11-in-1 elevate its functionality to suit diverse connectivity needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Anker USB-C Hub 8-in-1 offers versatile connectivity with 8 ports, including 100W PD-IN and 4 USB-C ports.
  • Anker USB-C Hub 11-in-1 provides extensive connectivity with 11 ports, including 4 USB-A, 4 USB-C, and a card reader.
  • Transfer speed: 10x faster than USB 2.0 for Anker USB-C Hub 8-in-1, ideal for quick data transfers.
  • Power support: Anker USB-C Hub 8-in-1 has a 100W PD-IN port, while the 11-in-1 model offers 100W PD-IN.
  • Inclusions: Anker USB-C Hub 8-in-1 includes a 45W power adapter, warranty; 11-in-1 model has ASIN: B0CQSPMKF4.

In my analysis of the Anker USB-C Hub's 8-in-1 Data Hub connectivity options, the 100W USB-C PD-IN port stands out for its robust power delivery capabilities. When comparing the 8-in-1 versus the 11-in-1 models, the performance comparison reveals that the 8-in-1 hub focuses on essential connectivity with a balanced mix of USB-C and USB-A ports, providing versatility for various devices. In contrast, the 11-in-1 hub offers additional ports like a card reader but may introduce complexity with more cables and power supplies. The 8-in-1 hub's emphasis on power and performance, especially with the 100W PD-IN port for laptops, makes it a practical choice for users prioritizing functionality and simplicity in their setup.

Features and Benefits

I will now highlight the key features and benefits of the Anker USB-C Hub. This includes its USB-C Power Delivery port for fast charging capabilities, additional USB-C and USB-A ports for enhanced connectivity, the inclusion of a card reader, and improved card reader functionality.

USB-C Power Delivery Port

The USB-C Power Delivery port on the Anker USB-C hubs provides versatile charging capabilities for a range of devices, enhancing user convenience and efficiency. With power delivery of up to 100W, the port enables fast charging for laptops and other high-power devices. This feature is especially beneficial for users who need to charge multiple devices simultaneously or power up their laptops quickly. The charging capabilities of the USB-C Power Delivery port guarantee that devices are charged efficiently and effectively, reducing waiting time and keeping productivity levels high. Additionally, the port's compatibility with various devices makes it a valuable asset for individuals with diverse charging needs.

Additional USB-C and USB-A Ports

Featuring an array of USB-C and USB-A ports, the Anker USB-C hubs provide versatile connectivity options and enhanced functionality for a wide range of devices. The port configurations on both the 8-in-1 and 11-in-1 models offer users flexibility in connecting various peripherals simultaneously. The USB-A ports cater to a wide range of devices, ensuring compatibility with older gadgets that may not have USB-C interfaces. This versatility enhances usability, allowing for seamless connections between different devices without the need for additional adapters. Whether you need to connect a flash drive, external hard drive, smartphone, or any other USB-enabled device, the multiple USB-C and USB-A ports on the Anker hubs provide convenience and efficiency in managing your digital ecosystem.

Card Reader Included

With a built-in card reader, the Anker USB-C hubs offer added functionality and convenience for seamless data transfer. The card reader performance on both the 8-in-1 and 11-in-1 models is efficient, allowing for quick access to data stored on SD or microSD cards. User experience insights highlight the convenience of having this feature integrated into the hub, reducing the need for additional accessories or adapters. It enhances the overall versatility of the hubs, catering to users who frequently work with various memory card formats. The card reader functionality adds to the hubs' utility, making them suitable for a wide range of tasks that require easy and fast data transfer capabilities.

Enhanced Card Reader Functionality

Enhancing the card reader functionality of the Anker USB-C hubs provides users with seamless and efficient data transfer capabilities, enhancing overall user experience. The improved compatibility of the card reader allows for easy access to various types of memory cards, catering to a wider range of user needs. This enhanced feature guarantees that users can quickly transfer data from SD cards, microSD cards, and more, without the need for additional adapters. Additionally, the faster transfers facilitated by the enhanced card reader functionality enable users to efficiently manage their files and media, saving valuable time. By integrating these enhancements into the Anker USB-C hubs, users can enjoy a smoother and more streamlined data transfer process.

Product Quality

The product quality of the Anker USB-C Hubs is commendable, evident through the robust build and reliable performance across various devices. Durability assessment reveals sturdy construction that can withstand daily use, ensuring longevity and value for the user. Compatibility testing demonstrates seamless integration with a wide range of devices, from laptops to smartphones, offering versatility and convenience. The materials used in the construction of these hubs contribute to their durability, providing users with a reliable solution for expanding connectivity options. Overall, the Anker USB-C Hubs excel in both build quality and performance, making them a dependable choice for users seeking reliable connectivity solutions that stand the test of time.

What It's Used For

The Anker USB-C Hub offers a wide range of connectivity options, including multiple USB-C and USB-A ports for versatile device compatibility. Its practical applications extend to various scenarios such as connecting laptops, smartphones, external storage devices, and more, enhancing user convenience and productivity. Understanding the different connectivity options and device compatibility insights can help users maximize the functionality of the Anker USB-C Hub in their daily tech setups.

Connectivity Options Overview

When exploring the connectivity options offered by Anker USB-C hubs, users can benefit from a diverse array of ports to seamlessly connect various devices for enhanced productivity and efficiency. The 8-in-1 Anker USB-C hub provides 1× 100W USB-C PD-IN port, 4 × 5Gbps USB-C ports, and 3× 5Gbps USB-A ports, offering high-speed transfers up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. However, user feedback highlights limited portability compared to the 11-in-1 hub. On the other hand, the 11-in-1 hub features 4 USB-A and 4 USB-C ports, a 100W USB-C PD-in, card reader, and a 2-in-1 USB connector, catering to a wider range of connectivity needs. Although positive user experiences are noted for both hubs, the 11-in-1 hub may offer a more extensive connectivity solution for users requiring additional ports and functionality.

Device Compatibility Insights

Exploring device compatibility insights with Anker USB-C hubs reveals their versatile utility in seamlessly connecting a wide range of devices for enhanced productivity and efficiency. Anker USB-C Hubs, whether 8-in-1 or 11-in-1, generally exhibit strong compatibility with various devices, including laptops, smartphones, external storage drives, and more. However, users may encounter compatibility issues when connecting certain older devices or those with unique specifications. Troubleshooting tips for such situations often involve checking for driver updates, ensuring device firmware is up to date, and using high-quality USB cables for stable connections. By addressing these compatibility challenges proactively, users can maximize the functionality of their Anker USB-C hubs and enjoy smooth operation across a diverse array of devices.

Practical Applications Guide

With its versatile connectivity and high-speed data transfer capabilities, the Anker USB-C Hub serves as a reliable tool for streamlining device connections and enhancing productivity across various tech setups. The practical applications of this hub range from seamlessly connecting multiple devices such as laptops, smartphones, external hard drives, and more, to transferring data at speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Users can experience the convenience of multiple port options with the 8-in-1 or 11-in-1 hubs, allowing for increased efficiency in managing various peripherals simultaneously. The user experience is generally positive, with feedback highlighting the hub's functionality and ease of use, making it a valuable addition to any tech setup seeking enhanced connectivity and versatility.

Product Specifications

The Anker USB-C Hub, 8-in-1 Data Hub, offers a wide range of connectivity options designed to enhance user productivity and device compatibility. Here is a comparison table of the specifications for the Anker USB-C Hub 8-in-1 and 11-in-1 Data Hubs:

SpecificationAnker USB-C Hub 8-in-1Anker USB-C Hub 11-in-1
Connectivity1× 100W USB-C PD-IN, 4 × 5Gbps USB-C, 3× 5Gbps USB-A4 USB-A, 4 USB-C, 100W USB-C PD-in, card reader, 2-in-1 USB connector
Transfer SpeedUp to 10x faster than USB 2.0
Power Support100W max PD-IN port, 15W USB-C port100W USB-C PD-in
CompatibilityUSB-C and USB-A devices
Inclusions45W power adapter, 18-month warrantyASIN: B0CQSPMKF4

In comparing the two, the 8-in-1 hub offers faster transfer speeds and more diverse connectivity options while the 11-in-1 hub provides additional ports and a card reader. User satisfaction has been positive for both models, with users praising functionality and ease of use.

Who Needs This

Moving from the discussion on product specifications, users who require versatile connectivity options and enhanced productivity features for their devices may find the Anker USB-C Hubs to be valuable additions to their setup. The target audience for these hubs includes individuals who need to connect multiple devices simultaneously, such as laptops, smartphones, external storage, and other peripherals. A comparison between the 8-in-1 and 11-in-1 models reveals that the latter offers additional ports and features, catering to users with more extensive connectivity needs. The practicality of these hubs lies in their ability to streamline workflows by reducing the need for multiple adapters and cables, making them ideal for professionals, creatives, and tech enthusiasts seeking a convenient and efficient solution for their device connectivity requirements.


I find the Anker USB-C Hubs' pros to be instrumental in enhancing connectivity options and productivity features for various devices. When considering user opinions and performance comparison, three key advantages stand out:

  1. Versatile Connectivity: Both the 8-in-1 and 11-in-1 hubs offer multiple ports for various devices, accommodating different connection needs efficiently.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: User reviews highlight positive feedback on device functionality, indicating a seamless and convenient experience when using these hubs.
  3. Increased Productivity: With the ample number of ports and power adapter support for device charging, these hubs contribute to improved productivity by allowing simultaneous use of multiple peripherals.

These pros make the Anker USB-C Hubs a valuable addition for users seeking enhanced connectivity options and efficient device management.


Considering the feedback and limitations highlighted by users, a notable drawback of the Anker USB-C Hubs is the potential inconvenience of managing multiple power supplies and cables, impacting the ease of setup for users. This can lead to portability concerns and setup challenges, such as:

  1. Cable Clutter: The need for multiple power supplies and cables can create a mess on your desk or work area, making it challenging to keep everything organized.
  2. Limited Mobility: Carrying around multiple power adapters and cables may hinder the portability of the hub, especially for users who need to frequently switch between locations.
  3. Complex Setup: Dealing with various power sources and cables can complicate the initial setup process, potentially causing confusion or frustration for users trying to connect their devices efficiently.

What Customers Are Saying

Upon analyzing user feedback and reviews, customers express satisfaction with the Anker USB-C Hubs' diverse connectivity options and overall performance. Users appreciate the seamless integration of multiple devices through the hub's various ports, enabling efficient data transfer and charging capabilities. Positive user feedback highlights the convenience and functionality of both the 8-in-1 and 11-in-1 Anker USB-C Hubs. Customers value the reliability and solid build quality of these hubs, ensuring a stable connection for their devices. While some users mention minor drawbacks such as limited portability for the 8-in-1 hub and potential setup complexities due to multiple power supplies for the 11-in-1 hub, overall customer satisfaction remains high based on user feedback and reviews.

Overall Value

When evaluating the overall value of Anker's USB-C hubs, the diverse connectivity options and robust performance stand out as key factors contributing to their appeal among users. The 8-in-1 hub offers a solid value proposition with its 8 connectivity ports, including a 100W USB-C PD-IN port and high-speed transfers. On the other hand, the 11-in-1 hub provides even more versatility with 11 ports, including 4 USB-A and 4 USB-C ports, a card reader, and a 2-in-1 USB connector. User satisfaction is evident in positive feedback on device functionality and ease of use for both models. The value comparison between the two hubs ultimately comes down to individual user needs and the specific requirements for connectivity, making both options viable choices for enhancing work or entertainment setups.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To enhance the performance and usability of your Anker USB-C Hub, follow these practical tips and tricks for best results. When troubleshooting connectivity issues, make sure all cables are securely connected to the hub and your devices. If experiencing slow data transfer speeds, try using different USB ports on the hub or restarting your devices. For best user experience, consider the number of devices connected simultaneously to avoid overloading the hub. When comparing the 8-in-1 and 11-in-1 models, note that the 11-in-1 offers more ports but may require additional setup due to multiple power supplies. Ultimately, choose the hub that best suits your connectivity needs to maximize efficiency and convenience.


When evaluating the Anker USB-C hubs' performance and user feedback, it becomes apparent that choosing the most appropriate model is essential for optimizing connectivity and functionality. A comparison analysis between the 8-in-1 and 11-in-1 models reveals that both offer a range of connectivity options, but the 11-in-1 provides additional features like a card reader and more ports. User satisfaction is high for both hubs, with positive feedback on functionality and ease of use. The 8-in-1 hub offers a balance between portability and connectivity, while the 11-in-1 hub caters to users with more devices to connect. Ultimately, the choice between the two models depends on individual needs and preferences, with both hubs receiving commendation for their performance and versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Anker USB-C Hub Compatible With All Types of Devices?

When contemplating device compatibility, the Anker USB-C Hub provides versatile connectivity options for various gadgets. With multiple ports and efficient power delivery, it guarantees seamless operation across a wide range of devices.

Can the Anker USB-C Hub Support Multiple Devices Simultaneously?

Yes, the Anker USB-C hub can support multiple devices simultaneously but has connectivity limitations. It's important to take into account device compatibility for best performance. Managing power distribution and data transfer across several devices may impact connectivity.

Does the Anker USB-C Hub Require Any Additional Software for Setup?

A breeze to set up, the Anker USB-C hub boasts plug-and-play simplicity. It requires no additional software for compatibility. Just plug in and go – perfect for those seeking seamless functionality without the hassle of driver installations.

Is the Anker USB-C Hub Compatible With Thunderbolt 3 Technology?

Yes, the Anker USB-C hub is Thunderbolt 3 compatible, enhancing performance. It offers high-speed data transfers and expands connectivity options. However, there may be limitations regarding the number of devices that can be connected simultaneously.

Can the Anker USB-C Hub Be Used for Charging Laptops and Other Devices Simultaneously?

Yes, the Anker USB-C hub efficiently charges laptops and other devices simultaneously. It offers compatibility with various devices, ensuring efficient power distribution. This hub facilitates seamless charging experiences and is suitable for users with multiple gadgets.

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