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Amazon Basics Speakers Review: Upgrade Your Audio Experience

enhance audio with amazon

I recently tried the Amazon Basics Speakers, and they really impressed me. They have a sleek black finish with blue LED lights, making them look modern on any desk. The sound is clear, with vocals standing out, although the bass isn't very deep. The in-line volume control is super convenient, and their compact size makes them easy to move. They're perfect for students, remote workers, and casual gamers. The sturdy metal finish adds durability, and the USB power makes setup simple. I'm thoroughly pleased with their value for the price, and there's a lot more to ponder about their overall performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Sleek design with blue LED lights and durable metal finish enhances workspace aesthetics.
  • Clear and sharp audio quality, though bass might be lacking for some users.
  • Compact, lightweight, and USB-powered for easy portability and setup.
  • In-line volume control offers convenient and hassle-free sound adjustments.
  • Highly affordable option with positive user reviews praising sound quality and build.

Let's explore the design and build quality of the Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers. The first thing I noticed was their sleek, black finish, which gives them a modern look that blends well with any setup. The blue LED lights add a touch of aesthetics appeal, making them stand out on my desk. The metal finish adds to their durability, ensuring they can withstand regular use. As for sound performance, these speakers deliver clear and sharp audio, which is impressive given their compact size. The bottom radiator helps produce a 'springy' bass sound, though it's not overpowering. Overall, the sturdy build and pleasing design make these speakers a solid choice for anyone looking to enhance their audio experience.

Features and Benefits

When I consider the features of the Amazon Basics Speakers, the blue LED lights and springy bass radiator immediately stand out. The in-line volume control adds convenience, making it easy to adjust sound levels on the fly. Despite their compact and lightweight design, these speakers pack a punch, offering a blend of functionality and portability that's ideal for various setups.

Blue LED Lights

One notable feature of the Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers is the inclusion of blue LED lights, which not only add a modern aesthetic but also serve practical functions. The ambient lighting enhances the overall visual appeal of my workspace, creating a sleek and contemporary look. More than just eye candy, these lights also provide a functional benefit by making it easy to locate the speakers in dim environments. The combination of aesthetics and functionality is impressive, especially for such an affordable set of speakers. The blue LEDs complement the black metal finish, making the speakers a stylish addition to any desk setup. Overall, the LED lights greatly enhance both the form and function of these speakers.

Springy Bass Radiator

In addition to the visually appealing blue LED lights, the Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers feature a bottom radiator that produces a 'springy' bass sound, enhancing the overall audio experience to a great extent. This unique design helps deliver a fuller and more resonant bass, which is impressive for such compact speakers. I noticed that the 'springy' bass notably boosts audio performance, making music, movies, and even gaming more immersive. The radiator's efficiency in handling lower frequencies guarantees that the sound remains clear and undistorted, even at higher volumes. It's a subtle yet substantial improvement that transforms these speakers from basic to exceptional, offering a balanced audio output that exceeds typical expectations for this price range.

In-line Volume Control

Featuring an in-line volume control, these Amazon Basics speakers make it incredibly convenient to adjust sound levels without having to fiddle with your computer or laptop settings. I appreciate the ease of sound adjustment that this feature offers, allowing me to seamlessly control the volume while working or enjoying multimedia content. The in-line volume control is particularly advantageous during gaming sessions or video calls, where swift sound adjustment is essential. It's a thoughtful addition that enhances user experience, ensuring I don't have to navigate through software settings just to tweak the volume. This simple yet effective feature adds a layer of practicality to the speakers, making them a smart choice for anyone seeking hassle-free audio management.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The compact and lightweight design of the Amazon Basics speakers makes them an ideal choice for both portability and desk space efficiency. As someone who values a neat workspace, I appreciate how these speakers don't clutter my desk. Weighing just 1.43 pounds and measuring 3.9 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches, they're easy to move around, making them perfect for both home and office use. The sleek design, complemented by blue LED lights and a metal finish, adds a modern touch to any setup. Despite their size, they deliver impressive sound quality, making them a worthwhile upgrade from built-in laptop speakers. Their portability means I can effortlessly switch them between devices, ensuring a consistent audio experience wherever I go.

Product Quality

Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers deliver impressive sound quality for their compact size and affordable price point. The build quality is solid, featuring a durable metal finish and an intuitive in-line volume control. The blue LED lights add a modern touch, while the overall design feels sturdy and well-crafted.

In terms of sound performance, these speakers excel with clear vocals and sharp highs. The frequency range of 80 Hz to 20 KHz covers most audio needs effectively. While the bass might not be as deep as larger speakers, the bottom radiator provides a commendable 'springy' bass sound considering the size. At 2.4 watts of total RMS power, they're perfect for enhancing your PC or laptop audio without breaking the bank.

What It's Used For

When I started using the Amazon Basics speakers, I found them perfect for my small workspace. They're great for gaming and music, providing clear sound quality despite their compact size. The easy setup process, with just a USB connection, made integrating them into my daily routine seamless.

Ideal for Small Spaces

Compact yet powerful, these Amazon Basics speakers excel in enhancing audio experiences within small spaces, making them perfect for apartments, dorm rooms, or home offices. Their small footprint is a fantastic space-saving solution, fitting easily on cluttered desks or limited shelf space. The sleek design, coupled with the in-line volume control, means they blend seamlessly into any environment without overwhelming the decor. As an apartment-friendly option, they deliver clear, sharp sound without the need for bulky setups or complex wiring. The USB-powered feature adds to their convenience, allowing easy plug-and-play functionality with laptops and PCs. Despite their size, these speakers provide a noticeable audio upgrade, making them an ideal choice for those wanting quality sound in confined spaces.

Gaming and Music Quality

These speakers aren't just space-savers; they deliver impressive sound quality for gaming and music, making them a versatile addition to any setup. When I'm immersed in a game, audio clarity is essential, and these speakers excel in producing clear vocals and sharp sound effects, enhancing my overall experience. The frequency range of 80 Hz – 20 KHz guarantees that I catch every detail, from subtle background music to intense in-game explosions. For music, the in-line volume control allows for easy sound customization, letting me adjust it to suit different genres. While the bass might not shake the room, the bottom radiator does provide a springy bass sound that complements the treble nicely. Overall, these speakers are a solid choice for both gaming and music enthusiasts.

Easy Setup Process

Setting up the Amazon Basics speakers is a breeze, thanks to their straightforward USB plug-and-play design. From the moment I unboxed them, the quick installation became evident. I simply connected the USB cable to my computer, and within seconds, the speakers were ready to use. This user-friendly process guarantees a hassle-free experience, even for those not tech-savvy. No need for additional software or complicated steps—just plug and play. The in-line volume control adds to the convenience, allowing easy adjustments to sound levels. Whether I'm using them for my laptop or desktop, the setup remains consistently simple and efficient. This seamless process means I can focus on enjoying my upgraded audio experience without any installation headaches.

Product Specifications

When diving into the product specifications of the Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers, you'll find a compact yet robust set of features designed to enhance your audio experience. These speakers offer a frequency range of 80 Hz to 20 KHz, providing clear audio for various uses. They feature 2.4 watts of total RMS power, which, as noted in user feedback, is generally sufficient for personal use.

Frequency Range80 Hz – 20 KHz
Total RMS Power2.4 watts
Dimensions3.9 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches

User feedback highlights the clear sound quality and sturdy build, though some mention a lack of bass. Overall, these speakers are well-regarded for their size and price.

Who Needs This

Considering the Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers' compact design and sound quality, they're an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their audio setup without breaking the bank. The target audience includes students, remote workers, and casual gamers who need reliable, everyday use speakers for their laptops or PCs. These speakers are perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms or home offices, thanks to their modest footprint and hassle-free USB power. If you frequently watch videos, listen to music, or engage in video calls, you'll appreciate the clear vocals and sharp sound. While they might not satisfy audiophiles seeking deep bass, their performance is commendable for the price, making them a smart investment for budget-conscious users.


One of the standout pros of the Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers is their impressive sound quality for the price. I found the sound performance to be surprisingly good, especially considering the affordability. The clear vocals and sharp sound make it a delight for both music and gaming. User satisfaction is evident in the numerous positive reviews praising these speakers. Here are the highlights:

  1. Sound Quality: Clear and sharp audio enhances the overall listening experience.
  2. Affordability: Excellent value, providing great sound without breaking the bank.
  3. Design: Sleek and sturdy with appealing LED lights.
  4. Ease of Use: Simple plug-and-play setup, no technical skills required.

These attributes collectively make these speakers a solid choice for budget-conscious users.


While the Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers offer impressive sound quality and affordability, they aren't without their drawbacks. To start with, the bass quality leaves much to be desired. While it's acceptable for casual listening, it lacks the depth and richness that audiophiles crave. Next, the LED brightness can be quite distracting, especially in a dimly lit room. Here are the main issues:

  1. Bass quality is mediocre, lacking depth.
  2. LED brightness can be overly intense.
  3. Limited volume control options might frustrate some users.
  4. Dependency on both USB and 3.5mm connections can be inconvenient.

These factors might not be deal-breakers for everyone, but they are worth considering if you're looking for a holistic audio solution.

What Customers Are Saying

In reading through various customer reviews, it's clear that many users appreciate the Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers for their sound quality and affordability. Customer satisfaction is high, with numerous users praising the audio enhancement these speakers provide. They frequently mention the impressive sound quality, especially given the speakers' compact size and budget-friendly price. The clear vocals and sharp sound seem to stand out, making them a popular choice for both gaming and music. While some users note a lack of deep bass, they still find the overall audio performance satisfactory. The design, including the LED lights and sturdy build, also receives positive feedback, contributing to the overall positive experience.

Overall Value

The overall value of the Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers lies in their ability to deliver impressive sound quality and a sleek design at an affordable price point. I find these speakers provide excellent value for money, especially given their audio enhancement capabilities. Customer satisfaction is high, with many appreciating the clear vocals and sharp sound, despite some remarks about the bass. The blue LED lights and metal finish add a stylish touch to any setup, enhancing the overall user experience. For their size and price, these speakers are a solid choice for anyone looking to upgrade their audio experience without breaking the bank. Their compact design and USB-powered convenience make them a practical addition to any computer setup.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

Maximize the performance of your Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers by placing them on a stable surface at ear level to enhance sound clarity and experience. Fine-tune your audio settings on your computer for best balance, making sure the treble and bass suit your preferences. Organize your cables efficiently to prevent tangling and maintain a clean workspace—cable management clips can be helpful here. Regularly check connections to make sure they're secure, which prevents signal loss and maintains audio quality. Avoid placing the speakers too close to walls or corners, as this can distort the sound. By following these tips, you'll get the most out of your Amazon Basics speakers, transforming your audio experience into something exceptional.


Summing up my experience with the Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers, I've found them to be an excellent value for their price, offering impressive sound quality, ease of use, and a sleek design. When doing a price comparison with other speakers in the same range, these stand out for their clear vocals and sharp sound. While they could use a bit more bass, they're perfect for small spaces and casual use. Additionally, I was pleased with Amazon's customer service satisfaction, ensuring a smooth purchase and support process. These speakers might not replace high-end audio systems, but for their affordability and performance, they're a fantastic choice for anyone looking to upgrade their audio experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Speakers Compatible With Mac Computers?

Yes, these speakers are compatible with Mac computers. They don't require additional audio drivers or software compatibility. Just plug them into a USB port, and you'll get sound instantly, making setup incredibly easy.

How Long Is the USB Cable Provided?

The USB length is around 4 feet, giving you ample room to maneuver. The cable quality is solid, ensuring a reliable connection. It's like having an extra-long leash on your speakers, letting them roam freely.

Can the LED Lights Be Turned Off?

I checked if the LED lights can be turned off on these speakers. Unfortunately, you can't disable the LED effects. They're always on, contributing to power consumption, but they do add a sleek look.

Do These Speakers Have a Warranty?

Yes, these speakers do have a warranty. The warranty period is typically one year. If you encounter any issues, Amazon's customer support is very reliable and can assist with any warranty claims or technical support.

Are Replacement Parts Available for Purchase?

I checked into the replacement availability for these speakers, but I couldn't find specific purchase options for individual parts. It seems like the best route is to contact Amazon support directly for detailed information on this.

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