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Acer CB272 Ebmiprx Monitor Review

affordable 27 inch acer monitor

After examining the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor, I find its zero-frame design and adjustable ErgoStand offer immersive comfort. The 1ms response time and 100Hz refresh rate enhance gaming experiences. This monitor suits work tasks and casual gaming, emphasizing color accuracy and ergonomic support. Customer feedback applauds its adjustability and screen quality. While it excels in office work, gaming performance and refresh rate could be improved. Overall, its features and value make it worth consideration, especially during sales. Adjusting color settings and cable management can enhance user experience. The Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor provides a competitive option for various tasks.

Key Takeaways

  • Zero-frame design for immersive viewing experience.
  • AMD FreeSync technology for smooth gaming.
  • Versatile display for work and casual gaming.
  • Adjustable ErgoStand for ergonomic comfort.
  • Competitive value with Full HD resolution and 100Hz refresh rate.

The Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor's zero-frame design provides a seamless viewing experience with edge-to-edge visibility. When it comes to color accuracy, this monitor impresses with its IPS technology, ensuring precise colors even at wide 178-degree viewing angles. Gaming performance is decent thanks to AMD FreeSync technology, a 1ms response time, and a 100Hz refresh rate. While it may not be the top choice for hardcore gamers due to the slightly lower refresh rate, casual gamers will find it more than suitable for an enjoyable gaming experience. Overall, the monitor's color accuracy and gaming performance make it a versatile option for both work tasks that require precise color representation and casual gaming sessions.

Features and Benefits

The Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor boasts a zero-frame design that immerses users in their content, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Its ErgoStand offers adjustable features for personalized comfort, catering to different user preferences and ergonomic needs. With its gaming compatibility and impressive performance metrics like a 1ms response time and 100Hz refresh rate, this monitor delivers a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

Zero-Frame Design for Immersive Experience

With its zero-frame design, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor offers users an immersive experience that eliminates distractions and maximizes screen real estate for enhanced productivity and entertainment. The zero-frame design enhances the viewing experience by minimizing bezels, providing seamless continuity across multiple monitors, and creating a more immersive visual environment. This design feature is particularly beneficial for users who need accurate color representation and wide viewing angles, as it guarantees a consistent and vibrant display from various perspectives. Additionally, the edge-to-edge visibility enhances the overall aesthetics of the monitor, making it a sleek addition to any workspace or gaming setup. Overall, the zero-frame design of the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor contributes significantly to an engaging and distraction-free viewing experience.

Adjustable ErgoStand for Comfort

Utilizing an innovative ErgoStand design, this Acer monitor offers customizable comfort options to enhance user experience and reduce strain during prolonged use. The adjustable stand allows for personalized ergonomic comfort by enabling users to modify the height, swivel, tilt, and pivot of the monitor to find the perfect viewing angle. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who spend extended periods in front of their screens, as it helps prevent neck and back discomfort. The ErgoStand design not only guarantees better posture but also enhances overall user satisfaction by catering to individual preferences. With the ability to tailor the monitor's position to suit different tasks and seating arrangements, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx ensures a more comfortable and user-friendly viewing experience.

Height-Adjustable Ergostand for Comfort

Pivoting from the discussion on the adjustable ErgoStand, the height-adjustable Ergostand on the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor offers customizable comfort features that cater to individual preferences and enhance user experience. The height adjustment feature allows users to set the monitor at a perfect eye level, reducing neck strain during extended use. This adjustability is particularly beneficial for gamers who can fine-tune the screen position for an immersive gaming experience. By optimizing the height according to personal comfort, users can maintain a proper posture, enhancing overall comfort and productivity. The ergonomic design of the Ergostand not only improves gaming performance but also contributes to a healthier and more enjoyable viewing experience.

Gaming Compatibility and Performance

In enhancing the gaming experience, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor offers impressive compatibility and performance features. With a 1ms response time, 100Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync technology, this monitor guarantees smooth gameplay and reduces screen tearing for an immersive gaming experience. The IPS technology provides accurate colors at wide viewing angles, enhancing the overall user experience. While some users may prefer a higher refresh rate for competitive gaming, the CB272 Ebmiprx excels in delivering vibrant visuals and responsive gameplay. The monitor's ergonomic design, including the adjustable ErgoStand, contributes to prolonged gaming comfort. Overall, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx strikes a balance between gaming performance and user experience, making it a solid choice for casual and mid-level gamers.

Product Quality

The Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor stands out for its exceptional product quality, offering users a blend of outstanding features and performance at a competitive price point. The product durability of this monitor is evident due to its solid construction and reliable performance over time. Users can expect a high level of durability, ensuring that the monitor remains functional for an extended period. Concerning user experience, the monitor excels in providing a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience. The IPS technology delivers accurate colors from wide viewing angles, enhancing the overall user satisfaction. Additionally, the ergonomic design, including the adjustable ErgoStand, contributes to a comfortable user experience, making it suitable for various settings and tasks.

What It's Used For

I will discuss the applications of the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor, its suitability for work and entertainment purposes, and the flexibility it offers regarding setup. This monitor can be used for various tasks such as office work, video watching, and trading, as suggested by user feedback. Its adjustable ErgoStand and compatibility with dual monitor setups make it versatile for different usage scenarios.

Monitor Applications

Utilizing the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor enhances productivity and visual experience across a range of tasks. The monitor's versatility allows for smooth shifts between work applications and entertainment. Its excellent screen performance, with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution and IPS technology, guarantees crisp images and accurate colors, making it ideal for tasks requiring precision such as graphic design or photo editing. The zero-frame design provides edge-to-edge visibility, boosting multitasking capabilities. Whether engaging in spreadsheet analysis, content creation, or casual gaming, this monitor adapts to different scenarios with ease. Its ergonomic design further enhances comfort during extended use, catering to a variety of user preferences.

Work and Entertainment

Boosting efficiency and visual experience, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor smoothly shifts between work tasks and entertainment activities. This monitor plays an important role in maintaining a healthy work-life balance by offering a crisp Full HD display for productivity tasks like document editing, coding, and video conferences. Its IPS technology guarantees accurate colors and wide viewing angles, enhancing the overall work experience. On the entertainment front, the monitor's 100Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync technology deliver smooth visuals for gaming and streaming content. Whether it's crunching numbers during the day or unwinding with your favorite show in the evening, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor caters to a diverse range of work and entertainment options seamlessly.

Setup Flexibility

The setup flexibility of the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor allows for versatile placement options to suit various workstations and gaming setups. With features like cable management solutions, this monitor helps keep your workspace organized and tidy. Additionally, its compatibility with dual monitor setups enhances multitasking capabilities, whether for work or gaming. Screen calibration options enable users to fine-tune color accuracy and brightness to their preferences, ensuring a top-notch viewing experience. When aiming for an ergonomic workspace design, the adjustable height, swivel, tilt, and pivot ErgoStand come in handy to reduce strain on your body during long hours of use. Overall, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor offers a range of setup possibilities to cater to diverse user needs efficiently.

Product Specifications

With a screen size of 27 inches and a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor offers a clear and immersive viewing experience. The monitor features IPS technology for accurate colors at wide viewing angles, AMD FreeSync for smooth gaming, and a 1ms response time. The ergonomic design includes an adjustable ErgoStand for personalized comfort. Users have praised its adjustability and color accuracy, making it suitable for office tasks. While some suggest considering higher refresh rates for gaming, the monitor's value shines during sales. Here is a comparison table highlighting key specifications:

Screen Size27 inches
Resolution1920×1080 Full HD
Refresh Rate100Hz

Who Needs This

Moving from the detailed specifications of the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor, let's now focus on identifying the target audience who would benefit from this display technology. The target audience for this monitor includes individuals seeking a versatile display for both work and casual gaming. Compared to competitors, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx offers a good balance between features and price, making it appealing to budget-conscious consumers looking for a reliable monitor with solid performance. Its ergonomic design and eye protection features cater to users spending long hours in front of the screen. While it may not have the highest refresh rate compared to some gaming-specific monitors, this Acer model is suitable for those prioritizing color accuracy and viewing comfort in their everyday computing tasks.


Impressively combining affordability with a range of versatile features, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor stands out as a compelling option for users seeking a reliable display solution for work and casual gaming. The monitor excels in:

  • Color Accuracy: The IPS technology guarantees accurate colors at wide viewing angles, making it suitable for tasks requiring precise color representation.
  • Refresh Rate: With a 100Hz refresh rate, this monitor offers smooth visuals, reducing motion blur and enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  • Adjustability: The ErgoStand provides ergonomic adjustments for height, swivel, tilt, and pivot, allowing users to customize their viewing experience for maximum comfort and productivity.


Despite its overall positive attributes, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor does have some drawbacks that users should consider before making a purchase. When evaluating this monitor, here are a few notable cons to keep in mind:

  • The power button placement is inconvenient and can be challenging to access, especially in dark environments.
  • While suitable for casual gaming, the monitor's gaming performance may not meet the expectations of more competitive gamers due to its 100Hz refresh rate.
  • Some users have reported that the monitor's response time could be improved for smoother gaming experiences, particularly in fast-paced games.

What Customers Are Saying

Users have shared diverse feedback regarding their experiences with the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor, offering insights into its performance and features. Customer satisfaction varies, with many praising its adjustability, screen quality, brightness, and color accuracy. While some recommend it more for office work than gaming, overall reviews are positive. Price comparison highlights that the regular price is considered slightly high, but customers suggest waiting for sales to maximize value. When purchased on sale, users appreciate the quality and features offered at a discounted price, indicating good value. Suggestions include monitoring price drops for potential savings and considering dual monitor setups with this Acer model for enhanced productivity.

Overall Value

When assessing the overall value of the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor, it is evident that its combination of features and performance presents a compelling proposition to potential buyers. The monitor's Full HD resolution, 1ms response time, and 100Hz refresh rate offer excellent performance for both work and entertainment purposes. With regards to value comparison, while the regular price may be slightly high, users recommend waiting for sales where the monitor's value for the price becomes more evident. Positive feedback on screen quality and adjustability adds to its overall appeal. For those considering a monitor that balances performance and affordability, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx proves to be a strong contender in the market.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

For peak performance with the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor, consider adjusting the color settings to enhance visual clarity and accuracy. Calibration tips can help fine-tune the colors to your preference. Troubleshooting minor display issues like flickering or color inaccuracies can often be resolved by checking cable connections and ensuring they are securely plugged in. When it comes to connectivity options, using high-quality cables can improve signal transmission and prevent interference. Proper cable management not only keeps your setup organized but also reduces the risk of cables getting tangled or damaged. By paying attention to these details, you can optimize your viewing experience with the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor.


In evaluating the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor, it becomes evident that its versatile features and competitive pricing make it a compelling choice for a range of users. The monitor's pros include its Full HD resolution, AMD FreeSync technology for smooth gaming, and IPS technology providing accurate colors at wide viewing angles. User feedback highlights appreciation for the adjustability and screen quality, although some recommend it more for office work than gaming. While there are mentions of issues with the power button, overall reviews are positive, emphasizing good value for the price, especially during sales. Suggestions for improvement include considering a higher refresh rate for gaming and monitoring price drops for potential savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx Monitor Compatible With Mac Computers?

Yes, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor is compatible with Mac computers. It offers excellent screen resolution and color accuracy. The 1ms response time guarantees smooth performance. I've found it to be a dependable choice for Mac users.

Can the Monitor Be Used for Graphic Design and Photo Editing Tasks?

If I were a painter, this monitor would be my canvas. Its precise color accuracy and extensive calibration options make it ideal for graphic design and photo editing tasks, ensuring my creations shine brilliantly.

Does the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx Monitor Have Built-In Speakers?

No, the Acer CB272 Ebmiprx monitor does not have built-in speakers. For audio needs, external speakers or headphones are required. This design choice allows for more flexibility in audio quality and connectivity options, enhancing the user's overall experience.

How Does the Monitor Perform in Low Light or Dark Room Settings?

In low light or dark rooms, the monitor's IPS technology shines providing accurate colors at wide viewing angles. The impressive contrast ratio enhances display quality. EyeProtect features, like the blue light filter, reduce eye strain, ensuring comfortable extended use.

Is the Monitor Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, the monitor is energy-efficient, with low energy consumption. Acer has recycling initiatives for eco-friendly disposal. It prioritizes environmental sustainability through efficient power usage and responsible waste management, aligning with green practices.

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